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Get the Look: Episode 2

Monday, June 22, 2009

Join us on our 12 week series with Derek for Derek Loves Shopping for a exciting look into e.l.f. products and how 1 product can be used on an African American and Caucasian model.  Each week we will be bringing you the highlighted product to help progressively complete the look.  Learn tips and tricks to guide you through your beauty regime.  Here is second video for week 2.  Enjoy!!

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o0mae0o wrote:
1) 6/22/2009 11:38:05 AM
i loved this video and the look! Great job!!
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lylytiger wrote:
2) 6/22/2009 11:52:00 AM
Hi,foundation is one of difficult tasks, loved your tips! How about asian complexion? Thanks!
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kittyn wrote:
3) 6/22/2009 11:54:18 AM
I love the videos! Great job and keep them coming! =)
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bltbb wrote:
4) 6/22/2009 11:55:29 AM
I would have liked to see this up closer for the first model like you did it for the second one.
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*Jes* wrote:
5) 6/22/2009 11:59:31 AM
I think this "Get the Look" series is so amazing! It helps me make decisions on which products to buy and also helps an aspiring make up artist like myself to know which products and looks work well with different skin tones and textures. THANKS E.L.F.!!
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booey wrote:
6) 6/22/2009 12:01:17 PM
i love watching these videos!! it is great watching the products being used, you learn so much! love all the updates on twitter and facebook!
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xorochellexo wrote:
7) 6/22/2009 12:07:00 PM
i like these videos a lot..very helpful
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Juliana B. wrote:
8) 6/22/2009 12:12:47 PM
I see that you're using an African-american and Caucasian model...this is very interesting! This helps me choose my products carefully now, thanks! Will there be any tips for any asian models/skintone? I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for that!
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vanillaicecream wrote:
9) 6/22/2009 12:13:01 PM
It looks like the all over stick is extremely easy to use. That would be great if it came out in a mineral formula as well, for those who like to use minerals too! Both the Caucasian and African American models look flawless!
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edb3of9 wrote:
10) 6/22/2009 12:15:01 PM
these videos are extremely helpful while i am learning to expand my looks. Loving it....keep em coming
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CaneLita wrote:
11) 6/22/2009 12:17:48 PM
I love the all over color stick, so its great to know that I can mix it with foundation/tinted moisturizer and use that, what a great tip thanks!
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Adorie wrote:
12) 6/22/2009 12:18:25 PM
I've been wanting to try this cover stick for a while now. It looks so smooth on the second girl! I never thought about mixing it in with a moisturizer either. Thanks for the tip, Achelle! By the way, I just purchased the concealer in fair, and I have to say. I've never found a concealer that matched my skin tone this well. i'll be sure to pick up the cover stick now!!
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13) 6/22/2009 12:22:24 PM
i will for sure watch this :)
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Little Mama wrote:
14) 6/22/2009 12:23:01 PM
I love the cover stick. I use it every day, and it works as well as other concelers that I have paid a lot more money for, $30. Love it. You can't go wrong with this product.
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MARZAEME001 wrote:
15) 6/22/2009 12:23:38 PM
im not black or white. you should have asian or mid tone colored some time.
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emilyeb210 wrote:
16) 6/22/2009 12:27:25 PM
this was great! thanks elf!
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Shannan wrote:
17) 6/22/2009 12:31:56 PM
I love how the concealer completely evened out their tone even though she only used a small amount. I wish I could find a concealer that worked for me that well ... i'm having a little problem with finding a color that matches or is not too red or too brown. I'm biracial - black mom and white dad ... this is a typical problem for me though. Thanks e.l.f. for the fantastic products though!
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CCal wrote:
18) 6/22/2009 12:34:41 PM
This is great! I love watching e.l.f tutorials!
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Izzi wrote:
19) 6/22/2009 12:39:52 PM
thats awesome! i never thought to use your foundation as a concealer as well. and mixing with!
Reply to this
ChoQ. of D. wrote:
20) 6/22/2009 12:41:03 PM
I really think it's awful when women cake on the foundation. it really looks terrible, so i'm glad they clarified that. The "T" look is definitely much better than the "i look faker than a barbie" look.
Reply to this
jennp wrote:
21) 6/22/2009 12:47:04 PM
great tip! i can't wait to see more videos about different races.
Reply to this
ashley1290 wrote:
22) 6/22/2009 12:47:09 PM
I love this tip. I was totally doing it the wrong way before. I can't wait to see next weeks episode
Reply to this
LouPO wrote:
23) 6/22/2009 1:26:49 PM
I always use too much foundation - and it is so true that less is more! I love using my foundation stick to use foundation as coverage in just the areas that I need it!
Reply to this
amandyc85 wrote:
24) 6/22/2009 1:37:31 PM
I love e.l.f products I think they are great. Great videos too.
Reply to this
SunWorshiper wrote:
25) 6/22/2009 1:50:52 PM
Thanks for the tips. I was afraid to buy the all over stick because I didn't know how to use it. Now I cannot wait to order mine!
Reply to this
Karen82 wrote:
26) 6/22/2009 1:56:37 PM
I love these videos. I can finally see the best way to use these products.
Reply to this
alilnerdy wrote:
27) 6/22/2009 2:10:14 PM
This video was helpful because i thought u always put foundation all over your face but now i be using less and blending more
Reply to this
iLoVeMaKeUp!! wrote:
28) 6/22/2009 2:23:21 PM
This tzone trick really works. Sometimes you really don't need foundation all over your face. When you start at the tzone and then blend out you look fantastic and you save so much product! This is a great tip!
Reply to this
slor06 wrote:
29) 6/22/2009 2:36:04 PM
This is a very good tip! I've always had problem with applying foundation on and this helps a lot to know which areas of my face I should be applying it on. I usually have a flaky face right after applying any kind of foundation so it's been an issue for me, therefore, I just never put on foundation. This is very good because at least now I know how to apply, how much to apply, and since the elf product is only $1.00, I will be sure to try this tip! I will definitely need to tell my coworkers as well!
Reply to this
JCB wrote:
30) 6/22/2009 2:42:53 PM
Thank you so much for covering concealer for women of color. As a black woman, it is SO hard to find good makeup advice and I had no idea how to use concealer or where to apply it. I actually like the way the all over color stick looked on those women and am now considering adding it to my cart. :)
Reply to this
ibelieveinpink wrote:
31) 6/22/2009 2:49:57 PM
Thank you, once again! :]
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eunji12 wrote:
32) 6/22/2009 2:56:33 PM
I haven't used the All Over Color stick yet, buy after watching this video, I really want to try it. I live on the East Coast, where in the summers it's humid and sticky. That makes wearing makeup kind of difficult without taking some preventative steps. I like the idea of wearing the All Over Stick where needed so that I can get coverage during the upcoming humid months. Thanks for the video!!
Reply to this
Lexy J wrote:
33) 6/22/2009 3:05:25 PM
very helpful! thanx:)
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nniethm wrote:
34) 6/22/2009 3:06:32 PM
I loved the tips and I will watch every week for more. I also want some tips for Asians as well.
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Kelli D wrote:
35) 6/22/2009 3:18:03 PM
I appreciate the information and demonstrations. I don't really wear make up because I'm afraid of the cakey look. My skin is very oily. My make up shipment just arrived today so I'm going to try this out. Thanks
Reply to this
Jenguyen wrote:
36) 6/22/2009 3:20:02 PM
That's SO COOL! e.l.f is soo universal!
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stay_at_home_chica wrote:
37) 6/22/2009 3:21:35 PM
I love these videos! It's really helping me as a makeup newbie with applying my makeup. I can't wait to see more on eye color and how to use the all over color sticks! Thanks ELF!
Reply to this
Jen823 wrote:
38) 6/22/2009 3:36:21 PM
I love these videos they are great i have been watching them on YouTube very helpful. Kepp them comming love =)
Reply to this
angiebaptiste wrote:
39) 6/22/2009 3:37:54 PM
wowwwww what a big difference.. she looks much better now.. i love these videos hey are so help fun i watch all of them on youtube and i am a faithful customers tgo elf
Reply to this
angiebaptiste wrote:
40) 6/22/2009 3:39:16 PM
wowwwww what a big difference.. she looks much better now.. i love these videos hey are so help fun i watch all of them on youtube and i am a faithful customers to elf
Reply to this
Leadsails wrote:
41) 6/22/2009 3:39:32 PM
Can't wait for the other 10 videos. :D
Reply to this
angiebaptiste wrote:
42) 6/22/2009 3:40:00 PM
wowwwww what a big difference.. she looks much better now.. i love these videos hey are so help fun i watch all of them on youtube and i am a faithful customers to elf.
Reply to this
Mari06 wrote:
43) 6/22/2009 3:41:35 PM
Love the look prefect for the hot summer weather keep them comming great job ELF....
Reply to this
angiebaptiste wrote:
44) 6/22/2009 3:41:49 PM
wow what a big difference.. she looks much better now.. i love these videos hey are so help fun i watch all of them on you tube and i am a faithful customers to elf......................................
Reply to this
dybutterfly wrote:
45) 6/22/2009 3:58:54 PM
Great tips! I would always automatically put foundation all over my face, and feel like I was wearing a mask. Being able to mix the foundation stick with my moisturizer and placing it just where I need it is wonderful news.:)
Reply to this
Momto2boys wrote:
46) 6/22/2009 4:03:39 PM
Awesome. I love being taught new things about makeup...just wish these videos loading up faster for me
Reply to this
MakeupGirl101 wrote:
47) 6/22/2009 4:06:08 PM
Wow! This video is great. I just bought the all-over coverstick and am so happy I did. And, now thanks to this amazing video, I know exactly how to apply my foundation/concealer. These videos are great, so please continue to make them. Thanks, e.l.f.!
Reply to this
katt_v wrote:
48) 6/22/2009 4:15:58 PM
Thank you so much for the tips! Now I know that we don't have to put concealer on our whole face and that we can get by with just the T-zone. :)
Reply to this
nifty_ba wrote:
49) 6/22/2009 4:17:48 PM
I own the tinted moisturizer used last week because I was hesistant to order the cover stick, afraid it would be too heavy, etcetera. This video makes me want to give it a second chance...
Reply to this
Shierra wrote:
50) 6/22/2009 4:19:53 PM
Such a great tip to put moisturizer on the hand and combine with the all over cover stick. thanks :)
Reply to this
Annie in NY wrote:
51) 6/22/2009 4:25:59 PM
What is the moisturizer you are putting on your hand to blend ?
Reply to this
Tracy wrote:
52) 6/22/2009 4:35:05 PM
I really appreciate the inclusion of the African American model. Thanks!
Reply to this
barber1029 wrote:
53) 6/22/2009 4:54:06 PM
Good tips! I tend to use more than needed most of the time.
Reply to this
mins_3 wrote:
54) 6/22/2009 4:54:27 PM
This is good Stuff...No need to search here and there for tips...One stop shop for everything..Keep Going Elf
Reply to this
Weebs wrote:
55) 6/22/2009 4:57:54 PM
Great tips. I'll have to try this sometime. I'm really looking forward to the next video!
Reply to this
KimberAnna wrote:
56) 6/22/2009 5:01:05 PM
Dereks advice to women over 40 to use the concealer sparingly was especially helpful to me at age 47. ELF products are *great*!
Reply to this
arilvdc wrote:
57) 6/22/2009 5:29:10 PM
wow!! I love versatile products that can be used on a wide range of skin tones/colors. Great job Derek!
Reply to this
Joccy101 wrote:
58) 6/22/2009 5:49:01 PM
Great idea, can you do this same idea with other races?
Reply to this
NikkiB wrote:
59) 6/22/2009 5:52:55 PM
I love the fact that the product can range for different people and not much of it is needed.
Reply to this
Temina wrote:
60) 6/22/2009 6:00:21 PM
I just purchased the e.l.f. professional Shine Eraser blotting sheets and I haven't been able to find them for any cheaper that $8 except from e.l.f.! Thank goodness for a worthy affordable beauty company!
Reply to this
Neah wrote:
61) 6/22/2009 6:05:57 PM
What a good look!! I'll have to try this one out. Thanks for the wonderful tips!!
Reply to this
misscolette2 wrote:
62) 6/22/2009 6:08:35 PM
I love e.l.f.!!!
Reply to this
x3kt wrote:
63) 6/22/2009 6:34:45 PM
haha thanks this is veryy helpful !
Reply to this
kHope wrote:
64) 6/22/2009 6:37:07 PM
very helpful :-) thanks !
Reply to this
bailuli wrote:
65) 6/22/2009 6:40:15 PM
I was actually eyeing the coverstick earlier, wondering if I should get it. I really like how you gave tips on how to apply it, as well as the comment on how we don't have to use foundation all over. I'm not too big on using foundation, so it's good to hear it from make up artists! Thanks!
Reply to this
Excited!! wrote:
66) 6/22/2009 7:00:50 PM
I am new to ELF...and I just ordered the All Over sticks in 2 different colors. Wasn't sure about the exact technique in applying them, so this episode really helped. I never thought about using the wedges, so now I'll go back and order them to use for the application of this product and others....thanks!!!!
Reply to this
glossiness wrote:
67) 6/22/2009 7:20:10 PM
I love these tips. I want to try using a lighter concealer to brighten my face. I didn't know you could do that. I'm always struggling with trying find a concealer shade that matches my skin exactly, but now I don't have to worry so much.
Reply to this
sarahbeara wrote:
68) 6/22/2009 7:50:23 PM
I love it! This is really great. I will definately use this technique!
Reply to this
chelz bellz wrote:
69) 6/22/2009 8:02:21 PM
awesome! looks cool
Reply to this
crimp90p wrote:
70) 6/22/2009 8:37:49 PM
Reply to this
midnightdragon02 wrote:
71) 6/22/2009 8:44:47 PM
I love these vids thank you
Reply to this
Carolin0d wrote:
72) 6/22/2009 8:51:39 PM
Your tips really are useful on where to highlight. I;m going to use them! Thanks!
Reply to this
Carolin0d wrote:
73) 6/22/2009 8:52:23 PM
Your tips really are useful on where to highlight. I;m going to use them! Thanks!
1 Reply | Reply to this | Open Thread
arche wrote:
74) 6/22/2009 9:13:28 PM
This was very informative and makes me want to try out some of the products shown, like the cover stick. I just wish there was some close up shots for the application.
Reply to this
KimberlyP wrote:
75) 6/22/2009 9:14:43 PM
I am loving the weekly series with Derek and Achelle. I love seeing Achelle actually apply the makeup so that I can watch her technique. I am a subscriber to this on YT. LOVE ELF!!!!
Reply to this
TOYA91 wrote:
76) 6/22/2009 9:25:50 PM
amazing video
Reply to this
kainani wrote:
77) 6/22/2009 9:26:32 PM
I love your dress! Thanks for the tips!
Reply to this
lixbix wrote:
78) 6/22/2009 9:59:14 PM
The model is pale, JUST LIKE ME! I love the all over cover stick and i use it as foundation, but I never thought of blending it with moisturizer. It helped alot, and i would recommend it to a friend. KEEP THE "GET THE LOOKS" COMING !
Reply to this
andheartssemicolon wrote:
79) 6/22/2009 10:08:43 PM
Super useful. Also, I recommend ELF's professional eye smudger brush.
Reply to this
schickchick wrote:
80) 6/22/2009 10:08:58 PM
thanks it really helped...i adore your makeup:)
Reply to this
allthngseyelinr wrote:
81) 6/22/2009 10:54:22 PM
This video is totally true! I only use the cover stick on my nose, cheekbones, and chin and it really makes a difference. I used to used liquid concealer all over and it always made me look like a ghost. I love this coverstick and it blends so great. Plus its so compact you can carry it anywhere.
Reply to this
heyheyhey wrote:
82) 6/22/2009 11:04:58 PM
the moisturizer was a great tip! i would have never thought of it
Reply to this
silverangel83 wrote:
83) 6/22/2009 11:09:08 PM
Reply to this
sukidasuika wrote:
84) 6/22/2009 11:25:48 PM
I love how the same product can look great on very different skin tones!
Reply to this
june marie wrote:
85) 6/22/2009 11:33:55 PM
My cousin has pretty much all the elf makeup and i have to say that it works great:)
Reply to this
june marie wrote:
86) 6/22/2009 11:34:14 PM
My cousin has pretty much all the elf makeup and i have to say that it works great:)
Reply to this
jz wrote:
87) 6/23/2009 12:52:35 AM
It'd be nice to have a before and after shot.
Reply to this
JHill95 wrote:
88) 6/23/2009 1:20:37 AM
sounds great! i'm going to try it out!
Reply to this
blkbombchelle wrote:
89) 6/23/2009 1:28:52 AM
OMG that guy dereck is so hott, I would love to be his bff, as a woman of color, I loved these tips and im going upstairs to try it right now, she had a nice glow after that concealer was applied. I wish they did more videos for women of color because we love ELF too!
Reply to this
NDN_babygirl123 wrote:
90) 6/23/2009 2:23:52 AM
o wow! i thought i was "one of the few" to mix a moisturizer with my foundation! I'm Indian and i have a medium/fair complexion and it is sooo hard to find the perfect tone of foundation or concealer. So i've been mixing 2 different shades of the same colour and add my OLAY moisturizer. I thinks its great and it give a MUCH more of a natural look!.. THANKS
Reply to this
MissPiggy wrote:
91) 6/23/2009 4:18:04 AM
I find that this is perfect for when you are in a rush in the morning like I am (every morning lol). Still look fresh and awake, professional, and simple. I like!
Reply to this
superjen wrote:
92) 6/23/2009 7:08:46 AM
This is a great video, esp. the tip about using moisturizer with the all over cover stick. It will be even better when e.l.f. makes mositurizer!
Reply to this
cici314 wrote:
93) 6/23/2009 7:48:35 AM
omg...I luv these beauty tips they are so helpful...I'm used putting on my makeup on my entire face but now like the video explains I should try just covering the t zone which would give me a more natural look and I wouldn't look like I got makeup on.Thanks for the beauty tips...because of these helpful tips and of course amazing products I LOVE ELF!!!
Reply to this
eyecandy007 wrote:
94) 6/23/2009 7:58:33 AM
I love these how to vids they are great and informative! this is the best makeup site by far! woohoo
Reply to this
rramirez27 wrote:
95) 6/23/2009 9:09:35 AM
thanks that was good infor about using mositure
Reply to this
mamitabella93 wrote:
96) 6/23/2009 10:23:32 AM
Reply to this
beeberz wrote:
97) 6/23/2009 10:23:40 AM
thanks for the tips! i thought you could only use concealer under your eyes! haha i am going to get me an all over cover stick now!
Reply to this
kcurl072007 wrote:
98) 6/23/2009 10:33:02 AM
I recently started to use E.l.F. products but have found them to be superb especially for the price. I also love watching the videos on elf products and have learned a lot of techniques. I love the idea of using your hand as a palette becuase it stops you from putting on to much or wasting product. Keep up the good work!
Reply to this
babycakes wrote:
99) 6/23/2009 11:52:19 AM
yay, for universal products!
Reply to this
Jennifer hong<3 wrote:
100) 6/23/2009 1:06:55 PM
wow -_-
Reply to this
phillygirl57 wrote:
101) 6/23/2009 2:48:09 PM
We are so excited about our products and it has spread across our office like wild fire. Everyone is excited when the next person gets their products. We've order just about everything collectively, now we're duplicating. Get some new stuff for us to get excited over. I think I'm waiting for my free make up kit with the combination of eyes lips and face. Otherwise love the products. Hope I get the free $5.00 coupon. Marsha from Philly.
Reply to this
kcurl072007 wrote:
102) 6/23/2009 4:33:59 PM
love the tips in this look, and amazing what else products do for the price. WOW!
Reply to this
all over cover stick wrote:
103) 6/23/2009 5:19:23 PM
I love the all over cover stick! Does this mean I get five dollars?
Reply to this
MorganMehan wrote:
104) 6/24/2009 7:29:48 PM
I loved this video so helpful! I will get the all over color stick!!
Reply to this
robin in paradise wrote:
105) 7/1/2009 6:04:52 PM
i've always tried to blend the foundation on my whole face,I tried the t-zone and it looks much better
Reply to this
Old lace wrote:
106) 7/2/2009 12:49:24 AM
Still haven't received my order and anxious to try this new idea along with your products. Thanks for the great tip. How do you make an older woman's pale face brighter without looking too gharrish?
Reply to this
theladyinblack3 wrote:
107) 8/21/2009 7:27:49 PM
This is another product I have but didn't know how to use it properly - thanks again for the tips!
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