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Comfort Food

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ok ladies, we all have our favorite foods that give us that yummy in our tummy satisfaction! From cravings to cramps we can always rely on those ohh so good treats. I have found that my must have items range from avocados, mashed potatoes and Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream (I know this is totally a random assortment). So what are your mmm must have foods and why? Do you think food is really comforting or just food?  

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Cat0789 wrote:
1) 5/16/2008 10:45:38 AM
MY comfort food is salt and vinegar chips. I just love sour things. I think food just temporarily makes you feel better because its something you like and enjoy therefore its comforting to eat it.
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babygirl123 wrote:
2) 5/16/2008 10:47:40 AM
my fav is triple chocolate ice cream. it isn't something i eat on a daily basis so it makes me feel better when i'm having a bad day.
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jd777 wrote:
3) 5/16/2008 10:49:54 AM
for me, i like having vanilla ice cream with blueberries on it. I'm a pretty healthy eater so this to me, is comforting. I think food is just food, its a matter of how much you enjoying eating a certain food that it makes you feel more comfortable
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junestar wrote:
4) 5/16/2008 10:51:13 AM
I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream! It's my weakness! But I do think that food can be comforting.
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Lamb6807 wrote:
5) 5/16/2008 10:51:31 AM
I think food can be very comforting. It brings back memories of home and great times.
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Lamb6807 wrote:
6) 5/16/2008 10:53:15 AM
Food can comfort anyone! My favorite is cookie dough ice cream. : )
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SoccerChik23 wrote:
7) 5/16/2008 10:55:46 AM
My comfort food is actually almost any type of pasta! Especially if I make it, because I love cooking. I think food can be comforting, but most of the time what is comforting is the time you spend just enjoying something you like, and feeling happy and peaceful.
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annerox wrote:
8) 5/16/2008 10:56:00 AM
mmmm! by accident i found my favorite strange comfort food. crab puffs chips (kinda like cheesy poofs but with a crabby/old bay flavor) and easy cheese. its not an easy combo to eat because the crab puffs are thin so it takes some concentration, but it is TOTALLY worth it!! and, i wasnt even pregnant when i came up with it!! it was a hit at my last party!
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mineamb wrote:
9) 5/16/2008 11:31:31 AM
Yummy food for me is the most fatty foods i can find. Like Chilli Cheese anything and candy!! It just hits the spot!
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CP wrote:
10) 5/16/2008 11:36:36 AM
I love eating Coldstone Sweet Cream ice cream with Oreos, brownies, and caramel. Get's the job done every time!!
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AprilS wrote:
11) 5/16/2008 11:45:14 AM
Macaroni is my comfort food (among many others)... I think we turn to food because it gives us a distraction. When we are eating our favorite foods it gives us something to think and talk about other then whatever it is that is bothering us.It gives us something to do with our hands and time. Why not have a yummy snack and be distracted??? Two birds one stone.
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sms24 wrote:
12) 5/16/2008 12:20:49 PM
Ice cream is my weakness and comfort food! Cookies 'n' cream or mint chocolate chip. If I don't watch myself I can eat the entire container!!!
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Salene wrote:
13) 5/16/2008 12:27:08 PM
My favorite food is Mashed Potatoes and corn. Yes they are mixed together. I ate those when I was pregnant and have been eating it that way ever since.
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kokeshigirl wrote:
14) 5/16/2008 12:32:45 PM
I love ice cream too! My favorite is the Better Batter ice cream from Maggie Moo's. It tastes just like cake batter! mmm...
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Lalie wrote:
15) 5/16/2008 12:40:55 PM
Definitely avocados! Also, I find that really gourmet dark chocolate has a calming effect on me that my friends and hubby have laughed at. (I have a mini-euphoric experience for a few seconds before coming back to earth-usually to find I didn't hear whatever was just said to me.) Also really good breads are a favorite-especially sourdough. I think food can be comforting and OK as long as it's not taken to excess, and I've done that too. But sometimes if you're stressed, a piece of dark chocolate is really nice to calm you down and give you a jolt of happiness :)
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liesel wrote:
16) 5/16/2008 12:41:01 PM
Certain foods are definitely comforting especially on a bad day! Ice cream, popcorn, potato chips! YUM!
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Stephrenay wrote:
17) 5/16/2008 12:52:46 PM
I must have Potato chips handy. I truly crave those spuds. :o)
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Chiknfeet wrote:
18) 5/16/2008 12:58:09 PM
What I crave is Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream. Just thinking about the creamy goodness makes me feel good.
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adrienne wrote:
19) 5/16/2008 1:43:08 PM
Okay I love dove dark chocolate especially when I have PMS - I also love hot wings and guacamole there is just something about it that is very tasty and brings a smile to my face! Yum Yum! =)
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jerseygrl wrote:
20) 5/16/2008 2:11:48 PM
Comfort food can help you get through some difficult stuff. My favorite is McDonald's McFlurry with m&m's and oreo cookie. I am also in love with shrimp pasta. It may be high in cholesterol but it is delicious. :)
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dede wrote:
21) 5/16/2008 2:20:12 PM
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MelindaZ wrote:
22) 5/16/2008 2:44:53 PM
I can't live without ice cream. I eat it when im sad. I eat it when I am happy and I eat it just because its there in the freezer.
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lizzi wrote:
23) 5/16/2008 2:48:00 PM
My must have food is Godiva's dark chocolates. Cannot live without them. Whenever I feel stressed by life or work or studies, the rich dark chocolates from Godiva's will always lift me up. Good food (especially chocolates and desserts) are the most soothing thing when I am upset or stressed.
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NatasaDjuric wrote:
24) 5/16/2008 2:49:08 PM
I LOVE COMFORT FOOD! There is nothing like a nice greasy bag of potato chips to make any day better! But then I break out from all of the salt and that is why I need E.L.F.
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Ms. Tori wrote:
25) 5/16/2008 2:56:23 PM
I do have my comfort foods too. Thanks Achelle
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Rigits wrote:
26) 5/16/2008 3:00:59 PM
I love homemade pasta. It fills me up and reminds me of grandma! Of course, a little gelato is the best finish to ANY meal!
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Allison Ray wrote:
27) 5/16/2008 3:03:15 PM
Hhhmmm...I'm on a diet right now - trying to get rid of the last few pounds of baby, I'm learning that food shouldn't be used for comfort, but for energy and health. But, oh do some Milk Duds sound good right now!!!!
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Simplyme wrote:
28) 5/16/2008 3:09:52 PM
I love ben and jerrys soo goodd! and i also love chocolate candy. It fullfills my cravings!. Food is really comforting. I love it =]
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Katiewatermelon wrote:
29) 5/16/2008 3:19:24 PM
my mmm favorite foods.. i would have to say they would be Smarties, they always make me feel better and feel happy Smoothies, i like the tast and they feel good going down your throte when your throte hurts Ceral, i just crave it dont know why i just do tastes good xoxo katie
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too desperate for desperate housewives wrote:
30) 5/16/2008 3:19:47 PM
my favourite are kiwi berry blowpops because they are so sweet and delicious. I love how they last a while too. i aslo love whipped cream because it is so light and fluffy and i feel so good eating it.
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too desperate for desperate housewives wrote:
31) 5/16/2008 3:19:48 PM
my favourite are kiwi berry blowpops because they are so sweet and delicious. I love how they last a while too. i aslo love whipped cream because it is so light and fluffy and i feel so good eating it.
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jinger wrote:
32) 5/16/2008 3:20:41 PM
My comfort food cravings seem to be hormonally driven and usually involves sweets and lots of carbs! And it is comforting - satisfying at least.
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CRB wrote:
33) 5/16/2008 3:33:31 PM
I definitely think comfort foods are the real deal (mine just happens to be meatloaf made by my mom). I think it has nothing to do with how strange or run of the mill (such as meatloaf) it is, it is all about the feeling that said food provokes.
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april5811 wrote:
34) 5/16/2008 3:46:41 PM
Reese cups, fried chicken, and Sweet tea. Reesecups when I just need that pick me up! Fried Chicken and Sweet tea, remind me of going to my grandmothers for Sunday dinner.
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Smashley wrote:
35) 5/16/2008 3:52:51 PM
I love oreos and milk. Especially late at night.
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ArianeK wrote:
36) 5/16/2008 3:55:55 PM
Those foods aren't random - I'm the same way. It's all about texture! Mashed potatoes, cornbread, and chili (all in a pile, preferably) is my #1 comfort food.
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Pixie10 wrote:
37) 5/16/2008 4:00:27 PM
I just love to go to Starbucks and to get a Vanilla Bean Frappucino. They taste exactly like an Oreo Blizzard! Also, you really cannot beat FRIED CHICKEN!!!
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Livliv wrote:
38) 5/16/2008 4:07:14 PM
It depends on my mood, but I usually eat chocolate or ice cream.
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Oli wrote:
39) 5/16/2008 4:09:02 PM
I think that some foods can be comforting, but sometimes food can make me feel sick or really fat. I enjoy fruit because it is really good but is still healthy.
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Livia wrote:
40) 5/16/2008 4:11:11 PM
I love having a bag of Dylan's candy bar sour gummies and chocolates. Sugar makes me feel so good, thank god I have a good metabolism or the sugar would catch up to me.
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craziechelle wrote:
41) 5/16/2008 4:26:59 PM
My favorite comfort food is fried rice! I love it when I've had a bad day. I really think food is comforting, especially carbs. Carbohydrates release serotonin which gives us that happy feeling. Too bad carbohydrates can't be fat free. :)
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Caty wrote:
42) 5/16/2008 4:27:58 PM
Ben & Jerry's Everything but the.... is the best comfort food. Mix ice cream with Rascal Flatts and the stress flys away.
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anneuner wrote:
43) 5/16/2008 4:31:26 PM
I really love the chocolate and nutty taste of Nutella. It is great on anything! I am a huge fan of chocolate and peanut butter together so I use Nutella instead of jelly! It is awesome with strawberries too!
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rickc wrote:
44) 5/16/2008 4:45:54 PM
My comfort food is home-made apple clobbler...It reminds me of when I was a little girl and my mom would make it for us..It is so good.
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brendab wrote:
45) 5/16/2008 4:50:49 PM
chocolate chocolate chocolate!!! i can not go a day without it! i truely am addicted! whether its a little hershey kiss or a tootsie roll, i have to atleast have a bite of some form of chocolate everyday... or i'll turn UGLY!!! lol
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kary wrote:
46) 5/16/2008 4:51:35 PM
Okay my for sure must haves are snickers BARS (Yes Multiple) during those days and a bag of chips. Sometimes I feel like a pregnant lady! But what can i say i love it and it makes things better for me :)
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tribecca wrote:
47) 5/16/2008 4:56:19 PM
I would have to say for sure, chocolate and maybe mac & cheese.
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rc cola wrote:
48) 5/16/2008 5:03:55 PM
Definitely have the cravings...I mean who doesn't? Except mine isn't just to go grab a candy bar like normal people. I end up making a batch of cookie dough or brownie dough, substitute the eggs for a little water, and then it's healthy to eat....RIGHT? Forget about those small portions, leave that for when aunt flo isn't in town. Grab the bowl, a spoon, a quiet spot or a favorite movie, and dig in. Serving size: 1/2 today, 1/2 tonight. Stir and enjoy!
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jmh wrote:
49) 5/16/2008 5:12:36 PM
My cravings usually range from a variety of things too. I find myself wanting the typical chocolate, beef and macaroni and cheese. I like the comfort type foods when I am really having cravings.
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ihatesluttychicks wrote:
50) 5/16/2008 5:12:43 PM
oatmeal cookie chunk is just pure awesomeness in itself.
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Lisa938 wrote:
51) 5/16/2008 5:15:09 PM
Food is for comfort, food is for love, food is anything it wants to be for someone...My MUST have food is the chocolate silk pie from Sara Lee, it has my favorite things all mixed into one...Its just genius!!
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blondwine wrote:
52) 5/16/2008 5:15:52 PM
Two types of food will make my day or night... Pizza (plain cheese) and Panang Curry with Chicken and Tofu.
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Cheri wrote:
53) 5/16/2008 5:20:35 PM
I love ice cream!! Anything chocolate is my favorite!
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imapepper wrote:
54) 5/16/2008 5:26:35 PM
I have got to say I'm so excited about getting all this makeup for so cheap! I love it! I tell all my friends to go to this website and they are coming in droves! Thanks for putting such a great product out there!
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shaleemac wrote:
55) 5/16/2008 5:31:10 PM
Any kind of ice cream is my comfort food. After an upsetting or stressful day, I CRAVE ice cream. I like to get something premade at a store, like a shake or a sundae. But in a pinch I'll get something out of the carton. I've been trying the lowfat varieties of ice cream, and most are pretty good. That gets rid of some of the guilt I have when I'm eating my comfort food. But I figure it is better than smoking!
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supermodella wrote:
56) 5/16/2008 5:33:55 PM
Ahh, I love to eat food! My friends say I am the hungriest skinny person they have ever met. :] My must have foods are cereal, ice cream, and the worst, McDonalds! I should not eat this much junk, but I love it. :P Food is comforting when you need a good cry, but I mostly eat it when I want something good to chew on. :]
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KamiiRae wrote:
57) 5/16/2008 5:36:41 PM
When I'm feeling down or just tired and useless, I looooove eating hot tamales. They are just addicting! I love them!!
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norawuzhere wrote:
58) 5/16/2008 5:40:29 PM
popcorn and baked ruffles best food in the world oh, and double stuf oreos
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Nicole_Styles wrote:
59) 5/16/2008 6:01:28 PM
Food can be comforting as well...I love cooking and creating unique dishes and desserts. My favs - I would make fresh baked brownies, and place a warm brownie at the bottom of a bowl, load in vanilla ice cream, add chocolate sauce on top of ice cream, and if you want add a scoop of whipped cream! So Good!
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Lipglosslover wrote:
60) 5/16/2008 6:05:55 PM
I need to have my Cammomile and Peppermint teas available. And when I want to treat myself, Hagan Daaz ice cream in orange or rainbow sherbert or just plain chocolate with whip cream and strawberries will do. Y-U-M-M-Y!
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Ashleeeeeee! wrote:
61) 5/16/2008 6:14:46 PM
My must have comfort foods would have to be either macaroni & cheese or any ice cream! I don't think the foods are really comforting us, i just think the goodness of them distracts our minds from whatever is bothering us =)
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LavendarLuver wrote:
62) 5/16/2008 6:22:12 PM
My must-have comfort foods are sushi with avocados, Starbuck's Classic Coffee Ice cream, and noodles. I think food is really comforting because it does wonders. Ice cream's coldness numbs your brain when your sad whereas hot, spicy food can fuel you up for a night out.
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Skaty wrote:
63) 5/16/2008 6:25:30 PM
For me, the best comfort food is chili cheese fries! I think it's because I grew up eating them as a treat. I can't eat them all the time, but in times of comfort, they are perfect! Food is just food when you get down to it, but some of it brings back memories and good feelings :)
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Courtz wrote:
64) 5/16/2008 6:36:35 PM
I love coolwhip...I know it's not that bad for you, but when I'm really craving chocolate I put coolwhip on chocolate graham crackers! Delish!
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ca wrote:
65) 5/16/2008 6:41:34 PM
my craving would have to be indian food... for some reason i only want it a few days of the month, then other days i wont be able to eat it! food is definatly comforting... if not we would eat brown rice and boiled chicken everyday....
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hoosiermommy wrote:
66) 5/16/2008 6:48:22 PM
baby carrots and full fat ranch dip
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hoosiermommy wrote:
67) 5/16/2008 6:49:13 PM
I love full fat ranch dip and baby carrots
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Rai wrote:
68) 5/16/2008 6:50:25 PM
I think food can be comforting when you've had something bad happen, which is probably why people always cook for your family when there has been a tradgedy. For me personally, I don't care what the food itself is, but I like to go out and sit at an all night diner with friends. that helps just as much as the fries.
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katied912 wrote:
69) 5/16/2008 6:51:45 PM
ben and jerry's vermonty python---mmm! and pretzels with onion dip
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Jniffer wrote:
70) 5/16/2008 6:53:23 PM
Hmm... probably pizza and skittles. And water. Pizza just makes me happy XD.
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Cwiddows wrote:
71) 5/16/2008 6:58:57 PM
Gotta have those miniature chocolates...everything from snickers to almond joys! I also HAVE to HAVE ice cream! I like all ice cream so I usually mix it up. I seem to crave greasy chesseburgers and loaded nachos too!
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Cwiddows wrote:
72) 5/16/2008 6:58:58 PM
Gotta have those miniature chocolates...everything from snickers to almond joys! I also HAVE to HAVE ice cream! I like all ice cream so I usually mix it up. I seem to crave greasy chesseburgers and loaded nachos too!
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crunchycon wrote:
73) 5/16/2008 6:59:36 PM
A bowl of plain Cheerios - the kind that come in the yellow box. Must be a throwback from my childhood.
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Joccy101 wrote:
74) 5/16/2008 7:05:33 PM
Hersley's cookies and cream candy bar because I'm a sucker for all things that have cookies and cream flavor in it. I also love love LOVE cold stone's ice cream.
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star wrote:
75) 5/16/2008 7:12:25 PM
my favorite comfort food is brownies right from the oven, so good!
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we3sheep wrote:
76) 5/16/2008 7:13:35 PM
I absolutely love Olive Gardens Tiramisu....hmmm...When I can't easily access that, I have to agree that Ben & Jerry's also tops my list with Phish Food (I won't buy any other kind!) My other completely self indulgent treat is SUSHI!!
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Brookielyn wrote:
77) 5/16/2008 7:14:30 PM
It definetly is!!! its like a little break in a hectic miss a free Ben and Jerry's Cone day!!! Best day of the year!
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NYer wrote:
78) 5/16/2008 7:15:34 PM
My favorite would be chocolate...Dove and Lindt. I think food is just food, but it helps you take your mind off things, so in a way its also comforting. another one of my favorite foods would be curry chicken. yumm
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ekware2003 wrote:
79) 5/16/2008 7:20:42 PM
I Love icecream!
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hAwAiiAn_GiRl wrote:
80) 5/16/2008 7:22:29 PM
Original cheesecake is my favorite! i just love the richness of it!
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Bumble Bee wrote:
81) 5/16/2008 7:32:44 PM
My favorite food would have to be Ice Cream! it is a comforting food for me because everytime i am down i just pull out my ice cream stick a spoon in it and eat it and i will already feel better!!!
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Katie wrote:
82) 5/16/2008 7:47:01 PM
I am ALWAYS comforted by good pasta with butter and grated parmesan cheese (not that kraft stuff in a bottle, yuck). And chocolate is an old reliable favorite. I know that some foods are just built in that we like them, and they trigger certain responses because we associate them with certain events, etc. Like the first time I ate rhubarb,I was tricked into thinking it was pink applesauce. I will never again be able to eat it. But other foods, like our family Christmas tradition of rasberry-kiwi-spinach salad, I associate with good times. And so they just taste better, and really are comforting.
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gini21 wrote:
83) 5/16/2008 7:52:14 PM
I love eating and drinking foods of different varieties - from salty to sweet. Easy Mac, drinking Naked Juice and pita bread with hummus are some of my comfort foods. I think food really is comforting especially when you just aren't feeling your best!
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Beauty898 wrote:
84) 5/16/2008 7:52:25 PM
LOVE ben & jerry's ice cream!!! For me, any chocolate will do, I like dark chocolate because it has antioxidants though... so I can think I am being somewhat healthy
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La' Ronda wrote:
85) 5/16/2008 8:18:23 PM
My must have foods are bagels, candy, and chocolate, especially for those monthly times. Ladies you know what I mean. I do think that for some reason food in general os just comforting. O and I forgot icre cream mmm good!
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jilll wrote:
86) 5/16/2008 8:21:05 PM
macaroni and cheese... there's something about cheese that is so comforting. it's not just food, it's the whole experience.
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mek wrote:
87) 5/16/2008 8:36:53 PM
I totally love bagel chips. Garlic if you can find them. Also, cheese-its grips. The crunchy-ness of both are delicious.
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lisamarie88 wrote:
88) 5/16/2008 9:03:18 PM
I crave anything chocolate with caramel. I cannot keep anything yummy in the house because my husband can eat a package of Oreos in one sitting. I feel like if i want any i have to keep up with him cookie for cookie which leads to me hitting the treadmill for a 5 mile run...
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CamilinhaW wrote:
89) 5/16/2008 9:05:06 PM
That ice cream looks an AMAZING comfort food....It is always good to try new and healthy flavors!
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brookecaz wrote:
90) 5/16/2008 9:05:45 PM
I think food is just food. If you think eating something is going to make you feel better, you may end up feeling worse. It doesn't solve anything at all! Of course everyone has their own certain cravings, but it certainly doesn't give me butterflies when I eat ice cream or chips. Maybe it is all what you tell yourself??!!
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dolly wrote:
91) 5/16/2008 9:16:34 PM
Anything chocolate ... really ... need I say more??? *lol*
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saggy jeans wrote:
92) 5/16/2008 9:46:26 PM
it can be but i love sun chips and smores yum!!!!!!!!!!!!
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anniesam wrote:
93) 5/16/2008 9:49:43 PM
my fav food is chocolate chip icecream. its so good. if theres chocolate icecream any where i would have it. im addicted to chocolate. you wouldnt consider chocolate as food but for me chocolate is everything!!! XOXOXOXOXO chocolate!!!!
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Ryoko1591 wrote:
94) 5/16/2008 9:55:13 PM
SORBET! Ice cream makes me feel guilty afterwards, but sorbet is just as tasty, minus the calories. Also, salsa and tortitos :] Food is most definately comforting, I can't even begin to explain. It just tastes so good that it keeps your mind off of things!
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Crazed wrote:
95) 5/16/2008 9:56:32 PM
Starbucks all the way! I am a junk addict to that caffeine stuff :] My favorite is the Strawberries and Creme frappuchino. It puts me in such a great mood and makes me more energized for a tiring day. Thank God for that good stuff!
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tangalicious wrote:
96) 5/16/2008 9:58:31 PM
COMFORT FOOD = RAMEN NOODLES! Yes the sodium kills me when I'm done, but holy moly I indulge in that like crazy! Not only is it cheap, but it's tasty and instantly ready! I'm a sucker for chinese food so that says much about me :) It's a weird comfort thing to eat, but hey, to each her own!
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lezly wrote:
97) 5/16/2008 9:59:35 PM
My favorite comfort food is Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean ice cream. It's a classic and is refreshing. I could probably eat a gallon without knowing on the coach. I think I've done that too. It just makes me feel happy, and triggers some weird thing in my body haha.
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classy lady 5822 wrote:
98) 5/16/2008 10:40:17 PM
Food is just food to me. I enjoy Blue Bunny Sugar Free bars but I don't look at it as comfort food. I like sweet potatoes and fresh asparagus especially and won't turn down strawberry-rhubarb pie. (I've never had a weight problem either.)
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Janai95 wrote:
99) 5/16/2008 10:59:54 PM
My comfort foods are oreos (dipped in milk), and moose tracks ice cream. Yes im a sugarholic but i feel happy afterwards!
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Long wrote:
100) 5/17/2008 2:21:20 AM
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respcw wrote:
101) 5/17/2008 3:26:46 AM
I have to have something sweet. It could be cookies,chocolate or cake. My fav is red velvet cake with cream cheese iceing. I think that whatever food comforts someone is worth it for them. Food is def. not just food
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OH Nicole wrote:
102) 5/17/2008 11:08:49 AM
Food should be just that... FOOD! However as women stress, anxiety and emotions also play a part in what we eat!
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Anna Banana wrote:
103) 5/17/2008 11:18:07 AM
My comfort food is actually celery because i know its healthy and i love the crunchy taste and sound of it! I love to dip it ranch.
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nia729 wrote:
104) 5/17/2008 11:25:10 AM
i love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with ben and jerry brownke batter icecream
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Sarahphina wrote:
105) 5/17/2008 11:47:18 AM
I am definately having the cravings now as we speak and I find myself eating CrunchBerries and Cheese. I know what a combination but to me it is ust food but great food.
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Amyrose wrote:
106) 5/17/2008 11:55:03 AM
absolutly! my weakness is always brownies. especially brownies with melted vanilla ice cream on top drizzled with hot fudge. yum. or chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven; once again with warm melted vanilla ice cream in between.
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Lilz wrote:
107) 5/17/2008 11:55:11 AM
My comfort foods are icecream (ben n jerries; several varieties), starbucks' honey frap with extra extra whip. (I make them put a tall in a venti sized cup for room for my extra whip. hehe) Croutons (lightly seasoned with a great crunch) and fritos. Never all at once, mind you!!! Also, if I feel down, I can always eat a mcdonald's hot & spicy mcchicken and think of how my dad had to work so hard to get me to even try one... I miss him.
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mscombine wrote:
108) 5/17/2008 11:58:46 AM
For me its licorice and I think there is nothing more comforting than chewing on licorice, that sounds crazy but it works for me. I give up licorice for lent so sure am happy when Easter rolls around. Thanks for listening.
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tennisdancer21 wrote:
109) 5/17/2008 12:45:46 PM
I think food can be really comforting. If you have a horrible day who doesn't want to sit on the couch with her two favorite men, Ben and Jerry? I know it always makes me feel better. My friends and I all get together and bring our comfort food and sit on the couch and the floor and talk for hours. It's great. My favorite comfort food is definitely ice cream. And I never feel guilty after I eat it because i love it so much.
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debbadoo wrote:
110) 5/17/2008 12:49:34 PM
My comfort food is! It's high in carbs to give me a boost of energy, it tastes great, and it's so fun to eat. You can twirl it, pick it up one strand at a time and "suck it up", or just "gobble it up"...LOL! That is the ULTIMATE comfort food for me.
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mazy wrote:
111) 5/17/2008 1:05:03 PM
I really think that food is really comforting, and I love food. It's not an exagerating thing, but every time that I am hungry and want something to eat I'll go get it. Either if its shrimps, pizza, salad, lobster, chickenburger, wathever. And talking about junk food; I love junk food. Everything that has do do with picante; wathever that has chile. Whenever I am very hungry, I know that this is not healthy for my body, but when I am hungry I buy flamithots cheetos with chamoy or salsa and a gatorade, and sometimes my mom doesn't want me to buy something with chile becase I have GERD, so instead of buying flamithots I like to buy the funions rings with melted cheese on top. They taste so good! Oh well, I guess that's all I can say, now you know what I like to eat when I am hungry. = )
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pixie dust wrote:
112) 5/17/2008 1:07:54 PM
im in love with any kind of icecream, especially with chocolate!!! i think food is comforting, theres been scientific evidence too!
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agraves07 wrote:
113) 5/17/2008 1:16:11 PM
My must-have food is pineapple. It is my very favorite fruit, and besides being yummy, it's not too healthy!
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bibi wrote:
114) 5/17/2008 1:35:32 PM
My must have is ben and jerrys Fudge Brownie. It is so rich and fudgy. It hlps to relieve stress and any tensio i have
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dsyumbsbyq wrote:
115) 5/17/2008 1:41:21 PM
I love waxing it is so well worth it you will not feel much pain at all!
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ss75 wrote:
116) 5/17/2008 1:59:19 PM
My comfort foods are anything which is unhealthy- Fries, burgers, ice creams, pasta,noodles, fried eggs & toasts with lots of butter.
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diananichole wrote:
117) 5/17/2008 2:10:52 PM
chocolate is the most comforting food for me :) and hot chocolate makes me feel all warm and cozy :)
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lajasmiles wrote:
118) 5/17/2008 2:21:19 PM
My favorite comfort food has to be oreo cookies and milk. It reminds me of when I was a kid. I always take the top off and eat the middle first and dunk the two cookies in milk...yum
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BossDj wrote:
119) 5/17/2008 2:31:04 PM
i definitely think that food is comforting, my favorite is Stuffing rolls, they're so good, the grocery store near my house makes great ones
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lena wrote:
120) 5/17/2008 2:32:13 PM
I'd have to say... chicken strips, ben & jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream (and many others), blackberries, assorted candy bars and mangos.
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Michi wrote:
121) 5/17/2008 3:00:12 PM
The thing with me is I'm spontaneous. There's times when I crave ice cream, cookies, cake...sometimes even fruits and veggies!
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hapete11 wrote:
122) 5/17/2008 3:32:34 PM
i am in LOVE with Strawberry Jello and choco chip cookie dough ice cream...not together, but they are delicious, oh and sunflower seeds!
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citykid wrote:
123) 5/17/2008 3:37:19 PM
I love icecream - any type of ice cream. Creams puffs and any french dessert makes me weak...yum
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Anakalia wrote:
124) 5/17/2008 3:59:44 PM
I don't eat food for comfort if I am depressed, usually I don't want to eat when I'm down, I lose my appetite. For a treat though, I do love Haagen Dazs ice cream, they defintely are the best quality with no fillers, Chocolate chip cookie dough is the best as well as a new reserve flavor called Carmel del sur or something like that. Amazing, but I only have a few bites, because it is so rich I am full after just that much. If I am depressed, I try to work out or do yoga or clean the house, or listen to music on a nice walk, that makes me feel better than filling my tummy with something unhealthy. But I do adore food and love good quality food with friends and especially my boyfriend. We eat a raw food diet often, organic, clean, and none of the minerals/vitamins have been killed yet, by heat. You kind of get a high when you eat like that, food doesn't weigh you down. So I guess in a way my raw/live food diet is comforting, but in a healthy way and its delicious!!
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CassieZoo wrote:
125) 5/17/2008 4:02:41 PM
I would definitely have to say that my favorite all-time comfort food has to be guacamole. Not a common comfort food, however, when I go to school in Utah, I miss the familiar tastes of home: South Texas. Good guacamole is hard to come by and apart from being a familiar taste, it's just delicious!
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Periwinkle1979 wrote:
126) 5/17/2008 4:15:26 PM
Food can definitely be comforting. In the summer, nothing is more comforting than frozen fruit sorbet. I love the fruity taste with the cool creamy sorbet. mmmmm, I feel cool, calm and collected when I enjoy this treat.
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imagynazn10 wrote:
127) 5/17/2008 3:59:59 PM
My comfort foods definitely depend on the situation, it's a little weird. A must-have mmm food, however, is Haagen Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. What else ... whatever I bake, since I tend to bake when I'm under a lot of pressure or stress. Comfort food does make me feel better while I'm under stress or frustration or whatnot, but after that phase, I feel a little guilty of what I ate!
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:P xoxo wrote:
128) 5/17/2008 4:18:30 PM
My favorite comfort food is York Peppermint Patties! If you don't mind the calories, there's nothing else that makes you feel more satisfied and, well, comforted. The mint and dark chocolate are the perfect combination, and it's easy to limit yourself because they're small!
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Julz19ski wrote:
129) 5/17/2008 4:55:00 PM
Love Ben and Jerrys! The factory in VT is awesome.
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xoVB is life-26ox wrote:
130) 5/17/2008 5:03:13 PM
my fav comfort food is my mom's beef and barley soup. i don't get it often so when i do, there is no way i'm in a bad mood! also, another thing i do to comfort myself is to workout or play a sport. i always feel better about myself when i get done with a good workout!
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jaune444 wrote:
131) 5/17/2008 5:10:53 PM
I love ice cream it my fav. snack but, its way to fattening! My fav. flavor of ben and jerrys is from russia with buzz. Now my all time fav. is mcdonald double cheese burgers lol and, you can tell.
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CutieWithABootie<3 wrote:
132) 5/17/2008 5:36:02 PM
My comfort food would have to be ice cream! Any Flavor! I think its very comforting!
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Reetzi wrote:
133) 5/17/2008 5:42:33 PM
My comment has to do with Brazilian waxing: my OB-GYN told me this is one of the worst things a woman can do to herself because this area is highly bacterial and you need pubic hair as protection against infection and for "cushioning". If the porno industry had not started this fad, women wouldn't feel the need to do it. But internet porn seems to be very influential. BTW, why would any adult female want her genitals to look like a five-year-olds?
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Reetzi wrote:
134) 5/17/2008 6:01:12 PM
Comfort foods generally involve fat and carbs for me: ice cream, the darkest dark chocolate(!), homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream, mac & cheese, etc. But the mood that needs comforting dictates the comfort food of choice.
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phlegmily wrote:
135) 5/17/2008 6:01:12 PM
hands down, a Godiva chocolate drizzled brownie. Milk or dark, doesn't matter. It's a bit of a splurge at $5, but its worth it.
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XxElizabethxX wrote:
136) 5/17/2008 6:19:47 PM
my comfort food is cookies n' cream ice cream i have no idea why but i love it i eat when im feling bad.
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elgurl wrote:
137) 5/17/2008 6:55:49 PM
my must have food is the popcorn company's smokey cheddar popcorn. sounds strange but its soo good!
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Billi Jo wrote:
138) 5/17/2008 8:27:20 PM
i cant live without kettled backed barbque chips there sooo good. I also love cookie dooh ice cream for those nights you just want to stay home and relax
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espi wrote:
139) 5/18/2008 12:48:27 AM
My comfort foods are plums when the time of the month rolls around because it so watery it comforts my cramps. When my husband is deployed my comfort food is ben & jerry's cookie dough because we would eat it when we dated. and after a workout i love to eat oranges it just satisfies my tummy. All these food are comforting food because it makes me feel better especially the ice cream because it bring back memorize while my husband is deployed. I don't consider them just food because they give that satisfaction and makes me feel good, well except the ice cream but i run after i eat an individual ice cream and then i have my feel better orange :D
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momo9 wrote:
140) 5/18/2008 12:50:36 AM
A must have for me is chocolate covered ANYTHING!!!!!
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craving wrote:
141) 5/18/2008 2:58:57 AM
My comfort foods would definitly be Moose Tracks Ice Cream, if you have never had it go try's amazing. And pickles...weird but hey its comforting.
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cynthia p wrote:
142) 5/18/2008 7:41:13 AM
for me food is conforting because i notice the time i most pig out is when im going through my menstrule cycle and sometimes u eat without being hungry just because it smell or looks good.
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Angel315 wrote:
143) 5/18/2008 3:07:08 PM
My favorite snack food is Edy's ice cream,any flavor with chocolate in it! When I get these craving's I usually sit for a while and just try to tell myself that i'm bored or stressed,not hungry.It never works,I end up eating it and then I feel guilty.Ya can't win!
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love3 wrote:
144) 5/18/2008 3:33:29 PM
I would have to say my comfort food is anything and everything chocolate. It could be chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip cookies, or the best would have to be a peppermint mocha from starbucks!
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Dragoness wrote:
145) 5/18/2008 3:40:55 PM
I love salty snacks ever since I was little. If I have a bad day (even if I don't), I love curling up w/ a huge bowl of freshly air popped popcorn drizzled w/ freshly melted butter. During the day, I love fresh, sweet fruits. Crisp Fuji apples are on the top of my list. I also love grapes, kiwis, mangoes from Asia, Dragon fruit (not just for the name), pineapples, and strawberries.
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pinkar15 wrote:
146) 5/18/2008 4:01:45 PM
My favorite comfort food is funyuns. It's so salty and favorful.
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Duran baby wrote:
147) 5/18/2008 6:52:05 PM
GODAMMIT I NEVER GET THE GIFTCARD!!! Everyone stop being so selfish and just give me a damn chance! THIS HAS HAPPENED OVER 10 TIMES YOU BEE-BOPS!! I like hummus, it's delicious and carbloaded
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batyisrael wrote:
148) 5/18/2008 6:52:51 PM
Hmmm...I love to cook, so cooking alone helps me. Plus, low-fat cheese sticks, or if I have time to bike to the ice cream stand, chocolate Frace. And Bamba, when I can get my hands on it (Bamba is a great Israeli snack-think cheez doodles with peanut butter instead of cheese).
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Diva2day wrote:
149) 5/18/2008 7:22:54 PM
MMMM, comfort foods, I have mac and cheese and oatmeal on mine. I think it's the warmth and consistency that make me feel better!
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arang wrote:
150) 5/18/2008 7:35:59 PM
I love chilli and cornbread when I am feeling down. It is so warm and tastey and filling. It just makes me feel comforted and relaxed! Isn't that what comfort food is for?
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christi05 wrote:
151) 5/18/2008 7:39:46 PM
My must have food is Salmon Genovese or really anything Italian. I love having a great meal with a great friend.
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Sammie wrote:
152) 5/18/2008 8:03:29 PM
Thats soo cool.. thanks!
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cmomma wrote:
153) 5/18/2008 8:13:15 PM
hmmmmm, I love me some rainbow sherbert!!! And Heath bars. Those are two things I'd rather not live without!!!!
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EEK wrote:
154) 5/18/2008 9:23:18 PM
Any kind of ice cream is good!! A fave of mine-when I can remember-is some mild cheddar cheese and grapes, red or actually tasty, healthy little snack!
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kitty1255 wrote:
155) 5/18/2008 10:20:07 PM
I found the best way to releive sore muscles is to take a nice warm bubble bath,and listen to soft music with a scented lit candle and a bath pillow..after about 20 minutes all your sorness and stress is washed away
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kitty1255 wrote:
156) 5/18/2008 10:21:55 PM
My comfort food mmmm so many of them, I would have to say a nice cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and some vanilla wafers there so delicious dipped in cocoa,,,,I think Ill have one now mmmm
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crystalrios wrote:
157) 5/18/2008 10:51:28 PM
ELF products are great, I don't use anything else. It gives me a natural look, because I'm not a big heavy makeup fan. I wish all products were available online more often. <3
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Neener wrote:
158) 5/19/2008 8:59:21 AM
Food is definitely comforting, although that can be a problem sometimes! LOL. *pokes flab* I always get my milk & cookies when i'm feeling sad or down. Any kind of cookies will do. My icecream comfort is definitely coffee or plain vanilla! They "numb" my feelings, haha, and make me feel a lot better. i love fooooooooooood :] and wow, first to comment! hahahah
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K4 wrote:
159) 5/19/2008 11:14:10 AM
Food is SO comforting to me. I grab chocolate, cookies and DONUTS are my favorite!
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miamine wrote:
160) 5/19/2008 11:14:17 AM
Instead of chips, I LOVE to get a nice big bag of croutons- any kind, and if I want to feel better about what I'm eating I'll get whole wheat or something remotely "healthy"- to munch on while watching a comfort movie :).
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beccashep wrote:
161) 5/19/2008 11:57:32 AM
My favorite comfort food is Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. And eating technique plays a major role in why I love 'em - I like to un-roll them and eat the cake as I go so I'll have a big mouth full of creamy goodness as the grand finale!
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tuppup wrote:
162) 5/19/2008 12:48:37 PM
I feed my body food that it craves at that moment. Cravings usually tell you what your body really needs; nowadays, however, people listen to mental hunger rather than physical hunger, causing themselves to overindulge. We humans, and we need food to survive and that is why we enjoy it so much. While many think we still value food in the same way, obesity's problems stem from no longer really knowing our body's signals and not truly enjoy the social aspects of food. Sit down to a meal with friends or family, and you'll feel the immediate difference from when you eat by yourself!
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Lizzie Sue wrote:
163) 5/19/2008 1:16:35 PM
RAMEN nooodles. Yummy
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eliza wrote:
164) 5/19/2008 1:45:36 PM
My favorite comfort food is pizza. I love a super thin crust veggie pizza with black and green olives, tomatos, onions, green peppers and lots of cheese. My wonderful dad, rest in peace, used to make it all from scratch for us on special brought our italian roots to life and brought the entire family around the kitchen table for an evening of fun and laughter.
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Quiet Storm wrote:
165) 5/19/2008 2:29:45 PM
Ohhhh my favorite comfort food is turkey nachos. I can eat this everyday.
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Shane wrote:
166) 5/19/2008 3:27:41 PM
A must have food is special dark chocolate...its has creates the same chemicals we produce when we're making love and the best part its good for you!!!
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angela79sun wrote:
167) 5/19/2008 3:31:04 PM
I think food is very comforting. I remember craving black olives one day. I thought I was going to die if I didn't go buy some to eat. Senses are very important so having a taste for yummy foods to make you feel better is definitely okay in my book.
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KatieM wrote:
168) 5/19/2008 5:31:16 PM
Food is very comforting. I love anything sweet and mashed potatoes. I know, random, but I love them!
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asterpri wrote:
169) 5/19/2008 5:42:02 PM
I find that whenever i have cramps, i crave hot foods. So i totally splurge on Hot Cheetos and Hot Fries or anything that contains jalapenos. Maybe i'm forcing myself to get an upset stomach so that i'll forget about the cramps!!! And after eating all that spicyness, then i start craving dessert- trust me, i have a huge sweet tooth. I enjoy eating very much, and the more unique, the better. For someone with a big appetite like me, I just find it very irritating when i see someone saying things like "I don't like the taste," or "I'm too full" when they've had only one bite. Eating is one of the pleasureable moments of life and one should expand their horizons by trying as many differents food as they can!
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romrose711 wrote:
170) 5/19/2008 6:35:15 PM
I absolutely love chicken fingers and french fries.... especially when I am having a bad day.
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Madison wrote:
171) 5/19/2008 6:43:04 PM
My comfort food is Chips and Salsa. It makes me feel less blech.
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LHS14 wrote:
172) 5/19/2008 7:05:04 PM
My Favorite sweet food is icecream. It is sweet, cold, and taste GREAT!!!!
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elfgurl wrote:
173) 5/19/2008 7:06:57 PM
My mmmmm food is chips and salsa and chunky creamy mashed potatos,
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Bloggirll wrote:
174) 5/19/2008 7:35:50 PM
Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream is by far my "mmm" food. And yes, i think food is comforting. it helps us deal with things, maybe not literally but in a way its always there for us and it never judges us.
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enerisg wrote:
175) 5/19/2008 9:05:38 PM
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tabbarosha wrote:
176) 5/19/2008 9:27:21 PM
I absolutly think that food can be comforting. There are some days that are just so hectic that I look forward to getting home sitting in front of the T.V. and having a big plate of Hunan Chicken with fried rice or a big greasy cheeseburger with everything on it. It can't happen everyday but sometimes good food is just what I need to feel better. But of course the next day I have to get in some extra workout time :(
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bets wrote:
177) 5/19/2008 9:27:45 PM
Cheesie Poofs, french fries, Chubby Hubby Ben and Jerry's, yum! Is it comfort or just darn good taste?
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emmylynn wrote:
178) 5/19/2008 10:19:15 PM
I think that the comfort feeling of food depends on the person. I for one feel more relaxed after drinking a nice cup of hot tea or warm milk with nutmeg and cinnamon and vanilla. It may be just in my head, but I feel better. What matters most is, if it makes you feel good to eat or drink certain foods, then indulge yourself. Sushi anyone?
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kell-em.. wrote:
179) 5/19/2008 10:53:55 PM
i think that food is very comfortable b/c we are what we eat!!! anyways, if the food taste right then you will be full with satisfaction, if the food is nasty, you're full but not satisfy.
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Belle14 wrote:
180) 5/19/2008 11:20:56 PM
I would have to say cookie dough ice cream is my weak spot..i always have to have it.
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jaymes wrote:
181) 5/20/2008 12:43:51 AM
i love love love spoon me! Its here in utah and its a frozen yogurt type of dessert that is really really healthy. I put chocolate chips and bananas on it. I wish it would it would branch out everywhere!
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makeuplova wrote:
182) 5/20/2008 10:13:02 AM
Calling all LADIES! and GIRLS! this is my most favorite favorite food comfort ever..I actually have one in my hand right now!
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Dee409 wrote:
183) 5/20/2008 11:30:16 AM
I actually had an oreo cookie and flaming hot cheetos attack!!! it had been a while since i had eaten either of them. But last month when my PMS was starting to set in I had to have them both---together. It was wierd but oh so satisfying.
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Alex =] wrote:
184) 5/20/2008 1:51:11 PM
I love yummy foods!!! I would definitely have to go with the simple chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk... mmm.
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Mama_K wrote:
185) 5/20/2008 4:44:30 PM
Anything sweet for me is good, I love sour candy, any candy for that matter. Food can be comforting, but I dont think its the best solution to feeling better- but dont get me wrong- it does help! :)
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mrs keenan wrote:
186) 5/20/2008 4:59:39 PM
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susie wrote:
187) 5/20/2008 6:11:44 PM
My favorite food is Pizza and French Fries eaten on the same day. It just doesnt get any better.
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Duchess wrote:
188) 5/20/2008 6:48:30 PM
I can honestly say, that everyone has their "must have" items and i think the range is pertinent to what is happening in your life. There are days that i need the sweet and the salty to the days that one can indulge entirely on sugar, be it chocolate, ice cream or candy bars. There even happens to be the day that i can indulge in nothing but sweet but chewy (non-chocie)stuff. Comfort comes in all shapes, sizes, flavors and of course indulgence levels. All i know is sometimes there are just no getting out of what you crave. The longer I wait the more the hype and certainly... the more I indulge. Thus, finding all the reasons, why its ok to feel this way. And, yes of course at the end of it all... the grand finale comes when I carry it out more than one day and then become sick. It's obsessive and I know this, which is why it's comforting!
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Alisha J wrote:
189) 5/20/2008 6:59:07 PM
Carbs Carbs and more Carbs! I crave cake, cookies, pastries, etc. When I'm not feeing so great - these totally comfort me. I'm learning not to run towards them but towards God and my family. They provide much more comfort than food ever could. Then when I have the food I love - I'm able to enjoy it a lot more! Food should just be food that we enjoy but don't "need" to have.
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CrystalCoastMinerals wrote:
190) 5/20/2008 6:59:48 PM
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klapp24 wrote:
191) 5/20/2008 7:41:19 PM
my all time favorite food to have is a peperidge farm coconut layer cake..they are the best!
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minimoorsey wrote:
192) 5/20/2008 8:10:10 PM
I believe that people go to food as "comfort", but it really is just used as an escape for their problems. Even though I do the same. My must have foods hav to be: Hershey kisses and ice cream!
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peach wrote:
193) 5/20/2008 8:11:36 PM
Mine is ice cream and cookie dough. No they don't comfort me but they sure hit the spot.
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Seksay Reena wrote:
194) 5/20/2008 8:41:44 PM
Peanut Butter and jelly iss my favourite comfort food. Its especially good to make ritz cracker peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. like little mini circle sandwhiches. MMM... now i want some. lol. If making it a meal, eat this with campbells chicken noodle soup. and a glass of skim milk. I may search this out for tomorrows dinner lol.
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saranm wrote:
195) 5/20/2008 9:24:03 PM
the food i adore to no end is cookie dough. a lot of people think its gross but when i'm down its something that always perks me up a little. it's better than the cookies. i think food can be comforting and in many cases asks as a way to socialize. a lot of times i go out to eat with friends when im down and feel a lot better.
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I love. . . wrote:
196) 5/20/2008 9:27:52 PM
My must have foods are: flavored sunflower seeds (when I'm watching movies especially), fresh fruit, McDonald's parfaits, Lay's plain potato chips and candy bars (all kinds). I have chocolate cravings often. I love my sister's homemade cookies (they are SO good). I don't think food is really comforting. I believe it's more of something to occupy your time. I almost always have to have something in my mouth (thus the need for sunflower seeds).
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Nique wrote:
197) 5/20/2008 11:26:11 PM
I love sweets. Dove chocolates, M&Ms and an ocasional fruit smoothie from my local smoothie place. Everytime I go by it, it takes a lot of will power to not stop in and get one.
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comfort calories wrote:
198) 5/20/2008 11:42:36 PM
Food is comfort! Nothings better when your having a bad day and feeling down than your favorite sweet treat. The taste of your favorite treat will turn yurn day around every time. My favorite is rice krispie treats.
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couponqueen wrote:
199) 5/21/2008 12:34:36 AM
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sarahilona wrote:
200) 5/21/2008 1:06:14 AM
What are my must have items? Definitely macaroni and cheese, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and cranberry juice (very weird!). I think that food really is comforting and it's great to know the foods that make you feel good on those ugly days.
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mublica wrote:
201) 5/21/2008 3:21:32 AM
My must food is pizza. Any kind. Its a must have for comfort.
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chocolate luver wrote:
202) 5/21/2008 3:48:32 AM
Anything, and I mean anything chocolate does it for me. Chocolate candies to chocolate drinks and ice cream are the only things I seem to crave when dealing w/ a breakup to those times Aunty Flow comes for a visit. Is it comforting? Yes. Healthy? ...Well, no. Everything in moderation though right?
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anxiously awaiting wrote:
203) 5/21/2008 8:27:17 AM
Just discovered this website via Snopes of all places! Can't wait to get my first batch. I recommended this to a few friends and they've all placed orders too!
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Fearfully & Wonderfully Made wrote:
204) 5/21/2008 8:36:08 AM
I have found in those times when I just came seem to focus until I nibble on a little something. Nothing satisfies that void like a nice glazed honeybun. Preferably the vending machine kind! I depend on this at work at times. Thank goodness I was delivered from honeybuns during my pregnancy, it wasn't the healthiest food choice, but tasty nonetheless!
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great products /good prices wrote:
205) 5/21/2008 11:22:33 AM
I purchased lots of Elf products and they are really really great, buy some and enjoy! Deborah
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blsuccess wrote:
206) 5/21/2008 11:27:11 AM
My hubby loves ice cream so I have learned to gravite towards the tasty treat more. My favorite ice cream is the Butter Almond Yummy! I find it to be just food. I get comfort from good books, finding a great deal and being with my family.
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blsuccess wrote:
207) 5/21/2008 11:27:50 AM
My hubby loves ice cream so I have learned to gravitate towards the tasty treat more. My favorite ice cream is the Butter Almond Yummy! I find it to be just food. I get comfort from good books, finding a great deal and being with my family.
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Sweet-pea-mom wrote:
208) 5/21/2008 11:34:47 AM
Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake, always gets me in a better mood!!!
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Moco wrote:
209) 5/21/2008 12:13:10 PM
My mmmm foods are are veggies with dip! I just love them and they never make me feel guilty either so thats a major bonus. Whenever I feel sad or just kinda down, I grab a book and munch on some veggies.
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croc wrote:
210) 5/21/2008 12:22:50 PM
food is comfort in most cases, but it also makes me fat!
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yvonne40 wrote:
211) 5/21/2008 12:57:48 PM
I love Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes, the icing is so yummy. It helps me unwind after work and definitley is a comfort food
Reply to this
mosmell wrote:
212) 5/21/2008 2:32:23 PM
Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream - Chocolate covered waffle cone pieces with vanilla ice cream and caramel oozing everywhere!! YummY!
Reply to this
shainita wrote:
213) 5/21/2008 2:39:30 PM
Well, The funniest thing i crave is chinese food. lol and i also craze dark chocolate and bananas. I really beleive that food is conforting most of the time than just bieng food. I fyour home along and bored and have nothing to do whats the first thing people do? they start eating! for confort of being alone......
Reply to this
Emelle wrote:
214) 5/21/2008 3:25:08 PM
Food is really comforting! My comfort food is chocolate strawberries... yum :)
Reply to this
AshleyMarisa wrote:
215) 5/21/2008 3:28:25 PM
My comfort food is Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream. It's banana flavored ice cream, with chunks of chocolate, and walnuts in it. So good!! It's perfect for when you're feeling down and munchy. I do think food is comforting. It takes your mind off of what's bothering you!
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Delfina wrote:
216) 5/21/2008 4:23:08 PM
My fave comfort/nostalgic foods, are 3. The first are Animal Crackers. The ones that come in the little boxes designed as an animal cage, with the string handle. The second being Circus Peanuts, they are orange marshmallows shaped like a peanut. The third is Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. All 3 snacks and a "I Love Lucy" re-run I am in Heaven. LOL!!
Reply to this
kb wrote:
217) 5/22/2008 12:48:24 AM
I think people eat foof when they are bored. When I am busy I eat because I am hungry, but do not over eat. When I am bored I eat in front of the TV because it gives me something satisfying to do
Reply to this
chylve wrote:
218) 5/22/2008 11:45:37 AM
oatmeal, waffles, sugar cookie dough... Food can seem like a friend when there are no others to be found.
Reply to this
MrsKingers wrote:
219) 5/22/2008 11:46:17 AM
My comfort food is crusty french bread with loads of butter! YUM! Fortunately I do not do that very often! :)
Reply to this
Yummy wrote:
220) 5/22/2008 4:43:15 PM
This is my favorite type of cookie and I didn't know that they have it as an ice cream! I guess that's why ben and jerry's is the best!! yummy yummy
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carojl wrote:
221) 5/22/2008 6:40:52 PM
A friend referred me to this website, it is awesome prices can't wait to receive my order. Thank you elf!
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carojl wrote:
222) 5/22/2008 6:42:47 PM
Comfort food is the greatest.......salty snacks are yummy! But my favorite is ice cream!
Reply to this
mla628 wrote:
223) 5/22/2008 11:25:38 PM
My comfort food is anything with rice in it. I particularly love chipotle when I need comfort. I think food is comforting because it triggers those satisfying feelings.
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teewee73 wrote:
224) 5/23/2008 9:32:09 AM
I would have to say either sushi or pizza!!! Yum.
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ArwensEvenstar wrote:
225) 5/23/2008 1:37:31 PM
I would have to say my favorite comfort foods are warm bread and milk, OR a brownie ( chocolate..surprise surprise ). I think food can be comforting. Because if you've had a bad day, your favorite "comfort" food, can help put you in a better mood since it is something that you love. And sometimes help you calm down enough to realize the stuff that made your day bad in the first place, is all going to be OK! =)
Reply to this
Lady Jones wrote:
226) 5/23/2008 1:57:57 PM
For the most part, I think that food is just food. Sometimes I get these wild cravings for corn on the cob, but only if things are going well in my life.
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ytspicer wrote:
227) 5/23/2008 7:54:29 PM
This picture made my mouth water.....and I am craving Ben & Jerry's "Chuncky Monkey!!"
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I love ben and jerrys wrote:
228) 5/24/2008 8:32:16 AM
I love ben and jerrys ice cream. Expecially the flavor "imagine world peace" YUM!
Reply to this
coffeaholic wrote:
229) 5/25/2008 4:32:19 PM
well my comfort food depends on my mood. but i really like fat free whip cream(frozen), light popcorn, dark chocolate (any form actually),m and ms, and ben and jerrys light frozen yougurt in cherry garcia ( or if ive been eating really good phish food). and i cant forget my diet rite starbucks ALWAYS MAKES ME FEEL BETTER! SKINNY VANILLA LATTE HERE I COME! WHAHOOO!!!
Reply to this
food obsessed wrote:
230) 5/25/2008 6:11:32 PM
my mmmm must have foods would have to be fresh baked brownies with endless scoops of vanilla ice cream with pecans and whipped cream. it hits every spot in the body and every craving a woman could possibly have. its a luscious mixture of creaminess, chocalatelyness, and that extra crunch from the pecans is just heavenly. when im having boyfriend problems, family problems, school problems, or friend problems, this bowl of perfection is just what i need to know that life just isnt that bad. food is definitely comforting. just think about it, when you come home from a really stressful day, isnt the first thing you think about to make the day a little better is food? any food? whether it be ice cream or a hamburger? or even a bag of chips and a soda. food is truly one of my best friends, and i can always depend on it cause its always there
Reply to this
mae22 wrote:
231) 5/25/2008 9:55:07 PM
It depends on the time of the month for me. Sometimes, all that I want is something salty and bad for me. Most of the time though, I am a sweets fan. MooseTracks ice cream is my all time favorite. I think that I could eat it everyday and not get sick of it. The only thing that I would get sick of would be looking in the mirror and seeing how big I was getting!
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DaniGirl wrote:
232) 5/27/2008 12:08:53 AM
I am a chip kinda girl... When the chips are down (pun intended..LOL), give some come crunchy, salty snack food & I feel better>!!> Go figure??
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YummChocolate wrote:
233) 5/27/2008 8:55:23 AM
i love my school, we sell dreyers icecream, my favorite period time snack is the double fudge choclate icecream, mmmm that is yummy and if i see a kitkat bar i get chocolate bar cravings but its only when i see a kit kat bar, even though i dont really like them. Weird huh lol
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Cristi Misti wrote:
234) 5/27/2008 1:46:17 PM
Wow never heard of that flavor Ben & Jerry's, I'm a Chubby Hubby fan :) As for my must have foods, I would say cheese and fruits (pineapple & strawberries are my faves) I think food is temporarily comforting, but it's not something i turned to when my boyfriend and I broke up, my family & friends were. Ever hear the quote "I eat because I'm unhappy, I'm unhappy because I eat." I think it might be SNL, but yea, that's how I feel food can be haha. Thanks!
Reply to this
rorhrk wrote:
235) 5/27/2008 2:29:03 PM
I definitely think that food is comforting!! There's nothing like chomping down a favorite food after a long hard day, when you're feeling blue or even when you're happy!! Food is great!
Reply to this
kbevx3 wrote:
236) 5/27/2008 3:54:31 PM
I think that sometimes it can really be a comforting food, but other times it can just be food. It depends on what your eating though.
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kbevx3 wrote:
237) 5/27/2008 3:55:31 PM
my comfort food though is haagen daz dolce de lueche ice cream, i totally just spelt that wrong though, but it is my craving food<33
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darci wrote:
238) 5/27/2008 4:39:11 PM
If I could eat Icecream every single day without having to worry about my girlish figure..I would do it! Food is definitely comforting! A few things I cannot live without are: guacamole, white chocolate mousse with m&ms (from TCBY)...and CHIPS, CHIPS, CHIPS! And, I must have a fruit smoothie with breakfast every morning! I try to have all my food groups in a day...all my fruit in a smoothie...and who can resist guacamole or 96% fat free frozen yogurt...makes you feel like you are eating healthy (even with the m&ms)!!
Reply to this
sheaaa wrote:
239) 5/28/2008 4:12:10 PM
A personal favorite has to be toast with peanut butter and maple syrup :)
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heffEE wrote:
240) 5/28/2008 5:28:30 PM
My must have right now is Little Debbie's Bostom Creme Roll because it is like a vanilla swiss creme roll. I love it. I do think food is comforting, but only for a short period.
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Shopinful wrote:
241) 5/28/2008 11:35:35 PM
I normally crave something salty and when I am needing comfort I like to watch a favorite movie and make up a batch of buttered popcorn with salt. It last a long time and I can just crunch, crunch and lick those buttery salty fingers!!
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golightly wrote:
242) 5/29/2008 3:01:12 PM
day old macaroni and cheese, fried up in butter!!!
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GMom wrote:
243) 5/29/2008 4:38:30 PM
Food is definitely comforting. It brings back memories of our childhood, whether a mother's, grandmother's or friends treasured recipe. In our home, recipes have been handed down for generations and they always make each and every family member feel special. When feeling down, comfort food brings a smile to our faces.
Reply to this
MunecaBrava wrote:
244) 5/29/2008 5:04:49 PM
I love love love Mint Chocolate chip ice cream. It's light, so it doesn't make me feel like I'm completely going overboard with junk food, and it's delicious! It makes me feel like I'm indulging and thinking about myself and nothing else. They say that food is the way to a man's heart, well food is the way to inner peace- all done in moderation. Cramps? Who cares. Work Sucks? Who cares. Boyfriend sucks? Who cares, lol. Mint Chocolate chip ice cream takes my troubles away.
Reply to this
coffeelover wrote:
245) 5/29/2008 5:26:31 PM
I love a white chocolate mocha from starbucks with soy! I just feel like I am on a mini vacation it seems to just soothe away stress!!!!
Reply to this
10sgurl wrote:
246) 5/29/2008 5:27:08 PM
I have a ton of food cravings. They range from smores to french fries dipped in ranch dressing. Not to mention when I was sick with Mono, almost all I ate was Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I was ashamed of myself when I glanced at the calorie count. I do think food is really comforting. Food can be an enjoyment while still being satisfied with your weight.
Reply to this
Liz6277 wrote:
247) 5/29/2008 5:38:32 PM
I must admit Chocolate is my comfort food, regardless what time of the day, month or year it is. My most favorite is Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge chunk you can't go wrong. Its chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered nuts, chunks or milk and white chocolate. I can finish the entire pint in less than five minutes. If not the Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie. After a hard day at work I won't even make it out of the grocery store parking lot. Once I'm done eating it everything is all better.
Reply to this
Jaaz wrote:
248) 5/29/2008 6:05:24 PM
I have to have McDonalds french fries every now and then. It satisfies my salt craving. It is comforting to have something "bad" after a stressful day.
Reply to this
Poppi wrote:
249) 5/29/2008 6:30:06 PM
My choice for a crave food is: Frozen Raspberries, nuke for 15 seconds and have at it, refreshing, cool and oh soooo sweet! Great for the digestion too! Started eating them this way when I was a little girl, my Papa and I went crazy, he introduced them to me. I think of him everytime I eat them...Give them a try!
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wizkitty wrote:
250) 5/29/2008 6:39:29 PM
I think that food can be comforting. I have a few favs, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, my mom's cream of chicken wild rice soup and my grandma's home made cinnamon rolls.
Reply to this
VICKIEB wrote:
251) 5/29/2008 7:50:33 PM
Reply to this
CantonKathy wrote:
252) 5/29/2008 10:29:25 PM
"Lobster Tail" it is a vanilla pastry from an Italian bakery in the Franklin Hotel in Rome, NY. When I need comfort food I get a vanilla lobster tail and split it with my hubby. It always puts us in a better mood and we happily work off the calories the rest of the week.
Reply to this
megabomb04 wrote:
253) 5/30/2008 1:40:37 AM
my comfort food is chocolate dipped honeycomb...soooo good the honeycomb just melts in your mouth : )
Reply to this
ihartdance wrote:
254) 5/30/2008 1:58:13 PM
Well my comfort food is dark chocolate. I do believe it's really comforting because it physically makes you happy by releasing endorphins. Not only does it make you happy, and taste delicious, but it has many health benefits too!
Reply to this
BeautyQUeen1029 wrote:
255) 5/30/2008 11:08:27 PM
I love comfort foods, Ben & Jerry's especially, its so creamy and wonderful. Just melts in your mouth. I am always eager to try new flavors.
Reply to this
sapphire wrote:
256) 5/31/2008 1:27:11 AM
i am having a lovley comfortable sweet tasty affair with this ice cream ,we cuddle up on my favorite soft love seat and i totally get lost in it's sweet creamy lovely taste for me it is my time ,a very special sexy sweet secret time to totally lose my self and complatly enjoy.
Reply to this
tb wrote:
257) 5/31/2008 8:42:03 PM
my comfort food is ice cream. I eat a bowl every night after the kids go to bed.
Reply to this
Ichinen wrote:
258) 6/2/2008 11:36:54 AM
My mmm list include chips and Guacamole, baked potatoes and rocky road ice cream with actual pieces of marshmallows! My list of foods just satisfy my naughty food list but well worth working out an extra hour for. For me, food is really comforting......
Reply to this
Lisa M wrote:
259) 6/2/2008 11:48:17 AM
I wish sometimes that food did not comfort me as much as it does. I love Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey when I am having a bad day. I also live in Texas so I love chips and hot sauce before a good mexican food meal!!!
Reply to this
jennettski wrote:
260) 6/3/2008 6:52:48 PM
I love, love Kozy Shak Tapioca pudding! I love the creaminess,and the texture, with all the tapioca "bumps" in it! And I indulge in it sort of guilt free because it contains 0 trans fats, and I actually count it as one of my dairy servings per day when I eat it!
Reply to this
mom07 wrote:
261) 6/7/2008 1:52:45 AM
I don't personally think food in a sense is comforting. I eat what you would call comfort foods according to what my body is needing at the time. I crave certain veggies during the month when I am stressed and lacking nutrients and sweets during that time of month. I always try to eat reasonably healthy so I consider comfort eating healthy eating that my body is needing at that moment.
Reply to this
Kris75 wrote:
262) 6/11/2008 9:54:11 AM
I think its food but its so bad for you thats whay we call it comfort food cause you should only have it when something is wrong. I think you should have it when you want to but not all the time :)
Reply to this
Kris75 wrote:
263) 6/11/2008 9:55:08 AM
I think its food but its so bad for you thats whay we call it comfort food cause you should only have it when something is wrong. I think you should have it when you want to but not all the time :)
Reply to this
Nisey wrote:
264) 6/13/2008 10:46:11 PM
I tend to lean towards good ol' fashioned comfort food when I'm really tired and fighting off a cold---things like mashed potatoes, homemade bread, etc. I'm also fruit crazed--bring on the bananas, strawberries and grapes. Hey! Did I mention Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting???? Yum!
Reply to this
supersummerbabe wrote:
265) 6/15/2008 10:52:17 PM
i CANT live without is when i am feeling miserable, eat a brownie with vanilla ice cream, with peanutbutter and hot fudge!!!!!!!! yum yum yum
Reply to this
1Deb wrote:
266) 6/20/2008 8:12:52 PM
My favorite comfort food is "Everything but the..." ice cream by Ben & Jerry's. All my favorites in one place,peanut butter cups,white chocolate,chocolate ice cream...Yum!
Reply to this
mamitabella93 wrote:
267) 6/25/2008 9:26:12 AM
i love mint chocolate chip ice cream! makes me feel ALOT better when ive had a long exhausting day! jaja
Reply to this
hapete11 wrote:
268) 7/3/2008 1:38:02 PM
ok, so i have the most random cravings, i have the somewhat usual, ice cream, popsicles, and salt! i usually get my salt cravings fulfilled with sunflower seeds, heres where it get weird, i sometimes get HUGE cravings for sticky rice or quesidila!its weird!
Reply to this
LuckyNumber1994 wrote:
269) 7/7/2008 12:56:18 PM
mine is Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey.
Reply to this
crimp90p wrote:
270) 8/13/2008 2:56:08 PM
eddys chocolate
Reply to this
babygurl wrote:
271) 3/28/2009 9:23:51 PM
Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia icecream all the way baby!
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