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What Products Do You Need and Love?

Friday, July 03, 2009

Ok.  I don’t want to live in my own creative bubble.  I want to know what my elf fans love about their products?  What don’t you like?  What delivery system do you like for lip gloss (tube, click pen, brush tip, sponge tip, balm, roller ball etc)?  What product do you need that no one has created yet?  I want to make you even more beautiful that what you already are!!!!  They only way I can do that is to listen to your needs and requests.  Tell me what is your favorite scent, your favorite colors or if you want to see more glitter!  You can help me re-invent beauty.  So what are you doing pondering this blog entry.....tell me what you want and need and love!

XOXO Scott-Vincent BORBA
Celebrity Esthetician and Make-up Artist

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Tiffani wrote:
1) 7/3/2009 10:07:57 AM
I would love to see an all over face primer/pore minimizer by E.L.F. maybe in the studio or mineral line. I am very pleased that you all have the eye primer now!!! I really like your nail polishes they are soo good for the price they glide on great dry fast and if you do a base and top coat they last for a week! I love that you are adding in more colors that are fun and funky. I would like to see more eyebrow fillers in darker colors my hair is JET BLACK and non of them are dark enough =(. But other than that I love everything about E.L.F. its afforable and you do some awesome sales!! Thank you all for all you for us!!
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Twigs wrote:
2) 7/3/2009 10:28:16 AM
I prefer the doe-foor applicator. All though most people don't. I am a major fan!! Color's I would like to see are more neutral and light pinks. I've gotten into the whole nude thing lately. So I would love to try some more of those!! I love all my .E.L.F. Studio line products!! I'm so excited to try the new makeup remover wipes!! I would have to agree though that I would love to see an all over face primer. I have tried a few different ones. And I would love to see one from .E.L.F.!! I would also like to see maybe a setting powder?? I think that would be pretty neat to try. Or maybe even an makeup setting mist?? I just got one a few days ago. And I love it already! Peace Love && Lipstick. XOXOXOXO JordanMayTwigs.
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Chitabe wrote:
3) 7/3/2009 10:29:51 AM
I prefer the brush but would like one that you could twist up and have it delivered through the brush. That way it would be easier to apply in the car ;>)
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Lipglosslover wrote:
4) 7/3/2009 10:47:36 AM
I would like to see funkier, colours like green, aqua, bright red nailpolish, a MATTE bronzer for Light, Fair and Medium complections (I have oily skin and something matte would tone it down-LOL!), more pigmented eyeshadows in the duo powder eyeshadows; they are quite light, more shades/tastes in the Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 (cherry, strawberry, mango, peach,) more fragrances for the Bath & Body line such as: Cherry Blossom or Watermelon, Rainforest(I don't think that scent exists-wait a minute-that could be my invention!),grapefruit, body sprays such as fig or cherry, fresh cucumber, lime, green apple, grapefruit, 50ml hand sanitizers in various fragrances or non-fragrance, 500ml hand sanitizer for peoples desks, I love the scent of Coconut Lime Verbena and Freshwater Cucumber(Bath an Body Works products) and All-Over Face Primer for all skin issues-dry, oily, combination. Less shimmer would be great for the All Over Colour Stick. The colours are great but I have oily skin and some of the colours just go right into my pores making them more visible-gross! And I wash my face with warm, rinse with cold. Creamier lip and eye pencils with more colours, a much softer All Over Face Brush in the Orginal Line-the bristles scratch the skin-not good....I think thats it, for now.:)
Reply to this wrote:
5) 7/3/2009 11:17:32 AM
1. Studio eyeshadow blending brush. I love the synthetic, it's non-shedding! 2. A super eyebase or primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion, but w/better packaging lol! Their packaging totally sucks, I have to cut it in half to get 80% of the product. Even a colored-base, non-creams would be nice! :] 3. More studio blusher/bronzer duos colors! I love, love, love the NARS-like packaging, and I hope to see possible shadow duos, and blush duo come in the black packaging! 4. The quads look really tacky, they need to be revamped. 5. A Mixing medium to foil eyeshadows would be lovely. 6. A synthetic, kabuki for on-the-go! Like Too Faced Teddy Bear Kabuki. I would love it all black, or pink/black. Something girly and cute. :D 7. The crease brush needs to be more dense, in the studio line. So, the eye doesn't get scratched by the metal furrel [sp?]. Otherwise, the studio-line is the best thing in the world! I love it. :D
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Greek Girl wrote:
6) 7/3/2009 11:22:59 AM
I like a sponge tip lip gloss...I feel like I can apply it better! I wish they had a brush that delivered the perfect amount of bronzer for your cheeks...I sometimes make a mistake and then have to start all over again.
Reply to this wrote:
7) 7/3/2009 11:24:49 AM
Oh, and full-sized shadow sticks in different colors. I don't care for duo everything. Also, maybe a wax, colored-pencil for brows that is for redheads too. The taupe, brown, and black brow options don't work for us. ;D
Reply to this wrote:
8) 7/3/2009 11:26:47 AM
Argh, I submited before adding this last bit. An ANGLED, studio blush brush. For contouring and make it really full for controlled applications. ;D
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AshMarie093 wrote:
9) 7/3/2009 2:39:18 PM
here are some products i would LOVE to see elf come out with: single eyeshadows!! like in pots, and in some really different colors!! like greens, blues, oranges!! acrylic nails! they're so expensive, and elf could come out with some really pretty designs. =D id love to be able to wear elf nails to homecomming! a sensitive skin bath & body line that smells good! i love elf!! ♥
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charziparzipuddinpie wrote:
10) 7/3/2009 3:05:16 PM
Scott, YAY!!! For myself, I would love to see foundations/powders with a very yellow undertone [I'm med-tan Asian], foundations w/full or medium-full coverage, and cream-to-powder & powder foundations. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and sundamage blots, they are helicopter to cover, lol! I'd love the mineral lippies here, could ask for more of the med-dark colors, and also on the warmish side. I'm looking to replace my discontinued fave lippie color, it's a brownish-red, kinda like garnet, and have come close but not quite, as most most most reds I've found are on the pinkish side. As far as lip gloss, I like sponge tip, balm, and tube best. I need to stop myself NOW, or I'll keep on going! lol
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xwhymex wrote:
11) 7/3/2009 3:16:18 PM
One thing that I would absolutely appreciate is better cheap eyeliner. I hate to complain, but that eyeliner is just... bad. Also, maybe more cream eyeshadow colors, and in singles, rather than doubles. A greater variety of color would also be appreciated such as a champagne color, or a pearl. The same idea for powder eyeshadows- more variety in color and in ones. Another idea could be a product solely for highlighting; not bronzer or blush but another pretty shimmery white. All-in-all, I am GREATLY satisfied with all your products. :)
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Christmaself55 wrote:
12) 7/4/2009 1:20:09 PM
I love the Studio Line collection. The brushes are great and all the powders seem really nice even though I haven't tried them yet. I wish that the Studio Line collection would come out with it's own foundation and eye shadows. I'm sure it would be great :D
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Christmaself55 wrote:
13) 7/4/2009 1:20:10 PM
I love the Studio Line collection. The brushes are great and all the powders seem really nice even though I haven't tried them yet. I wish that the Studio Line collection would come out with it's own foundation and eye shadows. I'm sure it would be great :D
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Little Mama wrote:
14) 7/4/2009 1:22:18 PM
I love that you are adding more colors to your line. I would like to see more in the future as well. But what I would like to see the most is more suggestions on products on my profile, like what mineral or studio products should I try, and what colors of the new colors would look best on me. And I really do not like the taste of the hypershine lip gloss. The only one I really like is the mint sent in the liquid lipstick. Over all I love elf products and will continue to recomend them to everyone I know and meet. Thank you for creating such an affordable and useful make up company.
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Little Mama wrote:
15) 7/4/2009 1:22:19 PM
I love that you are adding more colors to your line. I would like to see more in the future as well. But what I would like to see the most is more suggestions on products on my profile, like what mineral or studio products should I try, and what colors of the new colors would look best on me. And I really do not like the taste of the hypershine lip gloss. The only one I really like is the mint sent in the liquid lipstick. Over all I love elf products and will continue to recomend them to everyone I know and meet. Thank you for creating such an affordable and useful make up company.
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alikay wrote:
16) 7/5/2009 12:36:11 PM
AN EYE LASH CONDITIONER! Eye lash conditioners are the new "it" thing in the beauty industry right now but are massively expensive. Eye Lash Conditioners promote eyelash growth by conditioning them and protecting them. Something tells me that you guys could figure out a way to protect and condition eye lashes for a fraction of the price. PEOPLE WOULD BUY IT!
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Daniella wrote:
17) 7/6/2009 5:05:43 PM
i would like to see some more bright eyeshadow colors as well as shimmery and matte colors. It would be so awesome if you guys had gel eyeliners and more pencil eyeliners in a wider variety of colors. As for lipsticks i would suggest adding some pale colors as well as some bright one, i've bought 4 and they are not true to the color swatch online and they are very muted and dark for my fair skin. Adding lip glosses that have good pigmentation and do not go on sheer would be so so cool. I hope my suggestions are taken into consideration. =]
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Daniella wrote:
18) 7/6/2009 5:14:06 PM
oh and it would be so cool if you guys would sell empty pallets (like MAC)and sell more individual colors. Face primer would be great and a new type of mascara.
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robin in paradise wrote:
19) 7/6/2009 5:46:48 PM
I love every thing I bought except the eye pencils,they need to be softer,they pull the eye to much.Could you start outlining products and tips for older skin? How about a line for aging skin with retinols,collogen,or other products that improve skin ,but cost a fortune? I would purchase these things and I'm sure a good chuck of the baby boomers would too!
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etwirler04 wrote:
20) 7/7/2009 4:42:48 PM
I really enjoy products that come in a pen form such as the Hypershine Gloss and the new Mineral Eyeliner because they're great to take with you on the go and you don't have to worry about leakage or damage (like the packaging tube of the Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15). I love the Nourishing Cuticle Pen and I use it all of the time and I wondered if there was a way to make a Nail Polish Remover Pen because there are some spots that are tricky to remove polish in the corners of the nails. It would also be handy to have a Make-up Remover Pen in case of small mistakes that don't require using a huge make-up remover wipe. I love the ELF line and I always have my eye out for new products! Thanks for all the great products!
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sunshinehalo84 wrote:
21) 7/8/2009 8:06:22 AM
I am completely obsessed with the studio line of e.l.f. products. I think though adding a liquid to powder foundation compact would be helpful. As well as some eye shadow compacts in the studio line. As far as anything else goes, I think that good makeup starts with good skin. If you had a facial line I know I'd definitely be on board with it. Stuff like clay masks, peels, exfoliants, toners, moisturizers, under eye gel, night cream, blemish treatment, etc. And all for different skin types, normal, dry, oily, and combo. That would be so fabulous.
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etwirler04 wrote:
22) 7/9/2009 2:59:53 PM
I thought about this a little bit more and I really enjoy the bath and body scents that you have in the ELF collection. It would be fun if ELF came out with mini hand sanitizers in the pineapple mango, coconut vanilla and the other scents rather than just the unscented versions. Lastly, I've seen so many other make-up brands coming out with shimmery mascaras and it would be great if ELF created their own version. Thanks!
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icecoldredhead wrote:
23) 7/10/2009 10:30:27 AM
I love almost everything I've tried from ELF, and I thank you for making such great products at such amazing prices. However, if I were in charge, the following things would be tweaked: the eyebrow pencils need to come in an auburn/strawberry shade for the redheads, and I would love it if your foundation products came in colors for the truly pale. "Fair" just isn't light enough! Maybe you could add 'alabaster.' ;) I'd also like to see more lip plumping glosses/lipsticks; new colors and a new formula (somewhere between the studio line plumper, which leaves my lips chapped, and the regular plumping lip glaze, which isn't very powerful).
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vixenlove08 wrote:
24) 7/10/2009 12:48:40 PM
i would love to see brighter eyeshadows and more with the nails maybe fake nails and products to go along with it
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Kimmommyof2 wrote:
25) 7/10/2009 1:53:55 PM
I would love to see more brighter colors and that are more pigmented. me being a person of color i have a hard time finding colors that will actually show up on my skin complexion. I would also like to see a studio line lip stick.
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lnm29 wrote:
26) 7/10/2009 5:27:43 PM
I love ELF products! The only thing I might like to see is something Gardenia or Jasmine scented in the Bath & Body line, and more kind of crazy/fun nail polish colors! And as far as the lip gloss, I've never tried a sponge applicator but it sounds like a great idea. Otherwise please just keep doing what you're doing because it's wonderful!
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marlee wrote:
27) 7/12/2009 5:59:34 PM
i would love it if their was a foundation by elf! and maybe a lil more bright summer colors for the duo eyeshadows... and some gel eyeliner to use with my new elf eyeliner brush! i love elf... hope to see this products soon!!!!
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mikki tee wrote:
28) 7/10/2009 10:51:58 AM
I love the minerals line. The eye colors are so vibrant but I have notice that there aren't many matte colors. I would like to see just a few more matte colors in the natural/earth tones. To me a lot of glitter/sparkle isn't a good daily daytime look. Thanks for adding the minerals primer. I love the way it holds the eye color and somewhat tones down all the sparkle for a daytime look. I wouldn't mind seeing the minerals line with a fat eye color pencil.
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Altovise wrote:
29) 7/10/2009 4:53:53 PM
What I love, luv, lub about e.l.f is their reasonable pricing for newbie like myself to try out so much for so little. I would love to see a bronzer in a more tone down less to no shimmer or matte/conture shade. A flat top face brush to blend foundation(if I havent over looked it) would be a nice addition to your brushes. I so love the new eyeshadow shades that will be in stock...I see several I will be purchasing as soon as they are avaliable.....just keep up the great work its not much im dissatisfied with at all....I love you guys!
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dagospelmakeupchick wrote:
30) 7/12/2009 10:01:04 PM
I love Elf products. I have bags full of it. I would love for you to offer more brighter colors like turquoise, lime green, red, orange, purple, etc. Also to offer the eye primer only in a circular container because you have to dig it out when it has gotten down to the part you have used. The eyeliner brush, I would love to have a longer wand with a thin brush at the tip and not that thick one already
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Alexandria86 wrote:
31) 7/13/2009 8:07:58 AM
I need more sparkle. I love bronzers, I am new to elf make up; got my first delivary last week and love it so far. I just want to wear the bronzers they have great colors; but I really need some more sparkle in them; I actually love the pixie dust look. It's magical.And it looks great on every skin tone.I'm a darker caramel color and would really love that. Thank you for the opportunity to share. XOXOXO
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Minerals! wrote:
32) 7/15/2009 12:29:32 PM
I love the glitter especially in the mineral eye shadow. I did NOT like the cheek color. The thing was really small and broke in pieces quickly. The eye makeup remover pads were soaked so when I went to use them the liquid got in my eyes. Lip gloss: i like a tub with a sponge tip. Click pen is annoying.
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clara711 wrote:
33) 7/17/2009 2:24:13 PM
I would really appreciate a wider variety of colors on your mineral eye shadows. I would LOVE BRIGHT orange, yellow, turquoise, purple, and Green! (I know you have purple and green already, but I would like a more vibrant color) ALSO I would love if you had a skin care line with face wash, Make-up Remover (not wipes) and Moisturizer with sunscreen.
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Bee Cullen wrote:
34) 7/18/2009 1:23:20 AM
You need the following: gel liners, cheaper shipping, angled liner brushes, non-shedding brushes, more colors in everything, add SPF in the all over color sticks if you haven't already, more false eyelashes(i like the criss-cross kind), glitter eyeliners, ect. Lip gloss delivery: I don't care, but I absolutly hate thoose angled squeeze tubes. Yuck! Favorite scent: Mint, Cocconut&Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Citrus Mango, Freesia&Straberries, Vanilla, ect. Favorite color(s): Black, Red, Silver, Green, Yellow, ect. Glitter: I want Glitter eyeliner. (liquid) What I don't like: You have many items that seem the same, it gets confusing. I would like better descriptions and directions. What I love: Cheap professional-style makeup, Cheap Shipping, Customer Imput. -Bee<3
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robin in paradise wrote:
35) 7/18/2009 5:49:25 AM
I'm looking for some different greens in your eye shadows, mainly the mineral ones which are the best shadows I've ever used. I tried a peacock shade of green at Sephoras that every one was crazy for, I wasn't crazy about the price. Other people on blogs are also looking for these "greens"and wished you had them. And how about some facial skin care products?
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kirby wrote:
36) 7/18/2009 1:01:11 PM
What an open set of questions! Lip Application - I have figured out that if you tighten the lip gloss tube too far, the top comes out of the tube a bit, and that's why they become such a mess. I do appreciate the S.P.F. 15 in the product though. My favorite lip product, and also the easiest to apply, is the sponge tip application of the plumping lip glaze! Lip Color - I like purples best, like the "sugar plum" hypershine gloss, or "bitter" lip pencil which I mix with clear lip gloss to make it a bit lighter. Eyes - I agree with another blogger. I think people would buy an eyelash conditioner that also promoted growth. I know I would. If it also promoted root strength, it would be even more appealing, since my eyelashes fall out rather easily when I am Very gently cleaning mascara off them. Face - It would be great if you had a leave-on moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide at about 2.5%. More than that, and my skin gets dry, especially in the winter (North Dakota with -70 degree F. wind chills TOOOO often) and in the summer, 5% benzoyl peroxide makes my fair skin burn even with sunblock. The best is 2.5%, but I have only found one place that does it, and it's pretty expensive.
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lovetheearth wrote:
37) 7/18/2009 9:15:25 PM
i would love to see organic products!
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BrittanyG wrote:
38) 7/24/2009 11:22:32 AM
I prefer the doe foot applicator. I would love to see e.l.f. have single eyeshadows and brighter colors. Also, I'd like to see more brushes, maybe a crease brush, or a tapered blending brush. Other than that you guys are amazing.
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Dillinger wrote:
39) 7/28/2009 7:47:08 PM
I would like to see a facial care line like cleansers and lotions. I love the Studio line wipes, but wish there were other options. More colors in the custom palette line please! Maybe some greens, blues, greys and purples. More products in the Studio line. I adore what is there now, and would like to see something like an eyelash conditioner, mascara primer, more colors (including clear) in the Shape and Define lip pencil. It is such a great line that it should be expanded. No more glitter and shimmer! Shimmer works for night time, but nor while at work. More matte color options would be wonderful. Is there a possibility of a future hair care line? Just keep up the good work. Anything new that comes out I doubt you will have any trouble selling - too many people love e.l.f.!
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Gris711 wrote:
40) 9/10/2009 4:00:22 PM
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