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Grey Hair

Friday, February 05, 2010

Most of us ladies are freaked out at the pop up of a grey hair, yikes! But could it be…that the grey hair we used to try and disguise is now a fashion trend!?! Hmm, talk about a convenient trend! Spotted on contour runways and fashion icons like Kate Moss, these new artificial streaks of grey look could possibly be the turning over of a new leaf that aging is actually fashionable, gasp who would have thought. What do you think of artificial grey, love it or hate it?
Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

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LinaNina08 wrote:
1) 2/5/2010 10:01:34 AM
Wow. Really? That's kind of exciting. I'm 19 and I've had three white hairs in my life. More recently obviously, but I'm never pleased.
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LeighKeller wrote:
2) 2/5/2010 10:13:37 AM
hmm...I'm not really lovin this look on the younger crowd, however - on the "older" ladies I would say I love it. Looks distinguished.
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feelings* wrote:
3) 2/5/2010 10:15:52 AM
I see a lady on the bus all the time, looks wonderful on her. me not so much.
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Angi wrote:
4) 2/5/2010 10:26:52 AM
Wow, artificial grey??? I'm not sure I would do it, but I'm really excited abou the thought that it's a trend. I mean I can let my roots grow out just for the "trend" of it all now.
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AshT wrote:
5) 2/5/2010 10:27:27 AM
It's definitely a unique look. I can't say I really dig it now but maybe it will grow on me!
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Atlanta Gal wrote:
6) 2/5/2010 10:46:32 AM
I have some grays that popped up right on my part at the crown of my head. (They should up after an intense hospitalization - but I am all better now)! I used to hate them - but now I embrace them for several reasons. 1) They remind me that I am blessed to be healthy, 2) there are more important things in life than gray hair and 3) women are absolutely gorgeous naturally - grays and all! I am 29 and have no plans to cover them up. Bring it on!!
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Randi373 wrote:
7) 2/5/2010 10:54:51 AM
I think it looks pretty chic on Staci from what not to wear. Getting wiser should be celebrated :)
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NaturallyMe wrote:
8) 2/5/2010 10:55:36 AM
Most people try to cover their gray hair up, but I think that it is nice. I think that everyone should let it show, it is coming anyway. :)
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angel49 wrote:
9) 2/5/2010 11:13:10 AM
I am 60 and have not dyed my hair for years. People say they like my hair the way it is. I used to feel old but now I like my look and am proud of it!
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Katie B wrote:
10) 2/5/2010 11:17:21 AM
I think it looks nice with some hair colors and on some people, but I don't think blondes like Kate Moss can pull that off. It kind of looks like she has flour in her hair. This is one trend that would definitely look better on people with darker hair.
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bmecv30 wrote:
11) 2/5/2010 11:19:10 AM
I stopped dying my hair almost a year ago and I'm in my mid-30s. I've got enough to know I lived well and have many miles to go! :) I've gotten many more compliments on my hair since I stopped coloring. I'm glad to see this "trend" to embrace gray (or in my case sharp silver!) but I probably wouldn't recommend intentionally dying hair gray.
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staci wrote:
12) 2/5/2010 11:32:50 AM
that is so exciting since i have about 7 gray hairs already!
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RH wrote:
13) 2/5/2010 11:38:06 AM
I'm 20 and have found 4 grey hairs in the past weeks! I still can't find it fashionable, especially at 20, I freaked out! I do think it looks good on older women though.
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desertrose wrote:
14) 2/5/2010 11:51:39 AM
Fake grays? Oh heck no. For one thing it doesn't look right - like their colorist messed up or something. That said, I wouldn't mind if it opened the door to let those of us with REAL gray be comfortable with our natural color or stripes or mix of colors or whatever our gray might have grown in as being. Gray is a natural sign of aging and comes with stuff like hard work and wisdom. Other cultures see it as a sign of honor and that the person should be treated with extra respect because of what they've had a chance to endure or learn. Not ours, we chase eternal youth and pluck or dye every last gray hair. And for the record, I've spent the last twenty years alternating between showing and hiding a stripe - yes a stripe - of gray that grows in just above my left eye. It was the first sign I'd gotten my family's premature gray gene and appeared my freshman year of college. Yikes!
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spunko wrote:
15) 2/5/2010 11:59:46 AM
I have plenty if someone needs a transplant!
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KeachyMama wrote:
16) 2/5/2010 12:01:01 PM
Fake grey? Please. They wish they could recreate what I've had naturally since I was 13. 27 years later I still LOVE my natural grey - I even dropped a hairstylist because she suggested I color it. I read someone else's comment who said she hoped this would open the door for acceptance of natural grey, and I couldn't agree more. CELEBRATE THE GREY!! Naturally, of course. :)
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annemay wrote:
17) 2/5/2010 12:06:04 PM
I think its cool. The signs of aging should also be seen as beautiful.
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.xXx. wrote:
18) 2/5/2010 12:07:11 PM
im 25 and i was just talking to my co-worker about this! ha how exciting! i love gray hair, it's so elegant to me. =]
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rashu wrote:
19) 2/5/2010 12:07:15 PM
I think its a wonderful trend, now people with greys can stop covering up, and instead flaunt it. I don't have grey hairs yet, but I doubt if I would get my hair streaked with grey color.
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Amezri wrote:
20) 2/5/2010 12:12:24 PM
I, for one, would be okay with that since I just started finding some grey hairs! :P
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03vanessa wrote:
21) 2/5/2010 12:12:55 PM
Hmmm not every trend suits everyone. I don't think I'm joining the bandwagon on this one lol
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andreaofthebronx wrote:
22) 2/5/2010 12:15:33 PM
I love being salt-and-pepper, but I don't know about this "artificial gray" trend on younger women. I tend to feel that gray hair is for those of us who have earned it by managing to stay alive and with, as desertrose said, hard work and wisdom. That photo of Kate Moss with some gray showing on obviously dyed hair? To me, it looks like her colorist just did a bad job!
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InstantK wrote:
23) 2/5/2010 12:27:55 PM
I think the idea is great, but it would look better with dark hair for a stronger color contrast.
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WhitneyAshton wrote:
24) 2/5/2010 12:35:43 PM
Love it!
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odinsbacklash wrote:
25) 2/5/2010 12:43:21 PM
Artificial grey?I think that would clash on me.My hair is purple,with lime green bangs.I don't like grey eye shadow on me as it clashes with my green eyes.So,no,if I want highlights in my hair I just add some fuchsia purple a bit to each side and maybe a touch in back but NO grey thanks.Thats maybe better for a more "natural" look.
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grey id back wrote:
26) 2/5/2010 1:50:48 PM
I think my gray hair gives me a power of wisdom and a sense of sexiness as well
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Geepers wrote:
27) 2/5/2010 2:16:06 PM
Stopped dying my hair a few years ago and let the natural gray show. Get nothing but compliments about how natural my hair looks and how well the gray blends with my chestnut brown locks :-)
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Ridergrl14 wrote:
28) 2/5/2010 2:24:34 PM
I think that this look would look much better on older women.... but i still think that with the right working anyone could pull of this look....
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ant8949 wrote:
29) 2/5/2010 2:41:19 PM
I've had gray hair since I was 15. I hate it! I still don't like the gray look on the models. When Stacy London (What Not To Wear) had it it looked somewhat tacky.
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ArielleMarie wrote:
30) 2/5/2010 2:42:43 PM
I actually really like grey hair it shows intellegence and maturity
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timdaddysgirl wrote:
31) 2/5/2010 2:51:31 PM
I havent found a gray hair yet knock on wood but I for sure think that if I did I would be going to the salon asap but thats just me lol
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=DSmile=D wrote:
32) 2/5/2010 3:31:41 PM
I don't hate it, but I also don't love it. I think natural hair looks best on everyone. :)
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loverofgloss wrote:
33) 2/5/2010 6:35:28 PM
Ya, not a fan of grey hair. I see a grey strand and OMG-gotta pluck it out!
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jewelssilva wrote:
34) 2/5/2010 9:41:10 PM
I love the under eye concelar and highlighter, i dont know what i would do without it.
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Memly wrote:
35) 2/5/2010 2:26:14 PM
I've had grey hair since I was 2 thanks to vitiligo, and I have very mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it's sort of validating - now the grey hair that I used to get teased for in elementary school is the "in" thing. On the other hand, it's something I'm still very sensitive about, and I don't want people to think that because it's a trend it's acceptable to publicly comment on my grey hair. I've also never been to big on the "in" fashions and feel really funny about involuntarily participating in a trend like this! But hey, the nice thing about going grey so young is that I'll never be self-conscious when the rest of my hair starts to go grey because I've had years to get used to it!
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chocolateforall wrote:
36) 2/5/2010 3:07:12 PM
Following in the footsteps of my mother and her sisters I started going grey in my twenties. I had a terrible streak that looked like a skunk. So...now I have been having my hair colored for many many years. I am heading into my late sixties and will not stop with the coloring. I know some people look great with grey hair and I applaud them for being honest with their hair. As for me I just don't think I can ever do it.
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charziparzipuddinpie wrote:
37) 2/5/2010 8:17:20 PM
I've had grey hair starting at age 14 [I'm gonna be 41 in May], and while I love REAL greys - I'm very proud of mine, as I've earned each and every one of 'em! - fake is weird, and this is just my opinion. Ageing is great, that's where we're all headed anyways, and even though I think it's weird to have artificial greys if it makes people realise that 'older is juuuust fine', then GREAT! besides, I don't consider 40 to be old, lol
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Bree H wrote:
38) 2/6/2010 10:40:11 AM
I myself hate it (because I'm young and I want to stay young)But my mom loves it.
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Rak wrote:
39) 2/6/2010 10:43:10 AM
Grey hair is sexy!
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MissKae wrote:
40) 2/6/2010 7:42:02 PM
If you're going grey, but all means embrace your silver lining, but really? STREAKING your hair with grey??
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jacobianchica wrote:
41) 2/6/2010 9:15:31 PM
hate it
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ellen888826 wrote:
42) 2/6/2010 9:19:10 PM
thats pretty interesting... im always up for new trends!
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moondropp wrote:
43) 2/6/2010 9:44:49 PM
No thanks, nothing makes you look older than gray hair. Nope, never, not for me. This is one trend I will not be following.
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iknurira wrote:
44) 2/8/2010 12:47:32 AM
dear all , grey hair makes a person look older, but it gives a charisma.I prefer normal hair color instead of grey hair.I try to stop my grey hair.As a fashion it is opposite to me.
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taz1946 wrote:
45) 2/8/2010 12:02:01 PM
Kate Moss's hair looks more like platinum streaks in already highlighted hair. The grey hair that comes naturally with age is drabbing to most complexions. Very few women can wear it well.
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46) 2/8/2010 8:37:44 PM
Very unique
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Neziepoo wrote:
47) 2/8/2010 11:01:56 PM
I think fashion is what you make of it. Gray hair might look awsome on one person, not so great for others. I would definetly try it, when I get older. (I'm only 23)
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choclotefreak wrote:
48) 2/9/2010 1:30:01 PM
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