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Boo Boo Boogers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, gross we all get them (even Jessica Simpson)! Those natural but unsightly little booger buggers that reside in our nose and pop out so often to say hello. So the question is, do you mention to a friend, a co-worker, a stranger that they have a little something in their nose or do you oversee it so you don’t embarrass them? It’s a tuff call, tell them and embarrass them on the spot, or don’t and let them go throughout the day having booger run-ins with others. Be honest…what would you do or what have you done???

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damitajo wrote:
1) 4/13/2009 12:50:16 PM
I would take the person to the side and tell them because I would want someone to tell me.
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RieMixed wrote:
2) 4/13/2009 12:52:15 PM
I've told them politely and quietly they might want to get a tissue. That usually is less embarrassing then saying "Hey, so-and-so, you got a boog!"
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Me!!! wrote:
3) 4/13/2009 12:55:07 PM
I just rub or wipe my nose when people have alil something something in there. The natural response is to do the same.
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CeCe97 wrote:
4) 4/13/2009 12:57:09 PM
Absolutely tell them!!! If it were you, you'd want someone to tell you. You just have to be discreet about it.
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Heidi B wrote:
5) 4/13/2009 12:57:24 PM
I think you should always tell your friend, coworker or anyone. They maybe embarrassed when you tell, but they will thank you later. No body wants a booger hanging out of their nose.
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CBF wrote:
6) 4/13/2009 12:57:36 PM
Yes, I would definitely tell my friend that they need to wipe their nose and leave it at that, so as not to embarass them any further.
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angel21 wrote:
7) 4/13/2009 1:00:26 PM
I would try to be polite, but I'm a very straight to the point kind of person. Either way I would say something because how many other people didn't and how embarrassing would it be to go the whole day that way. I would be mortified for sure.
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dizzynella wrote:
8) 4/13/2009 1:04:09 PM
I think it's best to advise that person that there's something on her face and that she should head to the restroom. It's what I would want.
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Choppie wrote:
9) 4/13/2009 1:06:23 PM
I can tell my closest friends or family, but not a stranger.. I'd be uncomfortable doing so. Yikes.
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kb60 wrote:
10) 4/13/2009 1:07:39 PM
If a close friend, I definitely tell them....I would want them to tell me likewise!
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Stephanie R wrote:
11) 4/13/2009 1:07:45 PM
I usually tell someone if they have something on their nose, because I would want someone to tell me. It's better to tell then have people look at you funny all day.
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JerseyTomato254 wrote:
12) 4/13/2009 1:09:06 PM
I ALWAYS tell somebody that they have "dried skin" when something is hanging in or around their nose. Then I reassure thenm that it happens to everyone. Better to have one incident of slight embarassment then to go through a whole day of people staring at you then looking quickly away!
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DeegeMonster wrote:
13) 4/13/2009 1:11:15 PM
I personally think that you should tell the person. See, I have a nose ring with one of the curly things on it to keep it in, and it looks like a booger when it spins the wrong way. I appreciate it when my friends are like "oh, hey Deege, you got a booger..." because I wouldn't wanna go the whole day like that. That's just embarrassing. I personally think a good friend would save a friend from a day of embarrassment. :) Hope this helps! <3 DeegeMonster
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Sporto Mama wrote:
14) 4/13/2009 1:12:54 PM
My mother and I created a code when we both worked retail together in the cosmetic department of a high end retailer. It's quite simple and in my opinion should be used worldwide. The "visible booger" is quietly brought to attention by simply saying, "VB". It can also be phrased "VBLN" which stands for visible booger left nostrile and visaversa for the right side. We have used this code since 1987 and still do to this day! Help spread the code ladies!
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charziparzipuddinpie wrote:
15) 4/13/2009 1:15:16 PM
I'd rather have a friend tell me than walk around grossing people out all day. And I do tell people if they've got 'face issues', but it all depends on just how comfortable I am with them - people I don't really know, you're on your own, sorry!
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mature-beauty wrote:
16) 4/13/2009 1:15:16 PM
Do unto others as you would want done to you! I'd rather have a moment of embarrassment than go through a whole day of it. PLEASE ladies tell your "sister" when something isn't right! It can also be a very bonding moment!
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Greek Girl wrote:
17) 4/13/2009 1:15:17 PM
I have had an experience like that. One day, my co-worker came to work and she didn't realize that she had tucked her skirts into her tights and that her baby had thrown up on the back of her sweater. I took her to the side and quietly pointed out what I had seen and she was extremely grateful. She didn't want to go around looking like she did not care about her experience and since I was the first one who saw her at work, I saved her a lot of embarrassment. I feel like people will appreciate it if you tell them early on rather than making them go through the day with embarrassing things hanging from them or things that could have been easily straightened out. I have tucked my skirt in my tights so many times and I'm grateful whenever someone points it out so I don't go on looking crazy.
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jensmiling wrote:
18) 4/13/2009 1:16:48 PM
Ok first of all, why do we have to continue to pick on Jessica for her problems. Sure she gained a little weight and wore high waisted pants, sure she forgot to blow her nose when she was probably having a bad allergy day. But really who hasn't? Like you said its natural. As for telling someone about the boodies, I would definitely let them know. I mean why not, I'd want to know. Aren't we taught that honesty is the best policy? Come on girls, hand you friends a tissue!
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catsafetypoints wrote:
19) 4/13/2009 1:18:53 PM
If I was friends with the person; I definitely would. I'd end up saying it either discreet as possible or inject a little humor and a "no big deal" attitude. Professionally, though... yikes. I would either say nothing or do it as gently as possible.
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Jperez wrote:
20) 4/13/2009 1:19:13 PM
i would tell her! shes my friend so i can let her walk around like that!
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Née wrote:
21) 4/13/2009 1:19:27 PM
I think that if a problem can be fixed right away, go ahead and mention it and the problem is gone. However, if it's something that can't be fixed right away, like a spot on the back of your skirt or pants, don't say anything. This way the person isn't left feeling self conscious for the rest of the day.
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PoisonIvy wrote:
22) 4/13/2009 1:19:52 PM
i would quietly pull them inside and tell them to deal with it. i know i would prefer if someone did that for me. i would not want to walk around looking like that.
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natcwalt wrote:
23) 4/13/2009 1:20:51 PM
I definitely tell people if I see they have a booger. You can be tactful about it so as not to embarrass them as much. Most people appreciate being told. I know I do!
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natcwalt wrote:
24) 4/13/2009 1:23:01 PM
I definitely tell people if I see they have a booger. You can be tactful about it so as not to embarrass them as much. Most people appreciate being told. I know I do!
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CurlyQ812 wrote:
25) 4/13/2009 1:25:23 PM
I would tell the person! I have told people!! I would totally want someone to tell me!
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Lauren Victoria wrote:
26) 4/13/2009 1:26:05 PM
The best way to handle the situation (awkward as it may be) would probably to offer the friend a tissue casually instead of directly pointing it out. Hopefully, they'll get the hint and take the tissue! Then you can have a good laugh about it later, and trust me, they'll feel better in the long run.
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EvaMarie wrote:
27) 4/13/2009 1:26:33 PM
Of course you tell your friend or co-worker they have something in their nose to save them from further embarrassment! As for a stranger, no way would I attempt to bring something of this nature to the attention of a stranger.
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blue_eyed_mommy wrote:
28) 4/13/2009 1:30:49 PM
I would definately tell someone, whether it's a friend or stranger, that they had a booger hanging out. It happens to everyone and I'd hope if it was me with the booger, that someone would let me know.
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meister3m wrote:
29) 4/13/2009 1:31:03 PM
For a friend or co-worker, tell them - for sure!! A stranger? Not sure I would tell them. My feeling is I would rather know if it was there, rather than walk around with a cliff-hanger!
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live4bcz wrote:
30) 4/13/2009 1:34:26 PM
Oh, I would and have told my friends! I have a friend that if I don't tell her she would kill me. Plus, I would want my friends to tell me also. Who wantst to get in their car at the end of the day, look in the rear view mirror and see a booger bugger??? Then wonder how long they have been there...ugh, not me!
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Diva wrote:
31) 4/13/2009 1:34:30 PM
I would tell them because honestly who wants to see that? lol
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Shar wrote:
32) 4/13/2009 1:35:08 PM
I would hand them a tissue and say, “here you go sweetie” and continue on what I was doing. it’s more embarrassing having no one say anything. ;)
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Vivi and Me wrote:
33) 4/13/2009 1:36:03 PM
Of course I would let someone know they had a "hanger-on" or a "cliffy" as we would sometimes call them. How is this different from the dreaded spinach in teeth incident or that irritating piece of tiolet paper stuck to a shoe??? If I were the victim, I would most certainly want to know I was less than flawless. Besides, there is nothing more disappointing than looking in the mirror at the end of the day and think, "Why didn't anyone tell me?"
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lriley wrote:
34) 4/13/2009 1:38:08 PM
I never leave my friends with "hangers". We will tell each other that we have a "friend" and then point to our noses. I sure wouldn't want to be left with the embarassing, yet inevitable,"hanger".
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herbalgirl wrote:
35) 4/13/2009 1:38:15 PM
Ok, you have me cracking up with that close-up of Jessica Simpson's nose and bugger. Poor Jess! LOL! I guess it's nice to know that stars are humans, too.
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BonTerraGal wrote:
36) 4/13/2009 1:39:28 PM
Of course I would mention if someone had a booger that made an appearance, or spinach in their teeth, or their fly down. I would want to know rather than parade around so everyone could see.
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TinTin wrote:
37) 4/13/2009 1:40:28 PM
I would most definitely want to tell that person with a little bug a booger that's itching to come out. However, I would only tell them when they are alone to not embarrass them. I would want someone to let me know as soon as possible also, but not in front of a bunch of people. I would be a little annoyed if I saw it at the end of the day and I'm stuck thinking how long it's been like that and why no one let me know.
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Becky M wrote:
38) 4/13/2009 1:41:04 PM
I would definitely my friend, as I would hope they would do it for me. Which is worse, having a friend discreetly tell you that you have a booger hanging out, or not realizing everyone is laughing at you and slightly grossed out?
Reply to this wrote:
39) 4/13/2009 1:41:05 PM
ewwww I would just pull her aside act like I have a juicy secret and then tell her so no one sees she can go to the bathroom and get rid of it.
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beth4luv wrote:
40) 4/13/2009 1:41:06 PM
My friends and I have an agreement, we tell each other when we have "bats in the cave".
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sillygirl wrote:
41) 4/13/2009 1:41:39 PM
Yes I totally would tell a friend or a co worker or anything like that I would totally tell "hey you got something in your nose" I mean after all, I would want to be told if I had one so I hope they would tell me.
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gma wrote:
42) 4/13/2009 1:41:46 PM
I would quietly pull them aside and tell them... for sure! I would appreciate someone doing that for me.
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MaggieLo wrote:
43) 4/13/2009 1:41:49 PM
In my opinion it is more embarrassing for a person with the booger not to be told right away. I know I would rather be embarrassed for a moment by one person than to wonder how many people saw it that day! Please tell me when I have a booger! :)
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Krispy Kristy wrote:
44) 4/13/2009 1:41:57 PM
I would most def. tell someone if they had a Boo Boo booger. It's worth the embarrassment because if that was me I would want someone to tell me. Just like If the outfit I am wearing looks like crap I would want someone to say something so I dont go out looking like a fool. :)
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cardenas3356 wrote:
45) 4/13/2009 1:44:30 PM
If it's someone I know pretty well. I tell them, so that they don't go throughout the day like that and possibly be embarassed by someone else. If it's someone I don't know, then I don't say anything to them. I let it go, maybe one of their friends will tell them. What's the saying? You know who your true friends are if they will tell you something even if you don't want to hear it.
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Julz wrote:
46) 4/13/2009 1:46:35 PM
OMG! you have to tell them!
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shale03 wrote:
47) 4/13/2009 1:47:50 PM
That's awful. I can't believe she doesn't have someone to "check" her before she goes out!
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bettsfest wrote:
48) 4/13/2009 1:48:00 PM
I have told people in the past if they are a friend or a close co-worker. But if Im not too fond of the person - sorry charlie, I let it go and let them "booger" around! LOL
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linzjane wrote:
49) 4/13/2009 1:48:52 PM
My previous co-workers and I had a signal...if one of us saw one, we'd put our hands up and pretend like we was swinging on a rope (like the boogers swinging on the nose hairs). We'd all bust out laughing which made it less awkward.
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AP wrote:
50) 4/13/2009 1:49:26 PM
Absolutly you should tell them! Epecially if they are a friend of yours, a co-worker and even your boss. Stangers on the other hand are you looking that closely that you would have a "booger run-in."
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linjac wrote:
51) 4/13/2009 1:51:09 PM
I would definately let them know. But try and find a tissue first. The last thing you want them to do is begin to rub it with their hands. Gross! I would certainly want someone to let me know vs. walking around with it all day.
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blondinwv wrote:
52) 4/13/2009 1:52:39 PM
I would want to know if I had one of those little buggers showing, so I would take my friend to the side, and let her know!
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BAYblue wrote:
53) 4/13/2009 1:52:50 PM
It is a close call, but I have to agree that telling the honest truth about that nasty booger is the best thing to do. Friends have to have each other's backs, regardless of how embarassing it may seem to them!
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bimbi284 wrote:
54) 4/13/2009 1:53:28 PM
I totally would (and have) let a friend know they've got a little boogie man peeking out. I would hope that my pals would do the same for me!
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Boo Boo Boogers wrote:
55) 4/13/2009 1:55:34 PM
I always tell but in a fun way. I tell my friends they are "a lil cloudy" on the right or left. Or I say "BIN" stands for booger in nose!
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verybella wrote:
56) 4/13/2009 1:55:43 PM
I usually would point it out to a friend, or hand them a mirror.
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jortra wrote:
57) 4/13/2009 1:55:59 PM
This is a tough one. I guess it depends on how well I know the person. If it's a friend or a close co-worker I would say something. I don't think I would feel as comfortable with an acquaintance or a stranger. Good question though!
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28r5 wrote:
58) 4/13/2009 1:51:34 PM
It's important not to embarass people, so unless it's your best friend/spouse/sibling, be as subtle as possible. I try to rub my nose or look in the mirror in front of the person, as other people do naturally mimic this kind of activity, but if it's not someone i'm terribly comfortable with, I'm not going to risk mortifying them- I pretend I didn't see it. I think that's ok unless it's terribly noticeable, or they're about to give a presentation with something hanging out of their nose, etc. It's a fine balance of helping and embarassing, it's true.
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Snikki1 wrote:
59) 4/13/2009 1:56:38 PM
How embarrassing! I don't know what I would have done. Glad this hasn't happened to me!
Reply to this wrote:
60) 4/13/2009 1:57:59 PM
i would definately tell them i would rather know than go around with it all day wouldnt u?
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Sssyskull wrote:
61) 4/13/2009 1:58:06 PM
I have often run into this problem with friends and co workers. I usually let them know discretely that they have something in their nose. After all I would want someone to tell me, so that I wouldn't walk around the rest of the day embarrasing myself more!
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Mir wrote:
62) 4/13/2009 2:00:50 PM
I usually tell someone that they have a little something there... or do the classic, brushing of my own nose.
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MEDAT wrote:
63) 4/13/2009 2:02:31 PM
If you are a true friend you would tell your friend about his/her booger sighting - you would not let them go around all day with people snickering and talking trash about them.
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jerseygirl22 wrote:
64) 4/13/2009 2:03:48 PM
I ALWAYS let friends know when they have food in their teeth, a tag hanging out from their tshirt, whatever it may be.. because I would want someone to tell me if I had something embarassing hanging out or off my body! However...if it's a stranger or someone I don't particularly care for, who cares! :)
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kitr wrote:
65) 4/13/2009 2:07:06 PM
YOU HAVE TO TELL THEM! nothing is worse then that!
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tekaquila wrote:
66) 4/13/2009 2:07:12 PM
Even though it's embarrassing to be told you have a booger, and it's not easy to tell someone, it's better to be told by someone that loves you rather than be stared at and laughed at all day by people you don't know!
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Myzzbrat wrote:
67) 4/13/2009 2:07:26 PM
YES!! Say something please. No one wants to walk around with a booger hanging out of their nose. I have issues stomaching the site of boogers on others except my children. I even get the gag reflex going if its bad.. So please to spare us w/ quezzy booger stomachs SAY SOMETHING!!!
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the design muse wrote:
68) 4/13/2009 2:07:37 PM
My policy is to use body language when dealing with this situation. Usally if you casually touch your nose during the conversation the person gets the hint. Although, if the offender is a close friend I will always tell them (of couse not in front of a crowd)
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cincigal wrote:
69) 4/13/2009 2:10:01 PM
Gently offer a tissue and suggest they need to use it. That is what a TRUE friend would do! Wouldn't you want to know??
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Cute Lolita Doll wrote:
70) 4/13/2009 2:10:05 PM
I tell them quietly and hand them a tissue without them feeling embarrassed.
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unique1 wrote:
71) 4/13/2009 2:10:39 PM
Yes, please tell if there is a booger in someones nose especailly if you're standing there talking to them. So wrong to let anyone walk around like that. Once they notice it they will think about all the people that they have come across and did not say any thing. PLEASE TELL!!!
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EMJNYC wrote:
72) 4/13/2009 2:11:34 PM
Tell them! I would want the same done for me... the less people who see it the less embarrassing. ps- shouldn't "tuff" be spelled tough?
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Collector wrote:
73) 4/13/2009 2:12:46 PM
I would let them know, I have simply said "You need a tissue" I think it is bad to allow person to walk around looking bad! Please let me know if my nose is not right!
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mommamarletta wrote:
74) 4/13/2009 2:12:46 PM
I offer a tissue, they usually get the message without embarrassment and take care of business.
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dhouse21 wrote:
75) 4/13/2009 2:13:49 PM
I think that I would tell someone if they had a boogie that was hanging. But I would be very sneaking about telling them.
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*kat-tastic* wrote:
76) 4/13/2009 2:14:22 PM
I would definately pull them to the side and let them know. I tell my husband all the time when he has unsightly little creatures in his nose. I think it'd be worse to let them go throughout the day with them there then telling them in 2.1 seconds and handing them a kleenex in a discrete way.
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beentheredonethat wrote:
77) 4/13/2009 2:14:40 PM
Poor Jessica Simpson! It seems here lately, everywhere the poor girl goes, scrutiny isn't too far away! Having been in this same situation before, it's quite embarrassing. I'd rather someone discreetly tell me that I've got a booger hanging out my nose or some kind of greenery stuck between my teeth than to walk around all day/night looking like an idiot!!! :)
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Shy47 wrote:
78) 4/13/2009 2:15:05 PM
I would politely pull them aside, and say."you have a little something in your nose." NOT let them walk around like that all day for more booger encounters.
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Tasha wrote:
79) 4/13/2009 2:15:31 PM
If I know (or kind of know) the person I would tell her in a discreet way. If I don't... it would depend on how much it "shows". If it is too much I would tell them they have some "food" stuck and offer a tissue or guide them to a tissue box. I would truly appreciate if someone where to tell me that I need to "clean up". I rather be embarrassed for those few minutes than realize at the end of the day what happened and be embarrassed (ashamed) for days.
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smfogleman wrote:
80) 4/13/2009 2:15:31 PM
I usually pull the person aside and let them know. I certainly want to go through the day with a booger hangin' from my nose! Do unto others..
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beautybeginner wrote:
81) 4/13/2009 2:17:08 PM
If it's a good friend or someone you'll see all day, let them know. There's nothing more awkward than not saying something only to have someone else say something, then your friend/coworker/whatever will be ticked at you for not saying something earlier - "you mean that was in my nose for 5 hours and you didn't say anything?!!" If it's a stranger, just keep on walkin'...that's what their friends are for.
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TRenee wrote:
82) 4/13/2009 2:17:13 PM
This is funny because I just read an article online somewhere about how boogers are a sign that your nose is working properly...I would've just said "hey your nose is working"
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luckystarz wrote:
83) 4/13/2009 2:17:52 PM
Tell them! At least wipe your nose in front of them. Most people take that hint if you dont want to be openly blunt about it, if they do not take the hint then you need to tell them.
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ellenjo1948 wrote:
84) 4/13/2009 2:17:53 PM
I lean in toward the person and whisper you need to wipe your nose, you have a dangler.
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Courtneylayne wrote:
85) 4/13/2009 2:18:42 PM
You totally have to tell your friend! All of my friends would be very upset with me if I did not tell them. All you have to do it pul your friend aside and whisper it to them.
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lorib10 wrote:
86) 4/13/2009 2:19:13 PM
I would get there attention and wipe my nose with my hand hoping they would get the hint.
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goodchococat wrote:
87) 4/13/2009 2:19:13 PM
you must tell the person. you make eye contact with the person and you rub your nose so they know they should be doing the same. after all, only true friends tell you that you have dirt on your face.
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GirlyGirl313 wrote:
88) 4/13/2009 2:19:16 PM
I will absolutely tell someone when they have something in their noses because i would want them to tell me!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not cute!!! lol
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Jecka wrote:
89) 4/13/2009 2:19:22 PM
I would tell a friend for sure, no doubt! as for anyone depends! hehehehe!
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hot mama wrote:
90) 4/13/2009 2:20:15 PM
Yea, I would tell them if the had something hanging from their nose or zipper down what ever it may be is less embarrassing for them if you tell them then a whole day of embarrassing looks and not know why I know I would want someone to tell me.
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Amanduh wrote:
91) 4/13/2009 2:20:54 PM
Does no one else do the subtle face wipe? Y'know when someone has something on there face, you wipe yours off instead? That's what I do and if they don't notice, well, boo on them =]
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kimhatzi wrote:
92) 4/13/2009 2:21:37 PM
I always tell, stranger or not. Try offering them a tissue, and they get the hint. You would want someone to tell you, right?
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mamashari wrote:
93) 4/13/2009 2:22:19 PM
You gotta tell them! How embarrassing for them if you don't!
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KristySC wrote:
94) 4/13/2009 2:22:32 PM
If it were someone that I knew, and they had a cliffhanger....(lol..that's what I call the booger buggers when they hang out)and I liked the person, I would more than likely politely tell them. But...if it were someone I disliked, I would let them keep it there without telling them...I know, it sounds mean.. If if were someone I didn't know though, and they seemed like a nice an elderly person or something... I would probably try to figure out a way to tell them...but if it is someone who looks like a snob..I wouldn't tell them.. They shouldn't be I would want to know if I had one though! I try to be nice to everyone.. :)
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HollyBby wrote:
95) 4/13/2009 2:22:55 PM
Of Course I would Say Something! It's rude not to and if i were put into that position I would want to be pulled to the side and be told if this happened so I can fix it.
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Bella2lex wrote:
96) 4/13/2009 2:23:51 PM
I most always let the person know as discreetly as possible. I would appreciate someone doing the same for me.
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alittlelove wrote:
97) 4/13/2009 2:24:38 PM
The nonchalent 'brush your own nose and hope the other person gets the idea' is the best. Most people realize that as a universal 'hint hint'.
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Shasniffa wrote:
98) 4/13/2009 2:26:02 PM
I am a receptionist at our church, and I come in contact with a lot of people throughout the week. This has happened several times when I am speaking with someone, and so I have learned (from my sister actually), that if I can make eye contact with that person, say if we are in a large group, and I just wipe my nose then they get the hint. Or, if it is a close friend of course I could just tell them hey you have something on your nose, and it's not embarassing to them at all. I've even had the same thing happen for me. I would hate to let someone walk around like that and not tell them! I think that is more rude than discreetly telling the person.
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GirlyGirl313 wrote:
99) 4/13/2009 2:26:16 PM
Please, pretty please...tell others when they have a "lil smthin" on deck. Its just not nice!
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icecoldredhead wrote:
100) 4/13/2009 2:26:41 PM
Always tell your friends! Just don't act pleased about it, or you come off as a serious underminer...
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jai wrote:
101) 4/13/2009 2:26:50 PM
if it looks really gross then i would tell the person buhh sometimes i dun wana embarass them so i juz pretend tht i ddnt c
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Jacqueee wrote:
102) 4/13/2009 2:29:31 PM
I would tell them secretly or pull them out and tell them or i'll just scratch my nose and that's a signal we all know.
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So Wrong! wrote:
103) 4/13/2009 2:31:01 PM
This is so wrong LOL! I mean unless its on her face I'd make my best efforts to ignore it, however distracting it may be. Jeez, you guys had to really zoom in to see that boogie monster LOL!
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shortymochi wrote:
104) 4/13/2009 2:34:18 PM
If it was my friend I would definitaly tell her or him..but not outloud..i would just wispher it to them....if it was a stranger i would not dare..because I myself will be too embrassed to tell them.
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Momoko wrote:
105) 4/13/2009 2:34:40 PM
I would give them a gentle hug so as to get close to their ear and whisper "Nose check, honey".
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WhatTashaWants wrote:
106) 4/13/2009 2:36:32 PM
It depends....if it's a family member or a close friend, sure I'll alert them. But, if it's someone I'll never see again...just let it go. They'll feel it eventually. It's just too embarrassing.
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myndika wrote:
107) 4/13/2009 2:38:20 PM
you HAVE to tell them! just be discreet about it... they may be slightly embarrassed for a minute, but at least they won't have them there for the rest of the day!
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tenaj wrote:
108) 4/13/2009 2:39:10 PM
I definitely would let them know - depending on the relationship with it may be different how I let them know. Close friend or co-worker I would say you may want to get a tissue. Someone I don't know very well I might rub the nose in hopes that they do the same.
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aly's mommy wrote:
109) 4/13/2009 2:39:22 PM
I would tell a friend if they had a booger in their nose. I would want someone to tell me even if I got embarrased about it.
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rockersmurf wrote:
110) 4/13/2009 2:39:56 PM
i think that if there is a way for you to let them know that theres ummm... yea messing up there totally cute smile or how great they did their make-up that day its way more worth it to be embarassed for 2 seconds than look totally clueless all day!
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Geebaldwin wrote:
111) 4/13/2009 2:40:47 PM
Give her a tissue lol
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rollmom wrote:
112) 4/13/2009 2:41:14 PM
Well, I wouldn't tell a stranger about this, but I would let a friend or co-worker know what they have. I wouldn't say "you have a booger in your nose", but would say something like you might want to grab a tissue for your nose.
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Barb D. wrote:
113) 4/13/2009 2:41:39 PM
This is incredibly embarrassing for anyone...! But I'd rather BE embarrassed telling someone they have a problem than let them continue to BE embarrassed. In the same situation, I've pointed to my nose and most of the time, people 'get it'. Other times, if the finger pointing doesn't work, I'll whisper in their ear that they have a 'nose friend' to get rid of... Sure, it's embarrassing to be the one telling them - but think of it if was YOU! (Just another reason to carry a mirror!)
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DelGirl wrote:
114) 4/13/2009 2:42:06 PM
I like to tell the person and also want to be told when I have something in my nose. I'd rather deal with the (sometimes) awkward interaction with one person than the embarrassment of wondering how long its been there and how many people saw it but said nothing.
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Neeta wrote:
115) 4/13/2009 2:42:16 PM
I would tell my husband or a close friend or family member, but not in front of others. But if it were someone else I wouldn't want them to feel embarrassed so I would let them find out on their own. A friend or family member would be thankful because they know that you are not trying to be rude.
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jdrz wrote:
116) 4/13/2009 2:42:23 PM
I would definitely tell them in as tactful of a manner as I possibly could. They may be embarrassed, but at least they'll be only embarrassed once with me, rather than embarrassed the whole day with everyone else if I had not said anything at all!
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AROD wrote:
117) 4/13/2009 2:42:50 PM
I would definitely let my friend or co-worker know, I do all the time and I expect the same; I rather my friends say something than a hot guy stare at it the whole time I'm talking to him.
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hollyscott_24 wrote:
118) 4/13/2009 2:43:45 PM
I would hate to do it but it is something that would need to be done. I would have to embarrass them on the spot so they wouldn't go throughout the day having booger run-ins with others! I would wan't someone to do the same if I were the one with the booger hanging!
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deyadi2000 wrote:
119) 4/13/2009 2:45:50 PM
I have told friends in private "you have something on your nose". I've done what I'd like others to do for me.
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myfurkids wrote:
120) 4/13/2009 2:45:54 PM
I fell that you should definitely say something. It doesn't have to be a detailed comment. You could offer a tissue or just simply say there is something under your nose. Be sure to do it in a private manner so it does not seem to be a deliberate means of embarrassing the person. If you do it the right way, I do think the person would be appreciative.
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AJ_MODEL wrote:
121) 4/13/2009 2:46:25 PM
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ssjh wrote:
122) 4/13/2009 2:47:30 PM
I would totally tell her! It would embarrass her even more if I didn't.
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Energy-Girl wrote:
123) 4/13/2009 2:47:38 PM
Family memeber or friend - definately say something... Co-worker depnds on their rank - below you say something - above you questionable.
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Tra wrote:
124) 4/13/2009 2:47:43 PM
Oh yes do tell. If it's a starnger try and do it discreetly. If it's a friend/co-worker try not to laugh your butt off but tell them. My co-workers and I have told one another more than once that we have a boogie bugger going on.
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Tra wrote:
125) 4/13/2009 2:48:49 PM
Oh yes do tell. If it's a stranger try and do it discreetly. If it's a friend/co-worker try not to laugh your butt off but tell them. My co-workers and I have told one another more than once that we have a boogie bugger going on.
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JustMe777 wrote:
126) 4/13/2009 2:49:04 PM
If the person was my friend, I wouldn't have any problem just mentioning the little booger bugger to them! That's what friends are for! If the person was co-worker, I would take them aside and mention the little booger bugger to them. If I couldn't get them aside or away from a crowd, etc, then I would TRY to get their attention and then "rub my nose" and then the person would in turn rub their nose (kind-of-like "monkey-see-monkey-do"). If the person was a stranger, that would be trickier---about the only thing you can do is get their attention and rub your nose and hope that they will imitate you and rub their booger bugger off! [Do not shake hands later....(lol)].
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myviewpoint wrote:
127) 4/13/2009 2:50:03 PM
It only proves she's human, just like the rest of us! I say, Friend - tell them to save them from embarrassment later; Co-worker - depending on the relationship w/them, you may want to leave it there for their embarrassment later, they may deserve it; and Stranger - their friend should tell them.
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lczett03 wrote:
128) 4/13/2009 2:52:16 PM
I am the type of person that would totally tell them. If I had one I'd want someone to tell me, so I do the same for others. Plus what's one minimal embarrassment over going the rest of the day and being embarrassed without even knowing it. So tell!!!
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mcpond wrote:
129) 4/13/2009 2:52:47 PM
I think that someone should have warned her because you never know when the paparazzi is going to catch something as tiny as that!
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tbaby01 wrote:
130) 4/13/2009 2:54:00 PM
I always pull the person to the side and tell them.
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esmide wrote:
131) 4/13/2009 2:54:18 PM
I would offer my friend a tissue and suggest that she had something on her nose. As she began to wipe I would offer directions,such as a little lower, more to the right etc until the little bugger of a booger was removed. No need for anyone to feel badly or think they have offended anyone. A booger of a bugger is not a Lady Bug.
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tbaby01 wrote:
132) 4/13/2009 2:54:26 PM
I always pull the person to the side and tell them.
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karebear330 wrote:
133) 4/13/2009 2:54:40 PM
i would probably pull the friend aside and quietly let them know about the booger because i know if it were me, i would not want to walk around all day with a booger hanging in my nose. that's just plain embarrassing.
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tiffer08 wrote:
134) 4/13/2009 2:57:00 PM
I would let the booger holder know that they have one that's trying to escape. I would want someone to tell me, especially if it's someone I'm close to. Yeah it would be embarrassing, but I would rather living with that, then walking around greeting everyone with a waving booger!
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Brandi_W60 wrote:
135) 4/13/2009 2:58:46 PM
I am not afraid to tell someone when they have a booger. Usually I do it when they are alone and I can whisper it in their ear, offer up a tissue and then they can take care of it. If a co-worker has the issue with a boogie I would just send them a poliet email unless it was one of my friends then i can just say "Hey girl, you got a booger." Honestly, I would rather someone just tell me I have a booger then they let me go the whole day, or till I noticed it, embarassing myself. Come on ladies, do us all a favor and speak up, let us know we have a boogie hanging from our noses, it is not like we have a space creature in there. LOL
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Proxy013 wrote:
136) 4/13/2009 2:59:52 PM
I always mention to people, even if I don't really know them! Stuff in their teeth, boogers hangin out- anything that I would be mortified about, I like to let people know!
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msdenise wrote:
137) 4/13/2009 3:02:17 PM
Yes, absolutely I tell my friends when they have a bat in the cage.I would hope that they would tell ma too!
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xxlynxx wrote:
138) 4/13/2009 3:02:42 PM
well it all depends on that day because sometimes a person with a booger in their nose doesn't me and sometimes i get like so disgusted so i have to tell whom ever it is
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msdenise wrote:
139) 4/13/2009 3:03:06 PM
Yes I would always tell my friends.
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foxinabird wrote:
140) 4/13/2009 3:04:04 PM
Oh, yea,, everyone gets them,, I say give um a kleenex...and another body function I dont get is passing gas,,,,yes, everyone does it but it it s no-no in public, but yet, if you cough, sneeze or burp in public it is more accepted then passing gas, and I do not get it!!!!!
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pickie wrote:
141) 4/13/2009 3:04:19 PM
I believe the person should be told
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anita89 wrote:
142) 4/13/2009 3:04:47 PM
We definetly should say something. If I had something in my nose I would perfer someone to say something before someone took a picture and made a blog about it!
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Star10tweety wrote:
143) 4/13/2009 3:05:10 PM
Honestly I think I would have probably not said anything because I wouldn't want to embarass anyone especially when they were singing in front of alot of people.
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punk wrote:
144) 4/13/2009 3:07:50 PM
I would try to be very subtle and let that person know, I would not want them to go not knowing.
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mommyloveshoney wrote:
145) 4/13/2009 3:08:42 PM
Yes, you should let the person know that they have a bugger hanging out. That is so embarrassing and I would want someone to let me know before the whole world sees it. However, I wouldn't just let person know in front of everyone, I would pull them aside or to the bathroom ( like "Hey can you come with me to the bathroom really quick?" ).
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XxSilentMusicxX wrote:
146) 4/13/2009 3:09:08 PM
I would definitely tell them. It's so embarrassing but I would rather someone tell me then finding out I went the entire day with a booger on my face
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LoriR wrote:
147) 4/13/2009 3:09:13 PM
I actually pulled the person aside and pointed it out, so not to cause a scene. It has happened to me, and when I notice it all I can wonder is "How long has that been there?". It's awkward to point out, but it's REALLY embarrassing when no one does!
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kammyi wrote:
148) 4/13/2009 3:09:52 PM
Hi , i beleive in telling someone immediately in a gentle way that will not embarras them. I feel the person will appreciate it rather than going on the whole day like that. True love is honest!
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groovybaby wrote:
149) 4/13/2009 3:10:58 PM
Shame on you for even posting that picture!!! Like it is not embarassing enough to have a boog...but to have a picture of it posted on the internet and then blow it up for the whole world to see!! I am very dissapointed in elf right now! And btw, you should always tell people if they have one.
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lawgirl4u wrote:
150) 4/13/2009 3:16:02 PM
I always try to put myself in other's shoes to figure out what I would do. If I had something in my nose or in my teeth I would want someone to say something. I've commented to others about something in their teeth and they were extremely grateful. My moto is "Do unto other. . ."
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lovelyluisav wrote:
151) 4/13/2009 3:16:14 PM
ofoarse you would tell them!! it is better to be embarrassed by your buddy than by a hott guy or your boss. i have told someone they have something on their nose, and they immediately wipe off their nose. And then i tell them, "If I ever have anything that doesn't belong on my face or nose, you better tell me or ELSE!!" And they laugh about it and say ok.
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WHTNY671 wrote:
152) 4/13/2009 3:16:15 PM
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Pattay530 wrote:
153) 4/13/2009 3:16:26 PM
Always tell...I would get madder if someone didn't tell me...I always tell my friends in a way that doesn't embarrass them. They are thankful.
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jenniferspahn93 wrote:
154) 4/13/2009 3:19:23 PM
I would tell the person b/c if I had a booger in my nose I would want someone to tell me!
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2hnst4u wrote:
155) 4/13/2009 3:20:19 PM
You have to tell them!!! I have had to tell a few people they have bogies in the bat cave before, and once they get over the initial embarrassment of hearing it, they are totally greatful!!! Wouldn't you rather have someone tell you then go through hours and hours of people not looking at you in the face, looking away in disgust? Just swallow that knot in your through and tell them!!!!!!
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KingBlog wrote:
156) 4/13/2009 3:21:19 PM
I was standing with my boss and a group of clients, talking. My boss was across from me and I noticed he had a booger. I tried to get his attention and let him know with sign language. He couldn't understand me, so in a loud voice he said, "What are you saying?" All conversation stopped and everyone looked at me. I am not sure who was more embarrassed, me or him after I said, "You have something on your nose." then everyone looked at him.
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dancer510 wrote:
157) 4/13/2009 3:22:33 PM
You should always definitely tell them! Why should your friends be humiliated?
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hopey wrote:
158) 4/13/2009 3:23:24 PM
I would have to tell them so they would not get embarrased , walking around all day not knowing.
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glowFever wrote:
159) 4/13/2009 3:27:01 PM
I always, always tell people when they have anything on their face. I want someone to tell me if there is something on my face, hopefully the first person to see it. I would rather be embarrassed by one person and correct it - then go all day with snickering behind my back!
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Amy Catherine wrote:
160) 4/13/2009 3:30:28 PM
I think this is completely based upon how well you know the person. If it's a coworker whom you feel comfortable with, you should let them know... chances are, they'll appreciate the concern for the rest of their day. if it's a new client or acquaintence, I'd say just let it go... the last thing you want to do is embarrass them, and who knows - you may never see them again anyway!
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lbmurf wrote:
161) 4/13/2009 3:31:18 PM
I have told people. I usually call their attention and do the old "wipe my nose" thing. They usually get it. I've also told people I don't know when they talk to me.
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Amy Stew wrote:
162) 4/13/2009 3:33:16 PM
What I do is pull a friend or co worker aside and tell them nicely and laugh it off. It happens to shouldn't let your friends suffer through embarrassment!
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Katie G wrote:
163) 4/13/2009 3:35:22 PM
I usually don't even notice...if I do, I mention it, but I really don't think it's that big of a deal!
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lauralee wrote:
164) 4/13/2009 3:36:02 PM
Absolutely you say something! Your not being a good friend if you choose the easy way out and let your pal walk around with a booger hanging for the whole world to see!! SAY SOMETHING!!!
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deosil1977 wrote:
165) 4/13/2009 3:36:14 PM
I'm the type of person who will tell someone. I try to use as much tact as possible, but I figure I would rather someone tell me I had a booger hanging out and be embarrassed with one person than to go around being embarrassed in front of several people. It goes the same for having something in your teeth or an eye booger, too. Personally, I carry around a mirror and check for these things on a fairly regular basis.
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jmh1981 wrote:
166) 4/13/2009 3:36:43 PM
You totally have to tell the person. What's worse than a boogie landing on someone else??? But the thing is, tell the person they have a boogie when noone else is around. That way they won't be embarrassed!!!
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Tell Them. wrote:
167) 4/13/2009 3:40:25 PM
If I had a booger hanging out of my nose. I would want the first person who noticed it to tell me, even if it was the cutest guy ever, or an enemy, or a complete stranger. I would rather be embarrased at that first initial moment, than go the whole day without knowing that it was there. So, I guess what I'm saying I would do is, I would definetly tell the person, wether I knew them well, or not at all, or if I loathed the person, I would save them the embarrasment of having a booger in their nose all day. -Lila
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dbert wrote:
168) 4/13/2009 3:41:38 PM
I always tell people. I just try not to make a big deal out of the process of telling them because that is typically the part that is the most embarrassing. I just say you've got a little something right hear, and rub my nose. They typically get it right a way, if they don't they look in the mirror. At that point, once they look in the mirror, my job as a good citizen is done :-).
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olivia lynne wrote:
169) 4/13/2009 3:42:19 PM
i would tell the person in a way where no one else would notice what you are talking about. you dont want someone that you know to have to walk around in public all day with a booger hanging out or showing. telling that person would probably make their day easier, especially if you tell them nicely and not obvious to everyone else around.
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170) 4/13/2009 3:45:20 PM
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Mert wrote:
171) 4/13/2009 3:52:14 PM
I am one of those people who tells you if you have a bat in your cave, a dangler, if your zipper is down or if you have pepper stuck in your teeth. Friend or stranger, doesn't matter... I'm going to tell ya! I also have had strangers tell me when something is amiss. I just wish more of my friends would return the favor. SHEESH! ;)
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mellymel wrote:
172) 4/13/2009 3:53:28 PM
eeek happens to everyone
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vtxrider wrote:
173) 4/13/2009 3:53:48 PM
I would and do tell someone, it's the only real thing to do.
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Keli wrote:
174) 4/13/2009 3:56:26 PM
I would discreetly let the person know. I wouldn't want them to walk around all day like that. It is embarassing. If they are embarassed with only me, its ok since they won't be embaressed to the whole world.
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ThisIsMyYear09 wrote:
175) 4/13/2009 3:58:42 PM
I would definitely tell them! I would want to know. I may pull them to the side and let them know what's up (or coming out)!
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KayBee wrote:
176) 4/13/2009 4:06:04 PM
I definitely would've told her, because I would hope someone would do the same for me. Or, I wouldve started stratching my nose, & her psyche would pick up on me and mirror myself.
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xxxjess wrote:
177) 4/13/2009 3:57:26 PM
Why bother...I think it depends on who the person is. I have a co-worker that walks around all day with them hanging out his nose. He DOESN'T EVEN CARE!! Why bother telling him. I did once and he started to pick his nose right then and there...Uuggg! How gross can you be?? If it is a friend or someone who I know that would handle it the right way...a girl...then yes, I'll say something. If it's a guy, or a guy who doesn't seem take care of himself, let it hang and stay away!
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lynnh77 wrote:
178) 4/13/2009 4:01:36 PM
Personally, I have had this happen to me and luckily for me someone spared me the embarrassment of going the whole day wondering why people were looking at me and hinted about it. So i too would say something to that person or hint as to it. The person would probably be thanking you for letting them know. A little embarrassment is easier to deal with than to be embarrassed throughout the day or in an important meeting.
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Vanity wrote:
179) 4/13/2009 4:11:15 PM
I always tell my friends and co-workers, but I do it in a very descreet way. I usually say "you got something...." and rub my nose and they get the picture. I would want someone to tell me so I never let anyone go around with something hanging out of their nose or in their teeth! There are always descreet ways to do this.
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lilvawoman wrote:
180) 4/13/2009 4:14:11 PM
I would definitely (and discretely) tell the person as that is what I would want someone to do for me. Imagine how much more embarassed you would be if you realized you had went the whole day with the oogie boogie!
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Koronador wrote:
181) 4/13/2009 4:14:36 PM
I would definitely say something. I would want someone to tell me if I had a booger or something on my face so I would tell others. I would not be loud and obnoxious about it but I would be a discrete as I could in order to save them the embarrassment.
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SunsetFlowers wrote:
182) 4/13/2009 4:19:56 PM
I hate these little boogers that appear! When my boyfriend has them, I just tell him he needs to go blow his nose because I can see one. If it's a friend though, you try to be a little bit more discreet and offer them a tissue and hope they get the hint!
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travelexpert wrote:
183) 4/13/2009 4:19:56 PM
Definitely tell your friend, co-worker...offer a tissue and take care of the problem. I would want someone to tell me.
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Shay19 wrote:
184) 4/13/2009 4:22:46 PM
I would so want to know. It would be more embarrasing to go to the ladies room after a meeting or social event and find one of those little monsters peeking it's head out. We all know it happens, but I think if we are friends, I will tell you and you really really need to tell me! It's the same with mascara smut. If I am sporting raccoon eyes, please just whisper it in my ear instead of letting me walk around thinking I am looking all cute! It's was real g-pals do for each other!!
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rb wrote:
185) 4/13/2009 4:32:20 PM
My younger brother had horrible allergies, as does my husband, my son and lots of folks out there. I learned to carry tissues with me at an early age (because of my brother's need). If I see a booger, I call the person over as quietly as I can and let them know and pass along a clean tissue. Never has anyone been rude or angry, they've always said thank you. So, I vote for telling them, right now, very quietly.
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pauline wrote:
186) 4/13/2009 4:38:21 PM
well...i'll tell them
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Ms. Mello wrote:
187) 4/13/2009 4:39:00 PM
When I see people who has a boogie peaking out, I don't know what to do. I just know not to stare. I mean, I want to tell them becuase I would want someone to tell me. Only with the people I'm close with, I can tell them they have boogie. But strangers...No. I want to, but I just can't. It's a touchy subject, and I don't want to say: "Oh, you have a little booger right there". It's just weird
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Reesie123 wrote:
188) 4/13/2009 4:40:26 PM
Let them know and act as if it's not a big deal. Keep talking about something else.
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bjfbarbie wrote:
189) 4/13/2009 4:40:41 PM
I would definitely tell the person, in a nice way of course. Why let them walk around like that all day? Hey - we're all human - it could happen to any of us, and I would definitely want someone to tell me! : )
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openminded75 wrote:
190) 4/13/2009 4:42:08 PM
I tell everyone that they have boogers in thier noses, all my friends and my husband of course, I don't want to see them hanging out of his nose. And I would hope that someone would tell me if I had boogers in my nose..
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cookie12345 wrote:
191) 4/13/2009 4:44:02 PM
eewww! thats so true tell ur co worker or friend
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cookie12345 wrote:
192) 4/13/2009 4:45:18 PM
plz be honest and tell ur co worker or friend!
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KLJ wrote:
193) 4/13/2009 4:45:24 PM
I am definitely going to tell you in a very discreet way to check your nose. It's what I would want someone to do for me also. Otherwise I'm going place to place unaware until I see myself in a mirror or some obnoxious person tells me without any finesse.
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tay_14 wrote:
194) 4/13/2009 4:47:14 PM
if my friend had a little buddy in there nose i would let them know.....but if its a stranger i wouldn't say anything because thats a little creepy!!! but definetley let your friends know before they embarrass you and themsel
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Nancy P wrote:
195) 4/13/2009 4:48:37 PM
What is the answere? I've tried everything from undereye concealer to massive amounts of foundation. Is there anything that really works? Help! I have a big one right now and I am leaving on a trip for 10 days.
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maddiekinz wrote:
196) 4/13/2009 4:53:19 PM
i think you should pull the person aside and tell them instead of embarrasing them in front of coworkers and friends.
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Bridizzle wrote:
197) 4/13/2009 4:53:43 PM
I would want someone to tell me. That's how I think about it. I would much prefer a friend, family or co-worker tell me that I've got a pirate instead of it just hanging out for the whole world to see. I would like to be embarrassed for just a moment instead of taking a gander in the mirror and going "oh my gawd, how long has that been there".
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kkd wrote:
198) 4/13/2009 4:54:34 PM
yes, I would tell them, away from others, because I would like to be told also.
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SugarRush wrote:
199) 4/13/2009 5:01:40 PM
I would definitely tell my friend. I wouldn't want to be walking around with a booger in my nose. I wouldn't so much as put her on blast, but I would either wisper it or pull her to the side. I would do the same to a co-worker, except my as for a stranger I wouldn't say anything.
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Bdizz wrote:
200) 4/13/2009 5:02:57 PM
I would rather just not say anything to coworkers. Yes, I would tell a friend, but if our not close it's embarrassing either way so I would rather find out on my own.
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Cuti9 wrote:
201) 4/13/2009 7:36:52 PM
Well, I would not say anything. I would try to avoid looking at the booger. For other things I would say something like if they had food stuck in their teeth. But for a booger I would try to avoid saying anything at all.
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mmghoop wrote:
202) 4/13/2009 7:37:20 PM
I find that a little swipe of your own nose.. Gets people wondering if they indeed have something on their nose. It is a polite way to indicate they should check out their nose... If that does not work, I say you have something on your nose. I know I would appreciate the honesty!
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makeupmaven 49 wrote:
203) 4/13/2009 7:37:38 PM
my friend had one . she didnt know why people were staring at her till i did the quick wipe action on my nose to give her a hint she laughed now do I get my free gift csrd? would love one please
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Tef wrote:
204) 4/13/2009 5:10:28 PM
First of all, I think it’s mean that web sites use celebrities like Jessica Simpson to get attention and gain traffic at the expense of a literal human’s feelings…….. And E.L.F you are no exception!! Since when did your cosmetic company become a smutty gossip column?? She seems like a sweet girl! And I for one am tired of hearing that she’s fat, is an airhead or has boogers! Who Freaking cares!!! Seriously!!!! Oh and btw, a real friend tells if you have boogers hanging out-chor-nose!!!! Peace!
Reply to this
Barbara D wrote:
205) 4/13/2009 5:13:09 PM
Oh my please tell them right away ,of course, in private..I would want to know
Reply to this
JaiJaiMarie wrote:
206) 4/13/2009 5:14:53 PM
If its a close friend, I just tell them that they have a "bear in their cave." If its a co-worker I just hand them a tissue and tell them that there's something in their nose.
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gabby95 wrote:
207) 4/13/2009 5:17:19 PM
that is so gross but i think people should leave her alone
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windycity wrote:
208) 4/13/2009 5:30:02 PM
i would definetly tell my friend that she has a little friend peeking out of her nose.. i know she wont mind if i pointed it out for her, its better than her being embarrased by someone else.
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Shashiann wrote:
209) 4/13/2009 5:30:26 PM
I would absolutely tell. There is nothing more embarassing than to look in the mirror and know you have walked around like that for who knows how long and no one told you.
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SCENTsory Overload wrote:
210) 4/13/2009 5:38:28 PM
If it's a friend or family member, I let them know that "the bats are flying"...that's our code. If it's a co-worker or someone I don't know too well, their usually on their own!
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ganache wrote:
211) 4/13/2009 5:39:41 PM
Of course you should tell them. Not in front of everyone, but take them aside and tell them there's a bat in the cave. With a stranger, I'd offer them a kleenex, and say, "I just thought you might want to clear things out, so you can present your best face to the world." Same goes for cornflakes on the shirt.
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LULU89 wrote:
212) 4/13/2009 5:40:04 PM
I would try to tell them without letting anybody know. Or I would wipe my nose, because sometimes people mimic you without realizing it and maybe that would solve it. But I would definitely try to let them know because it would be more embarrassing to walk around all day with that, than to be told in front of a couple people.
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Adorie wrote:
213) 4/13/2009 5:40:05 PM
I've always said I'd tell the person, but when they're not someone close to you it's always harder to do (and it's funny).
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pinkypick315 wrote:
214) 4/13/2009 5:42:02 PM
don't tell! seriously, it just makes the person embarassed. why risk it when you know someone later down the road will tell her anyway?
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zozozozozo wrote:
215) 4/13/2009 5:42:03 PM
ya, its gross, but its nautral, you cant say you haven't gotten them before!
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cutiehunny119 wrote:
216) 4/13/2009 5:43:20 PM
I would be so honest if there is a booger hanging out of my nose or something like toilet paper stuck to my butt or shoes. It's better in the long run because then the people know that you're willing to tell them their no-nos and they'll thank you for it!
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mac1954 wrote:
217) 4/13/2009 5:46:53 PM
I would most certainly tell them that they had a little something on their nose. Hopefully they would know what I was talking about.
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aviafore wrote:
218) 4/13/2009 5:56:41 PM
Yes, I would let the person with the booger know! I would definitely want to be told if I had one showing too!!
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missyredhair wrote:
219) 4/13/2009 6:11:28 PM
Okay so I have a tackful way to say something. First I remember that a friend pointing something out is less embarassing than a complete stranger pointing something out. Second you just have to say it quick and then dont bring it up again. I say, You need to blow your nose, hand them a tissue and then continue on with the conversation as if there was nothing to think twice about. Afterall it does happen to everyone
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almostperfect wrote:
220) 4/13/2009 6:15:38 PM
Of course i will tell my friend that she or he has a little friend trying to come out of their nose. I work at a restaurant and is really gross for people to see that when they're eating their food.
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bebe_21 wrote:
221) 4/13/2009 6:27:42 PM
i would let my friend or co-worker know. ofcoarse i would not do it in front of other people. i would take them aside later and tell them they got a little something in there nose. i let my brother know if he does or if his feet stink. he's a guy so it happens. i don't do it to be mean i just wouldn't want him to have others talk bad about him.I'm dead honest. i would expect the same truth from others.
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weezernwenzday wrote:
222) 4/13/2009 6:33:06 PM
I'd definitely say something - just quietly. My friends and I always do this for each other cuz we'd much rather know than walk around with boogies on our face, or tp on our shoes etc!
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TheNinja wrote:
223) 4/13/2009 6:37:31 PM
I would have told. You just have to say "you have a bat in the cave, and usually most people understand. That way they won't be embarrassed by someone laughing at it.
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katie kraft wrote:
224) 4/13/2009 6:41:40 PM
Quietly pull them aside, offer them a tissue, and tell them about the bat in their cave.
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PJ - Chicago wrote:
225) 4/13/2009 6:48:11 PM
Depending on how well I know them.....if not well I do not think I would
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italianmom225 wrote:
226) 4/13/2009 6:58:09 PM
I agree that its gross, but more so if you don't let the person do something about it. It just like men and their zippers. I wouldn't make a huge deal about it...just quietly whisper to the person what the problem is. Or better yet, just offer them a tissue and say quietly you need to blow your nose. They'll get the hint. I'd want someone to tell me. Janet P.
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ceecee_515 wrote:
227) 4/13/2009 7:03:27 PM
It depends on the person for me. If I'm really close with the individual, I will for sure. For people I'm not as close to, I do feel hesitant in telling them. I've actually tried rubbing or blowing my own nose, hoping to hint it to them. There is a psychology term that is used to describe when two people are conversing or interacting, they tend to imitate each other's actions. So through rubbing or blowing my nose, I hope to subtly influence the individual to do the same.
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Lees' lover *susie wrote:
228) 4/13/2009 7:06:40 PM
not only have I told my girlfriend I will even pick one out if they do not have a mirror or are unsure. I have done it for my hubby too. Why not, it is not a big deal and it saves them embarrassment and having to do a deep nose picking. It is like having your zipper down and not knowing this... just a friendly *helping you out* gesture.
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Lees' lover *susie wrote:
229) 4/13/2009 7:06:54 PM
not only have I told my girlfriend I will even pick one out if they do not have a mirror or are unsure. I have done it for my hubby too. Why not, it is not a big deal and it saves them embarrassment and having to do a deep nose picking. It is like having your zipper down and not knowing this... just a friendly *helping you out* gesture.
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Mrs.G wrote:
230) 4/13/2009 7:10:07 PM
i wouldn't say a thing because i wouldn't want anybody saying something to me about anything hanging out of my nose!I don't ever have to worry about that anyway because I am ALWAYS checking myself.
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JVu wrote:
231) 4/13/2009 7:13:07 PM
It's better to tell them first. Being embarrassed once is better than being embarassed when you find out yourself at the end of the day when you know everyone's seen you
Reply to this wrote:
232) 4/13/2009 7:16:41 PM
it is a hard call , you SHOULD tell them ... but it embarrasses you as well (shouldn't but does) so most people ignore it ... so I say ... TELL EM ... ;)
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Nelle wrote:
233) 4/13/2009 7:49:22 PM
I would only tell my friends because i know how hey will handle it and I would pull them over to the side and let them know because I wouldn't want to be walking around not knowing.That would be embarassing.
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Do It! wrote:
234) 4/13/2009 7:50:07 PM
I would definately make mention of it.... make it as if it is no big deal though.. I think you definately have to tell!
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brownskyn10 wrote:
235) 4/13/2009 7:51:27 PM
yeah, dont we all have them!
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Belly wrote:
236) 4/13/2009 8:00:52 PM
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sunflower69 wrote:
237) 4/13/2009 8:03:31 PM
I use non-verbal language and lightly rub the tip of my nose with my index finger, then I'll point at the nostril, and repeat if necessary. Most people understand that message.
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yanbell25 wrote:
238) 4/13/2009 8:10:25 PM
I would totally tell my friends that they have a peekaboo booger,but discretly like a wisper in the ear because it's gonna be all on you if someone else comes along and tell them after you've been with them so long saying hello to the it and wishing it would fall out or go back in.
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chickeepoo89 wrote:
239) 4/13/2009 8:11:09 PM
As embarrassing as it is, I guess I would rather tell the person in a nice way rather than set them up for further embarrassment. What happens if a hot guy walks by and sees your friend's mishap? Plus, if she's your friend, she'll thank you for looking out for her and now you know that she's got your back.
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Zonuts wrote:
240) 4/13/2009 8:19:59 PM
I had that happen today, actually, at work. My coworker was standing by my desk, and I noticed the problem. I reached for my box of tissues, handed one over, and quietly said, "You might want to use this." My coworker took a second to realize what I was suggesting, and then used the tissue appropriately. (Too bad my coworker didn't take advantage of my offer of a squirt of hand sanitizer, idea which I keep next to my tissue box, but such is life.) Having my tissues nearby turned out to be helpful. I think keeping a small package of tissues in my bag might be a good idea in the future.
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Mandee wrote:
241) 4/13/2009 8:21:33 PM
I would tell my friend, coworker or anyone that I knew if they had a little or big bugger in their nose.
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sweet-tarts wrote:
242) 4/13/2009 8:22:30 PM
I totally understand it's really embarrasing and gross!!! And it needs to be taken care of
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chzn2shop wrote:
243) 4/13/2009 8:26:33 PM
I would and have said "you've got a little something right there" and mock wipe the area on my face to show the other person where to wipe. I've also been in situations where the favor was not returned =/
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Princess Violinist wrote:
244) 4/13/2009 8:34:12 PM
if a friend of mine had a "booger bugger" instead of embarrasing them in front of people or letting them go around like that all day i'd discreetly tell them via text message. sure they'd be a little embarrased but also grateful that i had told them without telling the whole world.
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AmberC wrote:
245) 4/13/2009 8:36:48 PM
I would definitely tell anyone, not just my friend. I wouldnt EVER say it in front of anybody else though. I would pull them to the side & say it in a nice way. So they know your only looking out for them
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Shells wrote:
246) 4/13/2009 8:40:40 PM
To be honest, if it were a really close friend or a family member, I would tell them. Though I would pull them to the side and let them know so no one would hear. If it were a stranger I would think twice to see if I would tell them. Just because there are those stranger who really appreciate it and those who get mad.
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pippigirl75 wrote:
247) 4/13/2009 9:00:34 PM
I always try to discreetly tell someone that they have "bats in the cave." I'd hope they'd do the same for me. I mean, it's more embarrassing to get see it for yourself at the end of the day, knowing everyone in the world knew it was there but you! Do unto others....=)
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luvnme wrote:
248) 4/13/2009 9:04:25 PM
I would definitely tell them of course not in front of anyone else or at least make some form of gesture hoping they get the point.
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Mommiemvp wrote:
249) 4/13/2009 9:13:33 PM
Of course you tell the person. I hope someone would tell me. I would hate to look in the mirror after talking to someone and see it myself.
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silverlight1984 wrote:
250) 4/13/2009 9:20:39 PM
i would tell someone cuz its better that they hear it than spend the whole day like that
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cherrymelon78 wrote:
251) 4/13/2009 9:23:08 PM
I would so say something!! That's being a true friend. I was once hanging out with friends and my bf had scratched her nose. Well there was a creeper peeping out. So I txted her told her she had a creeper in her nose. She started laughing and I knew she got the txt. She took care of business and txte thank you. Too funny!!
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Boogies wrote:
252) 4/13/2009 9:23:37 PM
It depends on the person if I would say anything. I would give gestures to anyone. If it was a friend yes. A stranger it would depend on the situation.
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crissy3 wrote:
253) 4/13/2009 9:34:55 PM
I would tell a friend or anyone if they had a booger! I would want someone to tell me i rather be embarrased by one person telling me, then having a bunch of people laughing at me because of a booger! LOL
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JzmeTee wrote:
254) 4/13/2009 9:35:31 PM
Ok I'd tell them in a heartbeat but would say something like "There's a bear in that there cave" so that others wouldn't know what was up and ya I tell my friends what that means.. LOL talkin code
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Ness wrote:
255) 4/13/2009 9:41:09 PM
The right thing to do is to let the person know. However, I find that if it is someone that I am not comfortable telling, I will rub my own nose repeatedly until the person does the same, and they always do.
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CINMOR wrote:
256) 4/13/2009 9:45:49 PM
I have told women, and some men especially if they are working with the public, to check their nose or face in a mirror. --off to the side-- or handed someone a tissue, as a hint. More often than not, I inform them since I work with the public and I would definitely wish to appear "clean".
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broken4028 wrote:
257) 4/13/2009 9:51:18 PM
I think for me it depends on who it is. If I don't know the person very well though, I'm not going to tell them about their boogie!
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glamgirlxo wrote:
258) 4/13/2009 10:29:09 PM
I would tell the person honestly if they did have one coming out or not, because I would not like that happening to me. And I'm sympathizing enough seeing this picture of Jessica for the whole world to see! So, good karma will come around if you do good deeds as little as this. They will most likely thank you anyways if you bring it up gently enough.
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brown_cresha wrote:
259) 4/13/2009 10:31:06 PM
I have been in that situation and someone close to me had a boogie and i opted to tell them as opposed to not telling them.I did think about it first, but ultimately however embarassing i would want someone to tell me if i was in the same situation.
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corazon_azteca wrote:
260) 4/13/2009 10:41:19 PM
OMG!!! Its really a hard call, I would rather be told and be ebarrassed for a little bit than go the whole day with something hangin out my nose, But I have also been on the otherside of the dilema where Im too afraid to tell co-workers that they have boogies in the nose :(
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Unique2wh0 wrote:
261) 4/13/2009 10:42:43 PM
I don't say nothing to them about it if I don't have to..I start a conversation and hand them a tissue and usually they get the hint as I keep the conversation going. There has been a time where I had to point to there nose :) I just be sure to keep talking to them..
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ThatRedHead wrote:
262) 4/13/2009 10:47:06 PM
I would say, "You have to wipe your nose." It's as simple as that. I most certainly would not want to walk around with something hanging there.
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watchman wrote:
263) 4/13/2009 11:05:23 PM
Be honest! Everyone eventually finds out they had a "boo boo booger." Better if you tell them and avoid further embarrassment. They'll know you saw and didn't tell them. I would rather be told and fix the problem then go around all day with it.
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mamadeb wrote:
264) 4/13/2009 11:07:25 PM
Just hand the person a tissue. No need to say anything.
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c-spice wrote:
265) 4/13/2009 11:07:50 PM
Poor thing, everybody has them boogers!
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c-spice wrote:
266) 4/13/2009 11:08:54 PM
I would simply hand her a tissue....
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JennyH wrote:
267) 4/13/2009 11:12:15 PM
I would tell them quietly so that they didn't get to embarrassed :) I would want someone to tell me if I had one :)
Reply to this
JennyH wrote:
268) 4/13/2009 11:12:43 PM
I would tell them quietly so that they didn't get to embarrassed :) I would want someone to tell me if I had one :)
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misscolette wrote:
269) 4/13/2009 11:24:21 PM
I think is best thing to do is to tell them! I wouldn't want to be walking around all day with a boogie hanging out my nose and I wouldn't want the same for a friend, colleague, etc. Here's what I do- I always carry a little mirror around for my daily touch-ups, when someone has a little green hanging out their nose I whip out my mirror and give it to them and say "Check yourself," quietly and as discreet as possible. I have done this with friends and they think that it is a good way of showing them the boogie without embarassing them.
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mom3gram1 wrote:
270) 4/13/2009 11:28:38 PM
if you are a true friend and you truly value the friendship, you would care more about how your friend would feel the rest of the day [embarassed is an understatement] than how they might be slightly embarassed w/ you; I would my friends to tell me and not let me go the entire day like that
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mommyof2 wrote:
271) 4/14/2009 12:25:43 AM
Of course you tell them! I would rather one person told me immediately and be embarrassed for just a few minutes than no one tell me and wonder just how many people saw that pesky little booger!
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janeeee999 wrote:
272) 4/14/2009 1:00:16 AM
OMG! The wonders of technology that someone will blow up a picture so large that you can see their boogers! Someone should have photoshopped that...
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adonator wrote:
273) 4/14/2009 1:40:26 AM
I would definitely let the person know, but in private of course. I would appreciate the same gesture in return to spare any further embarassment. Run into a guy you like and you've got a bat in the belfry, not cool!
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MokaKiss wrote:
274) 4/14/2009 3:27:43 AM
I would say please tell that person in a polite way that they have a "nose guest". It is just plain mean to notice something like this and not to say anything! Also, what if it were you? Wouldn't you want someone to let you know before you ran into a really cute guy, or an important person?
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travelchick wrote:
275) 4/14/2009 3:29:09 AM
Don't tell them, it's embarassing, always do a nose check when using the restroom
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gabbie121 wrote:
276) 4/14/2009 6:17:23 AM
I would certainly tell friends, family and co-workers if they had a visible booger. I have done it in the past and they were all receptive and thankful. I've even offered a tissue!
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terridee wrote:
277) 4/14/2009 6:18:14 AM
Absolutely tell her but be tactful!! I would definitely want to know sooner than later.
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MJ's Mom wrote:
278) 4/14/2009 7:12:29 AM
Yes, I would tell my friend! I wouldn't want them to walk around all day like that....I hope they would do the same for me. If you feel embarass it'll only be for that quick second that you are told about it or telling someone :-)
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still I rise wrote:
279) 4/14/2009 7:19:25 AM
Inform the person in a non-discrip way. Pull the person aside if with others or if alone let them know by tell them or pointing or by rubbing my nose.
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sjj6300 wrote:
280) 4/14/2009 7:36:03 AM
Do unto others....I absolutely can't imagine not telling someone but I always pull them aside and then I tell them "you promise to do the same for me" and they always always thank me and I am a pretty good judge of whether I have shamed or hurt a person.
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n2peace wrote:
281) 4/14/2009 8:00:16 AM
My friend always referred to them as "little man". She'd just walk by and say, "you have a little man"...then keep on going. Of course, you tell your friends. I mean, it's just a "little man".
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hannahrhea wrote:
282) 4/14/2009 8:07:07 AM
I work in an office of 2 physicians, and one of them had the same thing one morning before going into rooms to see pt's. I just simply reached up (to my own nose of course) and looked at him stright in the eyes, he knew right at the moment, then turned around and thanked me! I think I'm the only one who has the nerve to do anything like that.
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Kat534 wrote:
283) 4/14/2009 8:34:10 AM
Tell them..I just tell my friends that they have a bat in the cave and they no right way what the problem is. My other friend will tell you that there are stars and the sky.
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bikebunny wrote:
284) 4/14/2009 8:36:51 AM
I would have to tell the person that they had a booger, cause eventually someone will and if they come back to you and say "did you see it", then you either have to lie or say that you did see it and then it just furthers the embarrasement.
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Friend to the end wrote:
285) 4/14/2009 8:42:45 AM
I would (& have) saved many a friend from future embarrassment in such a situation. Lots of times in fact. I feel that it's better coming from a friend than to let someone go thru their day looking 'gross'. I know I would definitely want to be told!
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Nellekaj wrote:
286) 4/14/2009 8:46:56 AM
I would tell them and try not to embarass them to much. Whisper in their ear or make a jester and point to my nose. I would hate to go thru the day and no one say something to me.
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Lids wrote:
287) 4/14/2009 8:50:49 AM
Anyone who is truly a friend would never let another friend go throughout the day with something in their nose. Or their teethe. Or anywhere else embarrassing. I would want someone to tell!
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bud586 wrote:
288) 4/14/2009 8:58:46 AM
In my opinion, it depends on how well you know the person. I would discretely tell them and if possible hand then a kleenex so they can take care of it. If I do not know the person I would not say anything. There are always ways to say things without embarrassing people.
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Trueluve159 wrote:
289) 4/14/2009 9:06:07 AM
well if i was rally their friend i would take them aside and tell them that they need a tissue and not to worry about it because it happens to everyone. =]
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bebeann wrote:
290) 4/14/2009 9:13:00 AM
I try to quietly tell them and if possible have a tissue handy. I would rather one person tell me than go through the day with everyone laughing at me.
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baybiigurl09 wrote:
291) 4/14/2009 9:40:29 AM
id say something....
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Alikat wrote:
292) 4/14/2009 9:45:46 AM
You should tell your friends!!! Of course not in front of everybody. But how would you feel if at the end of the day you saw one in your own nose and had to think about ALL the people you ran into that day and if they saw it too!!!!!!!
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Jillie wrote:
293) 4/14/2009 10:23:39 AM
Yes - you should say something - make it casual. According to etiquette rules, if it's something embarassing that someone can fix, you tell them ... if it's something that can't be fixed immediately you let it go.
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Ms DD wrote:
294) 4/14/2009 10:48:24 AM
Yes I would tell my friends and anybody else because I would want someone to tell me. I would rather be embarrassed then and not go all day like that, you never know who you might meet. We could meet Mr. Right and then he maybe embarrassed to talk to us. So see that little minute is worth it.
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Crystal66 wrote:
295) 4/14/2009 10:10:00 AM
It really depends on how good of a friend the person it is. If it's a really good friend, I have no problem letting them know that they have something in their nose. If it's not a good friend, I might not mention it because I wouldn't want to embarass them. I'd hope that one of their close friends would tell them. So all in all, it's a good friends responsibility to tell!
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DOKC wrote:
296) 4/14/2009 10:48:46 AM
Definitely tell your friend. It feels better getting the news from a friend than a total stranger pointing it out to you....or even worse, you finally get a break and look in the bathroom mirror only to realize that you just had a very importnant meeting with a booger hanging out! That happened to my last boss-I hadn't seen her all morning, but would have told her. We did not get that account....
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Sooze wrote:
297) 4/14/2009 10:57:22 AM
I HATE when that happens! There was a time when I came home and looked in the mirror, and there was a huge booger in my nose. I had been hanging out with friends and no one told me! Embarrassing moments like these make me feel for others. So I would definitely pull someone aside and let them know they have a booger, and probably hand them a tissue.
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ragncajuns wrote:
298) 4/14/2009 11:02:25 AM
You definitely have to say something, because if it were you with the boogy, you'd want to know.
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seroled wrote:
299) 4/14/2009 11:11:57 AM
JUST Tell Them...... If I had one I will be glad if someone told me in a nice way.
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C-dog wrote:
300) 4/14/2009 11:17:43 AM
Def tell them.... or gesture to your own nose... if it doesnt work right away it depends on the person as to whether you continue... most will find a mirror.. at least I would!!!
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pdgomom wrote:
301) 4/14/2009 11:39:38 AM
Absolutely you tell them. I would want someone to tell me. Better you be embarrassed for a minute that to blow a booger out at someone. Ewwww.
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steffy k wrote:
302) 4/14/2009 11:40:26 AM
The question is, would you want to know if you were walking around with a booger hanging out of your nose? Of course! Absolutely! Be a friend and discreetly let the person know by a slight rub of your nose or by saying something like, "Go like this" and then rub your nose. They will get the idea and will be grateful that you told them. I always tell people because I would want them to tell me. It's the right thing to do!
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evee wrote:
303) 4/14/2009 12:09:08 PM
I would just quietly mention it to them. I would not like it if it happened to me and nobody mentioned it!!
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saby wrote:
304) 4/14/2009 12:22:08 PM
i would have to say yes! if it happend to me i would want someone to tell me. obviously not making it obvious but pulling them to the side and whispering it to them
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thejomama wrote:
305) 4/14/2009 12:40:16 PM
Tell them!! Hello!? Would you want to run around all day with a boogie nose? Being told is more appreciated than embaressing.
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Pookiedbear wrote:
306) 4/14/2009 12:56:29 PM
Instead of coming right out and saying in front of everyone, "you've got a booger", I just look right at them and rub my nose and usually that's enough to let them know. If not, I do it again and say to the person "Do this", and that tells them and they can excuse themselves for a moment and take care of it.
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Shannon_1 wrote:
307) 4/14/2009 1:42:54 PM
I would tell them. I did tell someone at work. I didn't make a big deal of it or tell that person in front of others. They were very grateful that I told them.
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counsel wrote:
308) 4/14/2009 2:06:54 PM
It would depend on my relationship with that person and the current circumstances that we are in. I would definitely tell my friend or relative but I would do it in a way that would not make it odvious to others and would not hurt their feeling at the same time. If it is a stranger but they are in a situation where having something like that can be very embarrassing for them (such as a speaker, teacher etc.) I would say "excuse me and whisper it into their ear." I would do this because I would hope that if this were to happen to me someone would tell me too!!
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boo boo boogers... wrote:
309) 4/14/2009 2:14:39 PM
When nobody is around I say, "Hey, your nose is looking for some attention." and give him/her a tissue and mirror(if I have it).
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Kimmiedee wrote:
310) 4/14/2009 2:19:14 PM
I always tell the person and I expect them to tell me. They would be mad if I didn't. Of course they ALWAYS tell me. They love to!
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meagan wrote:
311) 4/14/2009 2:54:25 PM
i would probly tell them becuase you dont want them to go around like that, but i would do it somewhere where there wasnt so many people. if it was you and her, i would just tell her. it might embarrase her, but it might save her from bigger embarassement.
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latinac wrote:
312) 4/14/2009 3:09:44 PM
I definitely have and will continue to tell them. What really bugs me is when someone sees you and doesn't tell you anything. Such as your eyeliner is smeared or you have something stuck to your shoe etc....
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Strawberryluv wrote:
313) 4/14/2009 3:27:13 PM
I'd tell them they had a whitsler!
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devo01 wrote:
314) 4/14/2009 4:06:23 PM
i wouldn't judge her to harshly..we all get them, so, its not really that bad =)
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Themakeupbox wrote:
315) 4/14/2009 4:35:59 PM
I dont say anything if we are in a big group but if we are the then I try to get them off to the side to tell them that they have something on their nose. I try to be as nice as I can about it.
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compatable? wrote:
316) 4/14/2009 4:56:15 PM
you definatly embarass them now and tell them! Going all day is worse
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ScarlettAngel wrote:
317) 4/14/2009 5:17:43 PM
Yes, I would tell my friend she had "a little something" in her nose and hand her a kleenex. A coworker-that depends on how well I know the coworker. A stranger-NO way! I always ask my husband or friends to do a "Boogie Check" for me. I would be mortified if I discovered a nose goblin in my nostril after I had a conversation with someone. Poor Jessica Simpson. Why didn't her Public Relations Rep., personal assistant, Ken Paves or anyone else in her entourage do a Boogie Check? At least it didn't shoot out and land on someone. Hee Hee
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jojo24 wrote:
318) 4/14/2009 6:03:20 PM
I would tell that person, its very nice to be nice ( L) :)
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Guatemala wrote:
319) 4/14/2009 7:18:28 PM
Well it depends If I knew the person really well! Actually, most times I let them find out for themselves!
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Psych wrote:
320) 4/14/2009 7:24:04 PM
Of course I'm gonna tell my friend or anyone that they have a booger, because it'll be more embarrassing if a hot guy were to approach you and see that booger hanging in there. It's better someone you know tells you about it, rather than a complete stranger.
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aliddle wrote:
321) 4/14/2009 7:30:48 PM
i would tell the person quitely or offer a tissue so they would not be likethat the whole day i would like that for myself
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DebbiHatesYou wrote:
322) 4/14/2009 7:37:40 PM
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Ashes2ashes19965 wrote:
323) 4/14/2009 8:08:43 PM
I still am at a school and teachers always have this problem! Only we tell them because of course you want to embarass them.
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OliviaLovesMAKEUPPPP wrote:
324) 4/14/2009 9:01:35 PM
i think we should make a distinctive move to show our friend that we have one, but not yell it out in public. maybe grab your nose and say something like "oh gee ive had a runny nose all day!" and look at your friend in the eye! that always helps. LOL
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ticklemyelmo wrote:
325) 4/14/2009 9:10:33 PM
Wow, that's pretty gross! She needs a new assistant or a Q-tip!
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marcypaiva wrote:
326) 4/14/2009 10:05:54 PM
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awesomevegan wrote:
327) 4/15/2009 12:10:48 AM
I would tell them! Going around all day like that would be way more mortifying.
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Boogie wrote:
328) 4/15/2009 12:14:48 AM
Nickname is not a nickname really is Boogie. So, would I tell someone if they have left overs in their nose?....definately. I would either make a gesture by rubbing my nose is there are people around OR I would simply just say in a joking, it's ok manner: "you've got left overs in your nose. saving it for later?" something to that effect. I have a few. Also, if I had any "passengers that abbondoned ship" I would want to be told. And if I was told, I would probably come back with a joke so that person would not feel bad for having to bring that to my attention. Gracias, Boogie.
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aboudre wrote:
329) 4/15/2009 10:15:01 AM
I personally ask someone if they have a tissue or give them one and tell them that they have a little something in their nose. Most people are so grateful! I also tell people if they have something in their teeth because I used to work as a dental assistant. Believe it or not that is a lot of people's worst fear is to talk to someone and later discover that they had something stuck in their teeth.
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Danaloves jimmy wrote:
330) 4/15/2009 11:32:35 AM
I don't normally say anything, unless it's a family member, husband, child or my BFF. Everyone gets boogers, but you would think she has enough peps around her to say, "Hey, check your nose!"
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It's a "cliffy" wrote:
331) 4/15/2009 11:57:11 AM
Years ago some friends of mine came up with a neat way to disguise having to tell them they had a booger hanging (from a cliff) in their nose. It was shortened to a "cliffy" and from then on it became a quick way to let them know something was there without having to embarrass either one of them. Pick up the habit (no pun intended) and get a code name for this for you and your friends so you can keep each other booger free without any shame!
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joe63 wrote:
332) 4/15/2009 12:29:52 PM
I just look at the person and tell them "take a tissue and go like this" and make a motion wiping my nose. People get what you mean without spelling it out further and appreciate that you're not embarassing them by describing any gross details.
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MoniCakkes wrote:
333) 4/15/2009 2:14:37 PM
For some reason I've often been in this situation. I think the best thing to do is whisper in there ear (if there are other people around) and tell them. If you dont then who knows how many other people are going to see it after you and when they finally find out that its there i think they would be embrassed because of all the people they talked to inperson whom might have seen it. So I think that you should let that person know they have a little something poking out there nose.
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pederzani wrote:
334) 4/15/2009 6:31:23 PM
Tell them! I'd rather someone tell me then be walking around with a booger in my nose all day!
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Qnut wrote:
335) 4/15/2009 7:37:21 PM
I tell them. I expect my friends to let me know. I think it's more embarrassing for them if I don't say anything.
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cherilyndimond wrote:
336) 4/15/2009 7:58:32 PM
Honestly, you gotta tell! How horrible is it to walk around all day and not know. Usually a little tap on the side of the nose is enough of a hint. Either that, or people will think you are looking for drugs.
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samiam4466 wrote:
337) 4/15/2009 8:54:10 PM
i would tell my friend, i don't really have a job so that doesn't apply to me, only if i know it would bother them, or if it is REALLY out there. i'd just say "u got a little something there" but most of my friends have the sense to use a tissue by them selves or won't care.
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lolabun wrote:
338) 4/15/2009 9:51:12 PM
i would tell them but i would be very discreet about it
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boggers wrote:
339) 4/16/2009 3:11:23 AM
someone should have helped her out!!!
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lauraw wrote:
340) 4/16/2009 4:46:04 AM
Definitely tell them. Just don't do it around others and embarass them. Smile, tap your nose and say "Hey, you have a little bat hanging in the cave". I would want someone to tell me!!
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Fataliya wrote:
341) 4/16/2009 6:21:30 AM
Yes, I would, and have said something. I make a point of saying something when no one else is around, because I don't want to embarrass anyone, and I say it nicely like "I'm sorry, but I figured you'd want to know that you have something in your nose." I'd want someone to tell me, also.
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Sham wrote:
342) 4/16/2009 6:28:02 AM
i would oversee it to not embarrass the person,because really you can't appraise someone on appearance, but i will tell if that person has an important meeting
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Katrina255 wrote:
343) 4/16/2009 8:30:14 AM
I'd just tell them, but discreatly because it could be very embarassing to the person!
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Panini wrote:
344) 4/16/2009 10:44:21 AM
According to protocol, the way to guage whether to tell someone about a problem with their appearance is to ask yourself if they can do anything about it immediately. If a woman has a run in her stocking, you would avoid telling her because she may just have to fret about it all day. But in the case of the unsightly nose visitor, you should tell her (or him), as they can immediately remedy the problem. At least that's what they taught me in finishing school! :)
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Kitten heels wrote:
345) 4/16/2009 2:07:28 PM
If I had those little boogies, I'd want someone to tell me so I don't get embarassed more.But I'm not one to confront people so maybe I'd make subtle gestures like I was the one with the boogies in front of them. I'd hope they get the message then.
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QUEENDI wrote:
346) 4/16/2009 2:16:39 PM
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Le Michael Porreca wrote:
347) 4/16/2009 2:33:02 PM
Yeah, I always tell my friends and family if they have one because I'd rather tell them now instead of them finding out way later.
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red979 wrote:
348) 4/16/2009 3:24:36 PM
I would try to get them away from others, to tell them or quietly give them a gesture they would understand. The last thing I would want is someone to go any longer without knowing! Tell them definitly, one way or another, I know I appreciate for others to let me know if I am frossing them out because I can't see what they are seeing unless we are somewhere there are mirrors.
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DaisyBee wrote:
349) 4/16/2009 8:32:15 PM
i typically tell people if they have stuff up their nose. i don't want them to walk around with nastiness in their noses. besides, i'd want someone to tell me if i had stuff in my nose..
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junayed wrote:
350) 4/16/2009 8:49:01 PM
I would tell my friend quietly that they have something in their nose, and offer them a tissue.
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=^;^=babymouse=^;^= wrote:
351) 4/16/2009 9:39:28 PM
I would definitely take them aside and tell them in private "you have something on your nose" and brush my nose in the spot because I think eventually someone would be really mean about it and I'd want them to hear it nicely with the least amount of embarrassment possible.
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Shelbell wrote:
352) 4/16/2009 9:47:36 PM
I would definately tell a friend or co-worker. Although there might be the initial embarassment, how embarassing would it be if you walked around in front of complete strangers, and no-one told you.... YIKES. I would rather a friend tell me than a stranger see it!!!
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Reilly wrote:
353) 4/17/2009 1:17:32 PM
Hmm...sticky situation. I guess I would casually mention that she has something on her nose so she could rub it or something. I wouldn't want to embarrass my friends, but I would rather do that then have her go throughout the whole day like that!
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SuperFit wrote:
354) 4/17/2009 1:59:00 PM
I would definitely tell them! I would expect the same in return. Who wants a booger out there grabbing everyone's attention.
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NikkiSoBossy wrote:
355) 4/17/2009 6:10:58 PM
I would tell them. I think they would rather have a friend tell them than to be embarrassed all day. I know I would :)
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MewKitty wrote:
356) 4/17/2009 7:01:33 PM
Ummm....yes. Always tell them....if you KNOW them. if its a stranger, I probably wouldnt. Someone i know, definitey! If you see a booger in my nose, Paleese tell me!
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Lexi.Lee wrote:
357) 4/17/2009 7:30:11 PM
I would tell them privately so they could fix their dilemma asap. i wouldn't want to run around all night with a gross booger-ooger
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tirkster wrote:
358) 4/17/2009 7:34:54 PM
This just happened to me! I was talking to a friend and noticed she had a little something showing. I debated on telling her and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I was embarrassed and knew she would be also.
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Kimmers wrote:
359) 4/17/2009 7:38:57 PM
Absolutely! I always tell people if they have a little boogey, food in their teeth, tag hanging out, whatever. It's always been appreciated and followed up with a thank you. I would hope for the same treatment.
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karma wrote:
360) 4/17/2009 8:40:53 PM
of course you want to tell them. i believe we have all learned from kindergarden, do un to others as you would like un to you. so if you want to walk around with a bogger than don't tell others. but if you would rather stop the embarrassment at the first moment tell someone.
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lisa1114 wrote:
361) 4/17/2009 8:51:02 PM
i would definately tell them, as i would want to be told who wants to walk around like that all day. we all get them!!
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taikitty wrote:
362) 4/17/2009 9:11:54 PM
Tell them for heavens sake!
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QuTin wrote:
363) 4/17/2009 9:16:56 PM
I would say something. I would pull that person a side and just say you have a snagger. And just sum it up with I wanted you too know before somebody else didn't say anything.
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annita wrote:
364) 4/17/2009 9:26:26 PM
omg!!!! I would def tell the person, but I hate when im out in public and all of a sudden you can just feel like something is hanging around. ugh! I feel like picking it out but ofcourse I cant cause people are around me, so I just breath in really hard. *shrug* life is hard. lol
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shotgun wrote:
365) 4/17/2009 9:46:17 PM
Depending on who the person is I would probebly tell them. If i didn't like the person, though, I probebly wouldn't tell them. But more than likly I will let them know because I would hate it if I were them and no one told me.
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pickypisces wrote:
366) 4/17/2009 10:00:56 PM
Tell them - you would want someone to tell you!
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LuckyLindy wrote:
367) 4/17/2009 10:02:19 PM
I think a certain look while touching your nose is a polite gesture rather than coming out and saying you have a booger. But yes, they should be told.
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janicea wrote:
368) 4/17/2009 10:04:25 PM
You HAVE to tell them, what are friends for. You don't have to point out what it is, just tell them they have something on the end of their nose. If they wipe it and it goes away - problem solved, if not, just tell them they might want to go take a look.
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Brepip wrote:
369) 4/17/2009 10:08:15 PM
I would kindly and discreetly let the person know, because better that they have one small embarrassing moment with me, than to get to the end of the day and realize they had something in their nose.
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suni wrote:
370) 4/17/2009 10:10:38 PM
Yea .. you have to say something. When someone does tell them they wonder what was wrong with you for not saying something.
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suni wrote:
371) 4/17/2009 10:10:39 PM
Yea .. you have to say something. When someone does tell them they wonder what was wrong with you for not saying something.
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crazychick wrote:
372) 4/17/2009 10:13:03 PM
If it were a friend of mine or someone I knew well enough, I would definitely tell them about it. I wouldn't want to be in his/her place and have it all day without anyone telling me about it. I wouldn't be able to show my face again if it were me and no one even bothered to tell me.
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natsq91 wrote:
373) 4/17/2009 10:23:56 PM
Those are so gross, and they hurt too, worse than normal pimples :/ I'd just ignore it, it's not like anyone can do anything about it anyways...and they'll just be embarrassed
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sesb wrote:
374) 4/17/2009 10:43:56 PM
I would tell the person discretely, it is what I would want someone to do for me.
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fantasia655 wrote:
375) 4/17/2009 11:04:06 PM
I would probably take them aside, probably the bathroom, and tell them in the privacy of the bathroom, to spare them the embarassment.
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Fabulousat50 wrote:
376) 4/17/2009 11:05:15 PM
I would tell the person that they have something on their nose and hand them a tissue. Hopefully they would get it off without you actually having to blurt out something embarasing.
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softballchick08 wrote:
377) 4/17/2009 11:29:12 PM
If I saw someone with a little something coming out of their nose, I would probably quietly say something to them so they are not totally embarrassed in front of everybody. If it were me, I would want someone to tell me sooner rather than later!
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mammabutterfly wrote:
378) 4/17/2009 11:30:23 PM
I am the kind of person that would tell someone. Some people may consider that rude but I consider it rude to not tell.
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Lisa Tran wrote:
379) 4/17/2009 11:30:47 PM
Jessica Simpson is gross
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CatDogMom wrote:
380) 4/17/2009 11:37:59 PM
It really depends on who it is. If it is a friend, co-worker, family bet! "hey you got a boog on the left, or right side" but, if it is a, I just look the other way!
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ladywallace wrote:
381) 4/18/2009 12:42:58 AM
i would pull that person to the side and let them know they have something on their nose, i would surely want someone to do it for me instead of allowing me to go through out the day in that way...
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Jen926 wrote:
382) 4/18/2009 1:32:32 AM
I would let them know about it discretely. I do it often as most people would rather you tell them then let them walk around that way. I know I appreciate it.
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Kygirl89 wrote:
383) 4/18/2009 1:35:26 AM
I always tell, but in a nice sounding way and in private. Like I'll lean in and say "you got a little boogie," which sounds cheesy, but it never sounds mean, so I always use it.
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angelbabe wrote:
384) 4/18/2009 1:42:01 AM
ABSOLUTELY Tell them in private as soon as possible!!!!!
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niya wrote:
385) 4/18/2009 2:20:48 AM
you should tell them nicely. cause really somebody els is going to point it out very loudly and in an embarassing way.
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>:o wrote:
386) 4/18/2009 3:45:06 AM
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Izzi wrote:
387) 4/18/2009 5:57:59 AM
Of course you would tell someone. Wouldn't you want someone to tell you?!?!?
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Linda O wrote:
388) 4/18/2009 6:54:57 AM
I would discreetly had the person a Kleenex and tell them that I think they should wipe their nose. I wouldn't say booger -- I would say - you have something on your nose & I think you need to wipe it off.
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SmartFriend. wrote:
389) 4/18/2009 8:25:40 AM
I think this is a tough situation. but i have learned latley that if yu tell the person it's better! because they can get fid of it and it wont be as bad as everyone else seeing it to. they will be greatful. :)
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prish wrote:
390) 4/18/2009 8:34:56 AM
I would definitely want to be what I have done in the past is touch/wipe the bottom of my nose and get there attention and they always seem to get what I mean.
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Colleen12 wrote:
391) 4/18/2009 9:39:33 AM
Personally, I would not say anything because I would feel embarrassed if someone told me and I was just standing there with it. I feel that the person would feel less embarrassed if they just found it later and might figure that it just got there.
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Pixie7695 wrote:
392) 4/18/2009 11:09:50 AM
I've been very blunt about it if its one of my really good friends i'll just go "hey go get a tissue you neeed it"
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Amiee from AZ wrote:
393) 4/18/2009 4:06:18 AM
Friends & Family you have to give them the heads up. I usually just point to the appropriate nostril on myself while looking at them, and they get the hint. Co-workers are usually with a lighter step, either the "there's something on your face, go look at a mirror" line, or if available just handing them a kleenex with a shy smile without having to say anything. It's amazing how embarassing it is when someone tells you, I always say "Oh, Sorry!" it happens to us all, but it always makes you feel like a semian neandrethal, unable to keep your body fluids under control! I hate to have someone say something, but always appreciate it when they do!
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whoobonhooaglo wrote:
394) 4/18/2009 10:14:40 AM
I am always that one person who would tell you if you had a bugger hanging out of your nose or if your eyeliner has smeared, and/or I would even tell you (kindly) if your dress in face DOES make you look fat. Now, I would never consider myself to be rude in anyway, however, I feel that if people, such as the women on this website, try their hardest to look their best, why wouldn't I tell them that there is some slight imperfection to their look? I would want someone, even a random stranger, to tell me if someone was hanging out of my nose or anything was "out of place" so to speak. I would prefer it not to be some random person, but I am not picky when it comes to "courteous critiques" as I like to call them. So next time you see one hanging or you notice is out of place, tell them! Or, at least tell me so that I can kindly notify said person. Thanks!
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Danni_Baby wrote:
395) 4/18/2009 11:58:45 AM
I would pull them aside & let them know. If they are your real friend they won't react as if you have just embarassed them.
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ninid wrote:
396) 4/18/2009 1:43:46 PM
I would tell the person, I would hope they would do the same for me. I would either rub my nose so it wouldn't embarrass them or quietly tell them. I think everyone should tell, it is the nice thing to do. :-) Say no to boogies!
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STORMIE wrote:
397) 4/18/2009 1:52:03 PM
You must tell that person!!! I would just look at that person and quietly as possible let them know there is something there. I wouldn't want people to let me run around with a gross booger hanging from my nose. Please people SAY SOMETHING!!
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Dusty wrote:
398) 4/18/2009 2:53:26 PM
Yes, I would tell them that they got a little something on their nose. I would like my friends to tell me.
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jstarg8 wrote:
399) 4/18/2009 7:38:39 PM
Boogers. We all get them, unfortunately!! We all need to check ourselves from time to time. A mirror compact is therefore a must!! Lol
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Noletter wrote:
400) 4/18/2009 8:36:20 PM
I would tell give them a kleenex and then make a joke like " if you were a booger, i would pick you first :) ", a joke always makes people smile and just joke around about it .
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Linzipinzi wrote:
401) 4/18/2009 9:49:53 PM
Wouldn't you want someone to tell you?? If you are their friend then you should definitely tell them! Maybe not a good idea to tell your boss....but a friend, of course!
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carriebo03 wrote:
402) 4/18/2009 11:02:27 PM
heck yah...I would tell them I would want the same treatment back...
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carriebo03 wrote:
403) 4/18/2009 11:02:42 PM
heck yah...I would tell them I would want the same treatment back...
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blp3 wrote:
404) 4/18/2009 11:41:08 PM
I have had to tell someone before and I just say you have something on your nose. NUFF said
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Lesterfaye wrote:
405) 4/19/2009 7:58:34 AM
Depends on who it is...close friend, yes!!
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Shoo wrote:
406) 4/19/2009 2:30:08 PM
I think it's important to point out the boogie by doing a little gesture toward the nostrils. It shouldn't be a problem if they are your friend/family.
Reply to this wrote:
407) 4/19/2009 2:44:53 PM
Ok, if someone would've told Jessica earlier in the day, we would not be staring at this super-embarrassing picture! It is difficult to tell a stranger that they have something in (or on) their nose, but there is no excuse in letting your friends go out with boogies in their noses. Friends don't let friends get publicly humiliated.
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Steely wrote:
408) 4/19/2009 4:18:12 PM
I would tell them. If there are alot of people around, I would say QUIETLY "Hey and rub my nose" or pull them to the side. But you should always tell. I feel the same way about lipstick on someone's teeth and then I tell them the finger trick.
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AZteacher wrote:
409) 4/19/2009 4:38:09 PM
Well you have to tell them! it would be rude not too! if I had one, I would want someone to tell me!
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Pretty woman wrote:
410) 4/19/2009 4:38:13 PM
I would be a friend and tell them. The same as I hope someone would do for me. It would be cruel to allow someone to go around smiling with an univited guest just hanging
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lauren. wrote:
411) 4/19/2009 4:52:36 PM
i would want someone to tell me . haha it beats having to go through that all day :)
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Jane0207 wrote:
412) 4/19/2009 5:05:03 PM
I would have to tell them about the pick-a-boo hanging out of there nose. Because looking at it all day would make me sick..... Besides I would want someone to tell me
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tamela wrote:
413) 4/19/2009 5:41:22 PM
they r just a little (tiny) part of everyday life-I would just simply lean over with a discretely held tissue and whisper.."your nose needs this" and hope to shout that my friend would do the same for me!
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mcell wrote:
414) 4/19/2009 8:28:23 PM
I would definitely tell some one right away. Every body gets those unsightly things so why not say it to some one so no one else has to keep eying it and talking about it! speak up at a moment that is inconspicuous and say it softly so no one else will notice but you and that person. Keep it a secret
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grneyes14 wrote:
415) 4/19/2009 11:05:47 PM
You should tell them about the boogie,especially if they are a friend. I know I would rather know about it,take care of it and move on, then find out at the end of the day and wonder " how long has that been there"?
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3mommy wrote:
416) 4/19/2009 11:49:04 PM
Yes, freinds I just casually say,:you have something there, and I kinda show with the back of my hand on my nose.Strangers no, way.
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ElfFabulous wrote:
417) 4/20/2009 8:14:50 AM
I would definitely tell my friends and co-workers if they have a gross booger bugger! I would rather be embarrased by one person than go all day and be embarrassed by many seeing this, which is the reason I choose to tell my friends and co-workers about their embarrassing "booger buggers."
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Honest wrote:
418) 4/20/2009 9:11:55 AM
I don't care who you are If I'm having a conversation with you and you got a little booger hanging down I will let you know! I think it is way more embarrassing to get home and notice it after you have been around a bunch of people and no one told you then to have someone quietly let you know!!
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chey wrote:
419) 4/20/2009 11:17:47 AM
I would want to be told, so I must tell another that something is on their face.
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coley31 wrote:
420) 4/20/2009 12:20:16 PM
I have and would do again make light of the situation so no one gets too embarassed - "Hey, you got a little boogy creeping out"
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anonymousaz wrote:
421) 4/20/2009 12:33:07 PM
I would definitely tell someone if they had a boogie!! I would hope someone would tell me. it's less embarrasing discovering it yourself and wondering how long it's been there!
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minkster wrote:
422) 4/20/2009 1:56:37 PM
I would hand them a tissue. They most likely will know without anything having to be said.
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Jiya wrote:
423) 4/20/2009 3:20:21 PM
I would definitly tell them... coz personally I would want somebudy to tell me if I am in the same situation... but this has to be very polite and in unembarassing way
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frothy wrote:
424) 4/20/2009 5:31:25 PM
Of course, I would tell anyone within reason. Privately of course. Just as I would want someone to alert me.
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cm_myers wrote:
425) 4/20/2009 6:01:43 PM
I would soo tell my friends and anyone for that matter, well maybe not a stranger or someone I didn't like
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RiotPoofSugar wrote:
426) 4/24/2009 11:20:59 AM
Well, I would definitely say something discreetly to the person, because that is how I would want someone to tell me. With my close friends, however, when that happens to one of us, someone will say, "You've got a bat in the cave!"
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cuppycake wrote:
427) 4/29/2009 12:11:23 AM
I would tell my friends, or rub my nose untill they get the hint. I dont want them walking around all ay like that.
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WOAHxchink wrote:
428) 5/4/2009 2:59:07 PM
it be embarassing to have someone tell me i had a booger sticking out =/ but then again i would tell the person cause i wouldnt want my friend walking around with it ! embarassing or not haha
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SmyLee wrote:
429) 5/4/2009 11:22:47 PM
My co-workers and I always are on the look out for those bats in the cave. We just give the universal signal...a little tap in the nose. I would tell somebody they got boogers in their nose cause I would be grateful that somebody told me. =)
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J.O.S. wrote:
430) 5/10/2009 6:16:15 PM
If it was a friend, I'd just say "hey, you got some bats in your attic". If it was an acquaintance, maybe I'd look at their nose but rub mine to send a hint.
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Shannan wrote:
431) 5/12/2009 6:42:53 PM
I'd definitely tell anyone if they have something embarrassing going on like that. I would hope someone would do that for me. It's easier to be embarrassed for a second but it's much worse if everyone you've run into has seen your little "OOPS".
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