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Miley Cyrus, fired!?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

As you may have already heard, Billy Ray’s daughter, Hannah Montana, I mean Miley Cyrus is under the heat lamp for her racy Vanity Fair photo’s. This sweet 15 year old, took some rather artistic grown up shots that were controversial and provocative. My argument is, her father, agent and Disney rep were all there supervising…so stop attacking her, and  put the blame on the adult guardians who were working her to do the pics. My question however is, fact or fiction is Disney firing her from the money making Hannah Montana show or is bad press truly good press? Hmm…time will tell (If nude Vanessa Hudgens pictures surfaced and pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears didn’t suspend their careers, most likely this won’t either). Some major damage control is in the works though. Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns??

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Simplyme wrote:
1) 5/1/2008 5:49:46 PM
I think her guardians should be responsible of all this. I dont think she will or is fired from Disney. That would upset many fans.
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unipeg wrote:
2) 5/1/2008 6:26:56 PM
The fact that it was under adult supervision (one of which is a legal guardian) means the blame is squarely on their shoulders. THEY should have known better and been protecting her (their DAUGHTER) for crying out loud. Yes, she should have known it wasn't Kosher too, but what the heck was her Dad thinking? Oh, yeah, $$$. Nevermind.
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lyndsaystar wrote:
3) 5/1/2008 8:04:29 PM
I am really sad that miley is turning into this! She is better then that...I would have said no to that poses. Lets just hope next time the poses aren't of miley taking photos like that herself.
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Coco1195 wrote:
4) 5/1/2008 8:05:52 PM
I wish everyone would get over the Miley Cyrus thing. The pictures she took for Vanity Fair are not racy, just merely art. Annie has photographed virtually every celebrity and they appear flawless. I understand that Miley is in a position of a role model but I don't believe she should have apologized for her Vanity Fair pictures. Her other web pictures, however, are a different story.
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norawuzhere wrote:
5) 5/1/2008 11:04:52 PM
normally, i am no fan of miley. i find her voice nasally, and attitude shady. but i have to be on her side for this particular incident. she had permission from her agent/dad/Dis.rep, and was supervised during the whole thing. you don't actually see anything because of the sheet. you can see her back, big whoop. but people are right: normal 15 year olds don't go around taking racy photos of themselves, or agreeing to be photographed in this way. miley says that she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity, but i still think she's too young to be taking so much of it.
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Vanya wrote:
6) 5/2/2008 10:06:06 AM
I think people need to realize that it's 2008 and that being 15 does not qualify you as a child anymore. Her father and mother were both there and they approved of the pictures, that's all that should be important. Tabloits love this stuff and love to sell things with her face on them and this makes it even more better, good for her! She did nothing wrong.
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NanciQ wrote:
7) 5/2/2008 8:21:12 PM
Supposedly, these pics were taken when her parents took her 8 yo brother home.I would like to believe that if the parents were there they would never have allowed this. This photo shoot was supposedly over when they left.
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BrunetteShorty wrote:
8) 5/3/2008 12:50:45 PM
I don't agree with her decision to do this. I understand the press and all, but I think she should have waited until she's 18 and then she won't have to have permission from her parents. Just because you don't see a lot of skin, doesn't mean it's ok. The photos imply a message that isn't appropriate for someone her age. I think her parents should have stood up and said no to this photo shoot.
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Rosycheeks wrote:
9) 5/3/2008 5:31:23 PM
typical media making a mountain outa nothing:SMH:
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merlin wrote:
10) 5/3/2008 6:14:36 PM
theres no way she's going to get fired. people love her way too much on disney channel. i dont know why they do, but everyone loves her, her acting , and her singing. everyone makes mistakes but i think shes just trying to grow up a little and that people are going to get over it eventually.
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crimsonlips wrote:
11) 5/4/2008 2:10:50 AM
She looks like a 15 year old girl covering her naked body. It poses the question to the viewer "what happened just before this picture was taken?" and/or "what is about to happen after the picture is taken?" Its a blatantly sexually charged image. I guess in the United States, young girls are expected to have already experimented with their sexuality. However, Miley Cyrus has always portrayed herself publicly, at least, as a virtuous down to earth religious girl and an independent thinker. She knew exactly what she was doing during the photoshoot. As the name of the magazine title states, this is a vanity shot for Miley. However, she is a minor and her handlers and parents should have been more protective of her virtue and image. Now it just looks like she's being pimped out on the pages of Vanity Fair. She makes enough money and has enough publicity not to have to stoop to selling herself this way. She's compromised her "morals" and made a mockery of her Christian faith. I feel sorry most of all for the little girls who adore her.
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Riah1018 wrote:
12) 5/4/2008 12:29:32 PM
Read the article in EW news this month. He was there the whole time He said the pictures were artsie looking and beutiful when he saw but on the mag cover they look a little differnt.Disney wouln'd dare fire her shes making theme Millions of dollars a year.
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photogirl wrote:
13) 5/4/2008 2:57:24 AM
photogirl wrote: 5/4/2008 2:56:28 AM As a fellow photographer, who loves Annie's work, I can say that I too feel that this was inappropriate to say the least. There is no way that I could take a shot of a 15 year old girl like this without eyebrows being raised. I agree that the parents should be blamed, but Miley is 15 and does know what is right and wrong. Artistic is one thing, but this is pushing the limits severely. I am a very open minded person, but this is way to far for myself. As far as the comments about not knowing about these images or whatever, that is false. As a photographer, we have to have written permission for all minors in any advertisements etc. I also agree that the image does portray "what happened before the images was shot" It looks like she just came from the bedroom. Honestly a shot that I would take for a boudoir shoot. When are we going to set limits for our children and not let them act like adults at 15? If she was of age, this image would not bother me. However, she isn't and we are only teaching younger girls that if Miley can do it, so can you. It is very sad indeed!
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pinkbliss wrote:
14) 5/5/2008 1:34:08 AM
I was really sorry to hear about Miley's "artistic" shots. Her adult guardians failed her miserably. Unfortunately, the red lips and barely covering sheet (yes, she had something on underneath, but that's not what is implied) gives an illusion of a worldly young woman ready for anything rather than the innocent girl she is. 15 years old is too young to realize the implications of artistic photos, (some adults don't consider them!) the photographer took advantage of her in that regard, and that's why her family was supposedly there - to protect her. Whatever they (I heard her grandmother was there at the time) were doing at the time the photographer was discussing poses with Miley and snapping the shots probably seems unimportant in hindsight. Miley is a talented person with a great future ahead of her once everyone moves on to the next victim, and yes, she has to deal with the consequences, but I hope that Disney is deals fairly with her should they choose to limit or cease her alliance with them. Kids are talking, sigh, even 6 year olds know what has happened. I have a little one that I have to explain things to, and we just finished with Jamie Lynn who still has her show...and I thought the Disney Channel was safe :)
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vickeymcgee wrote:
15) 5/5/2008 2:42:09 AM
Miley is suppose to be a role model for today's kids. Wow! Some role. I'm glad my daughter is grown up as I wouldn't want her following in Miley's shoes. I think someone needs to act their age.
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Katrina wrote:
16) 5/5/2008 3:24:01 AM
I completely agree. Why is it that when the camera is in front of a star and they feel pressured to take these pictures... that then those who were responsible for the pictures are the actual ones to point fingers to get the poor girl fired...
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TCharanza wrote:
17) 5/5/2008 1:28:03 PM
I think that this is an outrage! Let's just all raise our children up to be sluts America! No more Hannah Montana in my house!
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TCharanza wrote:
18) 5/5/2008 1:29:07 PM
Isn't this child Porn?
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DramaQueenie1 wrote:
19) 5/5/2008 2:48:43 PM
This is insane! She's 15, according to our society, is not old enough to make her own decisions. Yet everyone is blaming her for something that she probaly had no control over. Most photo shoots are done exactly how the photographer & editorial staff want it. Plus her parents & 'minders' were present! Leave the poor girl alone. At least she isn't sleeping around or doing drugs
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Swiss wrote:
20) 5/5/2008 6:26:46 PM
I think that she should get fired. And not just her, but all of the celebrities that have done all of this stuff. Children watch their shows and if those kids hear about this and they look up to these people, then most likely they might start doing that tuff and get a very bad impression. Sure, we are human and we make mistakes, but we have to learn from those mistakes and face the consequences. Like getting fired. Miley shouldn't have done that, and the adults there should have stopped her. Especially her own father
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uhohuhoh wrote:
21) 5/5/2008 8:51:58 PM
i think her pictures might be too grown up for her age but they were tasteful. compared to vanessa hudgens and jamie lynn spears, she is much more responsible and a better role model to young girls. however, her father should have thought about it more since she's only 15 years old..
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Kimberleyrh wrote:
22) 5/6/2008 9:45:25 AM
I think it is kind of stupid how she is being attacked. It is hard to believe she is 15 when you look at her which may make people less angry about these pictures (she looks much older). I also can't believe they are canceling Hannah Montana, and I wont until it is actually done.
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Jackie "O" wrote:
23) 5/6/2008 3:50:28 PM
Firstly, I think it's absolutely a shame that one of her "people" didn't keep her from posing for the more alluring shots; simply to avoid the problems that have followed. Having said that, I think it's shameful that anyone holds a 15 year old responsible for teaching their kids how to dress and behave. Shouldn't parents be doing that?
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ss75 wrote:
24) 5/17/2008 2:07:38 PM
I am not a big fan of her. But anything can happen in celebrity world, girls are precocius & being fed by celebrity guardians & media ,they live in their own world! All money matters & materialistic world!
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Lizzy D wrote:
25) 5/17/2008 2:50:55 PM
Seriously though, when Miley is in this kind of business this is a good time for her to learn that she can't fall back on the fact that her dad and disney agent allowed her to do it--she has to be smarter than that. Show people will allow you to do a lot of things, but ultimately it's her responsibility once the heat comes.
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katina16 wrote:
26) 5/17/2008 4:47:00 PM
well i feel that disney needs to watch the young actors and actresses because after all they have children mostly as their demographic who look up to them.
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MichiganMom wrote:
27) 5/18/2008 9:41:41 AM
You know the pics are not that bad ... she isnt nekked and nothing is showing ... give her a break ...
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amanda43 wrote:
28) 5/18/2008 2:02:23 PM
reminds me about all the fuss about brooke shields in blue lagoon and with/without her calvins, or tatum o'neal in paper moon... she looks like a baby in a towel, if someone has a problem with it, is the inpropriety maybe in their thoughts of the picture? ie, they see 'sexy' in a picture of a child?
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Stacy12890 wrote:
29) 5/6/2008 5:29:14 PM
Everyone is making what Miley Cyrus does such a big deal.. She's a cute kid and a bunch of little girls look up to her, including those in my own family.. But these people attacking her need to stop... Come on people, we're living in the year 2008... If i had a daughter, i'd rather her look up to Miley Cyrus rather than Jamie Lynn Spears, Vanessa Hudgens, PAris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc.. At least she's famous for SOMETHING SHE DOES.. and there are no nude pics, sex tapes, and she's not knockd up.
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heck no wrote:
30) 5/6/2008 6:20:36 PM
I think her vanity fair shot is so minutely over the edge, if she was just slightly more covered, and she didn't look like she was bulimic it would be fine. What I'm surprised at it this shot is almost a bigger controversy than the shots where she's flashing her bra and lying on some random guys with a barely there shirt. It's ridiculous that Disney and other kid stations are still standing by these "good" girls, like Destiny, Vanessa, and Jamie. So much publicity really hurts their careers and causes them to do things they'll later regret. I actually admire Jamie, because even though she had premarital sex and is a pregnant teenager, she's laying low out of the spotlight, and I just hope she'll raise her child in a different way than her sister did. But Vanessa's nude photos are unbelievable, I can't believe Disney is still sticking by her. I for one never really liked her, I found her incredibly annoying, like Miley Cyrus, but she's supposed to be a role model for young girls. Even though Miley hasn't done something on the level of Vanessa's scandal, she's alot younger than Vanessa, and she's already causing trouble with half-naked pictures. If she keeps going down this path just how soon after she turns 18 will she pose for Playboy?
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Siria23 wrote:
31) 5/6/2008 6:23:12 PM
OMG!!! I love Hannah Montanna/ Miley Cyrus...but i personally believe that everyone grows up in there own pace, I also believe that things happen for a reason and if God didn't want Hannah/ Miley to take those photos, those photos would have not been taken! Also, if Disney decides to fire her, i hope she dosen't see it as a loose type situation, i hope she just learns like humans do and keep it moving in life!!! So yeah...Go MILEY CYRUS!!! :)
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Siria23 wrote:
32) 5/6/2008 6:23:25 PM
OMG!!! I love Hannah Montanna/ Miley Cyrus...but i personally believe that everyone grows up in there own pace, I also believe that things happen for a reason and if God didn't want Hannah/ Miley to take those photos, those photos would have not been taken! Also, if Disney decides to fire her, i hope she dosen't see it as a loose type situation, i hope she just learns like humans do and keep it moving in life!!! So yeah...Go MILEY CYRUS!!! :)
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anniev wrote:
33) 5/6/2008 7:58:27 PM
Although Miley Cyrus is 15 years old, she is working in an industry that demands for her to grow up very quickly. What frustrates me about this is she has to act grown up and like she is an adult, yet when something like this happens, they play the kid card. I think that abyone who dosen't live in the same sort of spotlight as her has absolutely no right to be commenting about this.
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sharpie wrote:
34) 5/6/2008 9:38:02 PM
My opinion is her parents and agents allowed this. If it is all about money...it will probably get it for hr. Personally I do NOt think she should have posed for it. She is a rold model for very young girls. Be an example you will be proud of when you become an adult, Miley. This will come back to haunt you.
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butterflyqueen10 wrote:
35) 5/7/2008 10:30:01 AM
OMG how stupid is this? Has anyone noticed that it is just her back. Give me a break. Will the media stop at nothing to 'make' a story?
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lena wrote:
36) 5/7/2008 6:44:50 PM
You know, I really don't see what the big deal is. I mean, she's wearing somthing (thank god), and it's not porno, and it's in a magazine like Vanity Fair, not playboy! It's nothing like the Vanessa Hudgen incident (that was way worse), and she didn't get fired, so whats the problem with this?
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turtlegirl wrote:
37) 5/9/2008 2:20:13 PM
A tasteful nude photo would have been one thing (though still questionable), but in weird grey lighting with her make-up smeared face, messy hair, pulling up bed sheet covers around her naked body - this photo is explicitly reminiscent of the aftermath of a sexual encounter. Although I do recognize that 15 year old women *are* sexual beings, and we live in a culture that equates youth with sexuality, I do not think this type of nude photograph is a tasteful representation of a 15 year old pop star, especially one with a 10 year old girl fan population. I am not suggesting that she should be ashamed of her body or sexuality, or that we need to in some way "protect" her innocence. I do, however, think that the photograph itself is tasteless and her guardians did not make a smart decision allowing the photoshoot to take place.
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Simlanna wrote:
38) 5/9/2008 2:40:46 PM
Personally, I thinkthe pictures are fine. She looks perfectly innocent in that picture. the ones I think are iffy are the ones with her father.
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caroki wrote:
39) 5/9/2008 5:06:10 PM
The photos were taken with the intent of having an artistic purpose. They're supposed to have an aesthetic value. I don't think anyone is to blame because no one did anything wrong. There are millions of models younger than her who do much more controversial art pieces. People seem to be bashing her because of her part in realizing an artist's vision or because she isn't "setting an example." It seems like we're putting undue pressure on a 15 year old girl.
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jersey*girl wrote:
40) 5/10/2008 6:48:50 PM
I think what everyone needs to look at are two things. is this considered art because of the photographer? and had they not seen her past work? she is known for provocative photographs... they should have been aware of this from the beginning and said no, instead they figured that this chance doesn't come up to often and took advantage of it. I think Miley is not as innocent as everyone would like to believe and that most people who are under strict rules like the ones disney has on their stars, they end up acting out more. Today, to really make it as a celebrity as a female you need to be willing to do things sexually or show off your body, not unlike old hollywood, its just that today, all these acts are out in the open and not hidden behind closed doors.
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41) 5/13/2008 10:46:18 PM
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makeup_junkie wrote:
42) 5/15/2008 8:18:29 AM
Even though her gaurdians did nothing to stop her, i think i was poor choice on her part. I mean, really, what 15-year-old wants "tastefull" artistic photos of themeselves.
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Ama86 wrote:
43) 5/16/2008 9:18:49 AM
I dont think she is fired ! It's her choice to do whatever she likes !
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Pixie10 wrote:
44) 5/16/2008 4:03:40 PM
I, myself am fifteen years old. I have never watched her show and I don't plan to. Yes, I agree that the picture is very racy, but if one person is sitting there taking about Cyrus, look at your own life. Tell me that you have not made one mistake in your life. If you just want something to gripe about, talk about gas prices. LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!
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pixie dust wrote:
45) 5/17/2008 1:15:17 PM
im upset that so many stars whoworked for disney etc turn out like this. hasnt everyone had enough? worse yet, her FATHER was present. thats just SAD. but thinking of all of those $$$ greedy parents (dina lohan, lynn spears, etc) im personally not surprized.
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Coco wrote:
46) 5/13/2008 5:08:23 PM
Girls younger than Miley dress skanky, courtesy of everyone from Barbie and the Bratz (polyester miniskirt, anyone?) to the Spice Girls (grown up theme Barbies) to a fashion industry that thinks adult clothes look best on anorexic pre-pubescent children. Miley's pictures are tasteful and artistic. At least she's not flashing her allegedly private parts like Paris and Britney. This "child" is a budding businesswoman and a commodity being marketed by her parents and Disney. To last beyond child-star stage, she has to craft a more adult image and these pictures are a clever way to do that - not too slutty but suggesting that she is, indeed, an adult-in-the- making and not a simple high school student moonlighting as a pop star. Crafting an image for someone who's still growing up is always difficult. This wasn't a bad start. The only problem was that it was a bit too abrupt, and startled a few prudes.
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glowing_girl_9899 wrote:
47) 5/13/2008 6:58:23 PM
My problem with the whole thing is that if all concerned knew the photos were even slightly racy, then someone should have said something. I don't think the blame rests entirely upon the adults in the situation. Miley is 15 and people younger than her know the difference between slutty and not and how to choose appropiately. But it is still her decision and it is none of our business.
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greekerican wrote:
48) 5/14/2008 3:31:28 PM
I think that what Miley did is part her fault as it is her parents. She should have known better that taking a photo like that is bound to be a controversy. She should have thought it through knowing her age and what type of show she does. She has millions of 8 year olds looking up to her as a role model. She should have known better. Also, the parents should have stoped it. I know for a fact if I saw my daughter posing like that, I would have forbiden it.
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fashionista wrote:
49) 5/15/2008 3:58:54 PM
If what I heard is true, her dad WASN'T on the set at the time of her inappropriate picture. He was on the set at first but then left after he and Miley had Photos done together. The photographer supposedly talked her in to posing for the picture. Miley isn't fired, but is supposed to be keeping a low profile for a little while. The blame is really 50/50. Part of it is Miley fault for saying yes, and the other part is the photographers.
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Katiewatermelon wrote:
50) 5/16/2008 3:29:52 PM
Hey, i dont think she should get fired my reason... well look at any big star most of them have had half nide pictures on the cover of a magasin so cmon like she is just expanding as a human being. i think. i dont think Disney should fire her she has a great show and kid's love it. i think the pictures are beautiful and she doesnt deserve any bad press well maybe a little bit becasue she is only 15 but hey give it a rest i think :) xoxo katie
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KamiiRae wrote:
51) 5/16/2008 5:50:17 PM
I think she is a horrible role model for kids. Although her rep and parents were there and they didn't say anything, she has her own personal choices and I think she should have stepped up to the plate and said no. She has had way more than three strikes [girl-to-girl pics/plenty pics of her lifting her shirt up to places that a fifteen year old girl shouldn't show/sprawled across the lap of a random older guy pics/really showy green bra pics/topless pics/cyber-bullying demi lovato and selena gomez/etc.], and she's out!
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habesha_gyrl80 wrote:
52) 5/17/2008 11:55:01 AM
We may not agree with what the adults around her decided in this situation, but it was ultimately their decision. Just like Achelle said, it's not anything compared to the girls working for her network that have turned up completely nude or pregnant. Maybe all the unwanted buzz around this situation was a wake-up call for Miley to always be aware that people are watching her every move, and that it will caution her to act responsibly into adulthood.
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:P xoxo wrote:
53) 5/17/2008 4:27:52 PM
Okay, it doesn't matter what angle we look at this situation from, because in the end Miley should be responsible for her own actions. It could have been VERY easy for her to say no, and need I remind you that this is not the first time Miley Cyrus has stared controversy in the face? But then again, look at what is happening to a lot of Disney Stars. I think Disney had this comming. This is what they get for hiring a confused (skitsofrenic, even) little girl who grew up in the Hollywood Corruption World. Let's start hiring real talent, shall we?
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Diva2day wrote:
54) 5/18/2008 7:25:14 PM
I think "poor kid" people should worry about their own kids and teach them well enough that they don't have to worry that a celebrity picture will change the outcome of their kids life.
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azchick wrote:
55) 5/18/2008 8:37:49 PM
I wouldn't have done it but, I don't think people should be making such a big deal about it are peoples lives really that boring that this is all they have to talk about?
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miley cyrus: beautiful young woman wrote:
56) 5/19/2008 9:59:19 AM
mileys parents were on set and she was being supervised ,but something came up and they had to leave. they left her grandmother in charge. apparently grandma was not use to dealing with this sort of thing and was coerced into believing these photos would be okay.the photographers and vanity fair are to balme for attempting to exploit this young girl, not her parents. and besides she may be young but the pics are fabulous. my duaghter is alsoan actress and i would be proud of her, shes a beautiful young woman.everyone needs to stop trying to make this into something dirty.
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MM&F wrote:
57) 5/21/2008 8:38:29 PM
Miley knew what she was doing after the other bad press she's recieved [and i believe they were about some other photo she had taken with a friend] she should have learned from the first time-esp when it's for a well known magazine and the pics will be printed for the whole world to see. Personally if she wants to act grown up then the responsibilty shouldn't fall on her father (or mother) it should fall on Miley, not to mention what kind of message did she think she was portraying when she wrapped up in a sheet and exposing her bare back?
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58) 5/22/2008 1:56:21 PM
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Kara wrote:
59) 5/22/2008 9:08:51 PM
I really don't think that Miley should be fired for those photos. We all do stupid things in our teens when we want people to look at us in a more mature light. At least she's not pregnant, on drugs or some sort of creepy racist hillbilly. I feel that her father should have been in control of the situation, We know what is acceptable for a 15 year old. Young children do look up to her, but really is this any worse than Brittany's early videos? Hopefully next time Miley will think about all of the young girls that idolize her and make the right choice.
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Mia wrote:
60) 5/24/2008 5:42:42 AM
That blanket covers a lot more skin than most of the stuff these girls wear! I'm more concerned with the fact that her ribs are showing than what she's wearing!
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puglover wrote:
61) 5/24/2008 7:00:10 PM
well i dont think they will fire her because they did not fire vannesa
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coffeaholic wrote:
62) 5/25/2008 4:39:28 PM
well, she has had some other racy photos latley. i dont think she should be fired but i do know for a fact that the ratings on hannah montana have droped ALOT. the show is filming the hannah montana movie then its all over for the show.
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xxoashleyoxx wrote:
63) 5/25/2008 8:15:18 PM
I personally love her! And evryone makes mistakes! Shes just growing up in the spotlight where everyone can see your flaws. But the photographer pressured her into taking the photos when her parents where gone, im not saying that just to back her up it true. Of course she wont get fired though there are way too many fans that ah-dore her. =]
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kbevx3 wrote:
64) 5/27/2008 5:09:56 PM
I don't think that it meant to come out like this, but she definately knew what she was doing and should've thought twice about it. I think that if this is a bigger deal then Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures and Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant, then that is ridiculous. She posed for one picture for a magazine, but if she did it for the money then that is a different story, because you should never do something like that for money. She is 15 though and knows when to say yes and no, so i wouldn't blame her guardians completely.
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becky74 wrote:
65) 5/27/2008 9:35:00 PM
I don't think she should be fired,getting pregnant and moving in with your boyfriend and age 15 is worse in my opinion,and i don't think Jamie Lynn should be fired,If anyone,its her father and/or agents fault,they were most likley the one who set the photo shoot up.
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ksald20 wrote:
66) 5/28/2008 11:44:02 AM
You know I read all these comments and everyone is like "Ohh blame the parents". You know the kid has a right she DID NOT HAVE to do the photo shoot. She wanted to do it. And besides she is 15!!!! She's not a little girl. She is becoming a young woman and guess what she is going to experiment with sex and nudity. People need to stop judging and pay attention to there own kids!!!!!
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Kimber wrote:
67) 5/29/2008 3:56:08 PM
Seriously, who cares?
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Lilz wrote:
68) 5/29/2008 3:57:18 PM
***V. Hudgens got suspended for a bit and her contract was debated... ***Disney is and has been looking to replace Miley with another show with the same plot line... ***J-L. Spears' last season of her show was already filmed anyway, so they went ahead and aired it.
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jaspersmom wrote:
69) 5/29/2008 4:08:48 PM
I don't see what the big deal is. People expose more than that on the beach or at the local pool! Have you seen the size of the bikinis at Abercrombie?
2 Replies | Reply to this | Open Thread
10sgurl wrote:
70) 5/29/2008 5:33:03 PM
I feel that Miley already acts way to old for a 15 year old. I personally am not a fan. I feel that the only reason she is famous is because of her dad and that she has the body of an 18 year old. Did anyone hear about her getting in trouble because some of her songs were stolen, not original? I recently heard about this.
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wizkitty wrote:
71) 5/29/2008 6:52:26 PM
I think she should have had some common sense. But where were the gardians? They should have really known better!
Reply to this
roxy wrote:
72) 5/29/2008 7:14:20 PM
To be honest, I don't understand what all the bru-ha-ha is about. Firstly, the pictures may be a little unclothed, but Miss Cyrus is quite adequately covered up. There is nothing explicitly sexual about the photos either. You call the pictures 'artistic'. And that's what they are, just like people who take naked pictures of their newborn babies. Just my 2 cents.
Reply to this
Kit wrote:
73) 5/31/2008 5:52:42 PM
Miley definetly shouldnt be fired from disney. but she should learn her lesson from the photos someway or another.
Reply to this
ynaffit wrote:
74) 5/31/2008 7:30:40 PM
Please leave Miley Cyrus alone! She is a sweet girl who did an artistic photo, which is beautiful by the way. Look at those girls who have barely any clothes on, exposing their breasts to everyone. She did this photo in a tasteful way and I think people need to relax.
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fabelmoie wrote:
75) 5/31/2008 10:27:40 PM
Well, There has definately been worse pictures out thier and if showing some back, that you can see at a beach every summer is getting your feathers ruffled then their are bigger issues at play. Leave the girl alone. She is still a good girl. And a talented one to boot.
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Mily defender wrote:
76) 6/2/2008 12:44:35 AM
Its not Miley's fualt. She would of prevent it but she didn't .. Her father was right there.. Its not her its her parents.
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eyecandy007 wrote:
77) 6/2/2008 1:35:05 PM
Her parents knew what was going on and her mgr they spun this around bc. they didnt get the reaction they were looking for.. They thought she would get sexy comments and she didnt. She wasnt tricked that is just unreal
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pclaxgal wrote:
78) 6/3/2008 11:05:58 PM
I honestly don't think it is that bad...models her age do stuff like that every day. She isn't even naked. Her back is the only thing showing, IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL!
Reply to this
BellaLaPier wrote:
79) 6/3/2008 6:49:38 PM
There is nothing showing that you wouldn't see if she was sitting on the beach in a bikini, are the pictures a little mature for her 15 years yes they are,should she be penalized and judged by the general public no. She is after all 15, I am sure there were many shots and who knows what angles she thought would be selected...How many of you judging her have sat in front of a lens under the hot bulbs all day- it is exhausting and frankly this shot is showing that it was shot at the end of the day. Should someone have been there to guide her better sure but we are not her parents and we are not her, so leave the judging where it belongs. Aside from all that she came out already and said she was sorry long before we even knew what the pictures were of, so come of your soap boxes, and take stock that a 15 yr old came up and apologized to everyone for something they hadn't seen yet. That takes moxy and is risky in an industry that will turn it's back in a heart beat. If the worst we see of Ms. Cyrus is her back and the rest covered well by a sheet then hell it is an improvement from the rest of the celebs out there- as previously stated before me at least she is being smart- no drugs no pregnancy... I have two little girls who love her, and you know what...I don't give them adult mags to read so they won't see it... parenting people do it, don't leave the entertainment industry to do it... take responsibility of your children - letting them idolize anyone as the perfect creation is false, no one is perfect and no one should be worshiped... Let it go, it isn't your child, you can't control it you can only control what comes around your own so do it.
Reply to this
natural wrote:
80) 6/5/2008 7:39:21 PM
but her gardians supposedly had left the room just before this happened. so if anyone, Id blame Miley for a bad choice and vanity fair for the offer.
Reply to this
Journalist wrote:
81) 6/5/2008 8:23:22 PM
Yes, she bared her back, and the pictures portrayed an unseen risque side of Miley- BUT, compared to some poor choices of other actresses, this is fairly mild. I mean, she shows this much skin (and more!) in a bikini... Fired? No.
Reply to this
orangeaurora wrote:
82) 6/5/2008 8:33:48 PM
Miley is totally ridiculous
Reply to this
Aimz wrote:
83) 6/5/2008 9:22:15 PM
I think the thing that bothers me the most is that my 9 year old daughter absolutely LOVES this girl. She adores her in every way; watches her show on Disney, listens to her music, hangs posters of her on her wall, etc. This REALLY disappointed me to say the least. My daughter really looks up to her and now what I am supposed to do, make her quit listening to her music and take her posters down from her wall??? My daughter does know what Miley has done and we have talked about it. I asked her if she thought it was wrong and she said yes but in fact she still loves her to death! Maybe someone on here can help me out and give some "GOOD" advice. Thanks!
1 Reply | Reply to this | Open Thread
kmwoltmon wrote:
84) 6/6/2008 1:39:14 PM
I think that they went in knowing what kind of reaction this would have, especially knowing the history of the covers of Vanity Fair. I think that despite the bad decision, she should not, and probably won't get fired. Her show, products and concerts make way too much money for them to let her go. I do, however, think that it is totally inappropriate for her father to be riding her coat tails. He needs to stop gaining new fame because of his daughter and concentrate on her for awhile.
Reply to this
Laura B wrote:
85) 6/7/2008 6:36:29 PM
While I agree with many that the photos were not really appropriate for a 15-year-old and indeed do some damage to her sweet, squeaky-clean image for the Disney show, I don't think they are THAT bad. She's a pretty girl, and they basically just show a pretty girl's bare back and some adult-looking makeup & hair. Put it in perspective and remember that Brooke Shields was playing the part of a prostitute when she was TWELVE (in "Pretty Baby") and Jodie Foster won an Oscar at a very young age for a similar role (in "Taxi Driver"). She has apologized to her fans, she has learned that it wasn't the best judgement, and people need to get over it. And I also agree that the adults who are supposed to be responsible for her should have known better.
Reply to this
Teale wrote:
86) 6/8/2008 12:03:00 AM
It seems like every other young girl in Hollywood is dying to grow up and be seen as more grown up... sex appeal of course is the way they feel more accepted. it is really too bad. but that was a bad decision on HER part
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bookworm wrote:
87) 6/8/2008 3:16:53 PM
Personally, I think its not only her guardian's fault, but hers, too. She is 15 and should be able to do what she feels best about. Disney would never fire her, (she is a HUGE hit) but I think they should either do that (fire her) or at least SOMETHING about it. She should be disciplined so she'll stop.
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spanky wrote:
88) 6/9/2008 1:45:02 PM
she looks HORRIBLE in that photo! Fire the photographer!
Reply to this
GeeGee wrote:
89) 6/11/2008 2:30:11 PM
it is not wrong to show your back specially if your gaurdians said it was ok also it is not like it was anything bad
Reply to this
PhillyMom wrote:
90) 6/12/2008 10:39:48 PM
There is only one thing to say concerning all of the attention around the now infamous Miley Cyrus photos.....GET A LIFE!!! This beautiful, accomplished, highly motivated young woman who has inspired millions of girls, and has never once failed any of her fans in her ability to be a positive, uplifting role model is being attacked over "racy photos" which are the furthest thing from racy I can possibly imagine. As the mother of a 6 year old Hannah Montana fan, I can think of nothing in any of the photos that would change my opinion of Miley, or of her parents for the wonderful job they've done so far. The general public need to get a grip on more important issues concerning the health and well being of our children.
Reply to this
becka38 wrote:
91) 6/16/2008 12:10:01 PM
They wont fire her, she's making them way to much money! My gosh you would have thought she posed for the centerfold, and all she has shown was alittle back! You show more than that in a bathing suit.
Reply to this
Janice<3 wrote:
92) 7/24/2009 8:15:15 AM
I do not see anything wrong with the pictures but then again I am not a parent yet. I would not let my child pose naked for anything no matter how much they were willing to pay. -J
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whatever goes wrote:
93) 6/19/2008 2:07:34 PM
personally I think it was a bad idea for Miley to do the photo shoot. My 8 year old cousin loves this girl and even says "sweet niblets" which is Hannah Montanna's famous line and to think that Miley is willing to jeapordize the respect of her fans and their parents. Plus she's not 20 she shouldnt be taking racy pictures. Its wrong for a girl her age to portray herself that way.Yea her guardians are to blame also but Miley could of said I don't feel right about this. That's what I would of done
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jodster2000 wrote:
94) 6/19/2008 4:21:45 PM
Hannah Montana has such a huge audience that there is no way disney will fire her... it's bad for everyone. the pictures are provactive but shes not naked and overall she seems like a good kid so we should just let this go. plus everybody makes mistakes even celebrities
Reply to this
Shannon B wrote:
95) 6/19/2008 8:53:08 PM
honestly I really don't see the big deal. If you pay attention to the pictures and they ofend you that bad then one should get the full picture. She is wearing pants and the photo was much better than others I have seen of other pop stars. People have nothing better to do than to look down upon people they find so perfect. I can't see the problem Her Dad was there with her and she was fully covered. So lets call her out when they take pics of her at the beach. She is showing less there. Not a big deal.
Reply to this
kimii wrote:
96) 6/20/2008 5:50:30 PM
I completely agreee that she shoulnt be fired for these pics! So what that she didnt have a top on? She was covered and she looks beautiful! They are not racy, it was art. We see worse pics of half naked women on the covers of ALL magazines(young girls too!) Like alot of people said, her father was there, so whats the problem?
Reply to this
BalletIsMyMiddleName wrote:
97) 6/24/2008 3:26:43 PM
I think it's wrong for anyone of any age to be taking pictures like that.
Reply to this
aunt we-we wrote:
98) 6/24/2008 5:26:05 PM
People make mistakes. People make bad judgement calls. I am one of them. I am not perfect. It's about time we stop holding all of these Hollywood Stars up on a pedistal claiming that they CANNOT EVER make a mistake. No wonder so many of them fall so far. Can you imagine the pressure of having to be perfect all the time? I think we should be supporting Miley, so I am.
Reply to this
Miss.Vanity wrote:
99) 6/24/2008 9:52:12 PM
I must agree with all the comments bellow. Why would her father even allow such a thing? It's disgusting, really. I'm surprised she didn't refuse to the shoot. It really irritates me when I read her responses to her photo scandals(including this Vanity fair shoot). Saying, "Oh, i'm so embarrassed", isn't going to cut it! She knew exactly what she was doing. I actually saw a video on her vanity fair photoshoot, and she looked absolutely comfortable.
Reply to this
WillowKat wrote:
100) 6/25/2008 10:37:41 PM
Total fiction - from what I understand, her parents were at the shoot and okayed it. She's decently covered, even though the picture suggests a bit of naughtiness. Personally, I don't see why it's such a big deal.
Reply to this
SLUT!!! wrote:
101) 6/26/2008 3:02:38 PM
Well i dont think theres anything wroung with this picture since her dad approved of it but Miley is without a dout a slut go on youtube.com and type in slutty pictures of miley cyrus and you will see.
1 Reply | Reply to this | Open Thread
Andi_fied wrote:
102) 6/27/2008 1:44:32 PM
I agree that adults are to blame, especially since she was only doing what she was told. She's obviously not a very smart young woman. But what does this say about the Disney cooperation??? They really are depraved scumbags if they promote TV shows, movies, books, and other media for CHILDREN and then they turn around and do controversial shots of every little girl's idol. But that's just my opinion, and I've never believed that Disney was very good for little kids. [Believe what you want.] The photo above, however, looks incredibly artistic and Miley Cyrus has never looked prettier. Well, except for her cheeks. And back. And face. And the front part of her hair. I suppose it'd be a great shot if it were anyone other than an obviously disturbed and depraved child who is an insult to women everywhere because of her lack of independent thought. I certainly hope she's fired. I'm done seeing her everywhere.
Reply to this
leykaaa wrote:
103) 6/29/2008 7:32:31 PM
omg you gott be kidding me its artistic i think no one is to blame if i had a picture like this it would be hanging above my bed it looks like a beautiful oil painting of her and really? if this is a bad example i would like to know haw many ten-year-olds really look at vanity fair
Reply to this
Chilly wrote:
104) 7/1/2008 3:32:09 PM
I have to totally agree with Coco1195. I mean what is everyone's problem? So what if she decided to take a picture like that. Her dad was there, he thought it was ok so I think that everyone just needs to get over it. It was her decision and nobody should have anything to say about it. I think it is a very good picture of her. So what if it shows her back, I have seen outfits that show more skin than that!
Reply to this
The-Talour wrote:
105) 7/3/2008 9:42:01 PM
I think Miley is too young to have those pictures out and i think an adult should have stopped the shoot as soon as it started.
Reply to this
babbszy wrote:
106) 7/12/2008 11:07:31 PM
I, as an adult, has seen Miley on her Hannah Montana show and thought it had a good message for kids that are around her age and going through some of the same issues in life. I can't believe that her father would allow pictures that would damage her career. I do not believe Disney should fire her at all. None of the pictures seemed to be tasteless and if something was put in Vanity Fare that was tasteless, I'm sure her father didn't authorize it. Stop attacking Miley. She is a very gifted young lady that has worked hard to work in the biz.
1 Reply | Reply to this | Open Thread
nenna wrote:
107) 7/19/2008 1:26:24 AM
i think she made a big mistake she should really think things through next time
Reply to this
nesha wrote:
108) 7/19/2008 1:27:06 AM
i think she made a big mistake she should really think things through next time
Reply to this
keelyk wrote:
109) 7/28/2008 2:44:32 PM
i agreeeeeee
Reply to this
cshadows wrote:
110) 8/6/2008 1:58:16 AM
annie leibowitz took these beautiful photos. No one did anything wrong. annie leibowitz could take photos of me any day, any way, any how. geeze, I wish. my hero.
Reply to this
yayme wrote:
111) 8/22/2008 1:43:45 PM
I believe that 15 year olds are responsible for their own actions. Yes, I do think her guardians were very irresponsible letting her do this, but this is also her fault. They should know, being in the film-making business, that every move of theirs is judged. No, disney is not firing her, just as they didn't fire Vanessa Hudgens.
Reply to this
Jas012345 wrote:
112) 7/17/2008 5:47:15 PM
Yay and I read she wants 2 do a cleaner version of Sex and the City. I wonder what else she has 2 do b4 they finally fire her. I will gladly take her place and not be in all the trouble. I want 2 sing, act, dance, and model so u know. When she's fired have them call me up lol jk. But I'm really sick~n~tired of all this crap she pulls and all she says is I'm sorry over and over again then it's forgotten. We should have positive role models in the biz.
Reply to this
Jas012345 wrote:
113) 7/17/2008 5:56:54 PM
Reply to this
pinkbelt49 wrote:
114) 8/9/2008 4:44:39 PM
Obviously she liked her picture considering they wouldnt put something that she didnt like in the magazine. Miley Cyurs is SUPPOSE to be a role model for younger children across America. She needs to get her act together, and stop acting like shes all that. She'll be popular for a little while longer then everyone will forget about her. Dont take me personally i have nothing against her, i just dont think shes a very good role model. Her songs are not all kid friendly I mean what 6 year old and up would really care what she hated about some boy?? and omg listen to her song i think its called fly on the wall or somethin. Yeahhh Who would really want to know what shes doing every second of the day??
Reply to this
my comment wrote:
115) 8/13/2008 10:55:33 PM
OKay achelle(stupid) . If you actually know things like whether her dad was there or not you wouldnt be spreading around rumours. Dear STUPID.... I looked it up on the internet and foud a page the mileys dad had made that was about what really happened that day. Miley shot a few "good pictures" and her dad left to go to a meeeting. After her dad had gone they were just going to do "test shots" to see the results of what would happen if they "bad pic" was shown to the press. well guess what the bad pic was sold to the press by the cammra guy. And mileys dad had NOT KNOWN OF ANY OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the press thought they would get some good money out of it so they printeed it and guess what now we all have to put up with people like you making blogs about crap that aint true
1 Reply | Reply to this | Open Thread
mrs.edwardcullen wrote:
116) 3/29/2009 12:44:18 AM
Okay, the truth, the real truth? Myley Cyrus is the worst 15 year old girl I have ever seen in Hollywood. I have seen her post pictures almost half naked, she lets her bfs play with her chest, worst of all she had an underwear model bf!!! WHat's up with that?! I'm not jealous of her life style, I LOATHE it. Her farther is too stupid to realize that she's only 15 and doesn't check up on the things she does, he's to blinded by the stupid money!!!
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