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Thank you for your beauty tips!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thank you for your letting us in on your best beauty secrets and tips!  We love featuring your tips in our newsletter!  You can easily send us your best tips and tricks to me at And if we do select your beauty tip to feature we’ll send you a free $25 e.l.f. egift card to go shopping on us just to say thanks!  So let’s hear your best beauty secrets girls!!
{Achelle is the Creative Director, Brand Ambassador and official Makeup Artist for e.l.f. cosmetics}

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MizzDazzle wrote:
1) 5/17/2010 10:50:10 AM
For a longer lasting nail polish wear.I put a coat of elf clear polish on my nail...Followed by two coats of my favorite elf nail polish color...Then I apply another coat of elf clear polish.Perfect finish and long lasting.
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maddy4 wrote:
2) 5/17/2010 11:12:32 AM
For extra long and full lashes, I use two different mascaras. I first use ELF's Mineral Infused Mascara which has the plastic brush. Then after I've done a few coats, I go over it with a mascara that has a bristle brush. I don't wait to dry in between coats. The outcome: super full and long lashes without having to wear fake eyelashes!
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K Diva wrote:
3) 5/17/2010 11:27:02 AM
If I get a pimple I put toothpaste on it and by the morning the size is reduced.
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kristinanj wrote:
4) 5/17/2010 11:35:20 AM
When summer comes and the ocean, pool, sun and sand wreak havoc on your locks, to keep your hair healthy and shiny...not brittle and tangled...I heavily apply a leave in conditioning product and either braid it or put it in a twist before a day by the pool or at the beach. When I wash and ready for a night out later, my hair is beautiful, soft, shiny and sun-kissed...not sun-damaged.
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Jaylo1223 wrote:
5) 5/17/2010 11:35:54 AM
I put on ELF's Therapeutics Conditioning Balm before going to bed and wake up with nice soft lips that make my lipstick glide smoothly!
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Kayla528 wrote:
6) 5/17/2010 11:54:35 AM
I always read the latest tips from e.l.f. because the experts and customers have the best, realistic advice! I have combination skin with rosacea, and I have found some great help on here! Thanks!!!
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Shandi wrote:
7) 5/17/2010 11:58:54 AM
I like a little more coverage then the mineral foundation gives by itself. So, I use e.l.f.'s all over stick on my T-zone and blend in with a blending wedge. After it is blended, I then use e.l.f.'s mineral foundation and blend over my whole face with the Total Face Brush. Then for the final touch I dab my brush into e.l.f's high definition powder and blend just a small amount over my cheeks and nose just for that soft look. It might not be the traditional way of doing your make-up, but it works for me!
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xmkx wrote:
8) 5/17/2010 12:07:00 PM
I really love ELF's tinted moisturizer. It doesn't make me break out like most tinted moisturizers, gives just the right amount of coverage to enhance my skin tone without covering it up, and works pretty well by itself as a moisturizer/sunscreen. The waterproof side of the earth/water mascara is awesome as well - it's really waterproof! I've spent way more on waterproof mascara only to have it running down my cheeks in rain or after crying.
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Amy's eyes wrote:
9) 5/17/2010 12:16:59 PM
I love love love dark smoldering smokey eyes and e.l.f.'s Studio line is perfect for creating it. If I want the shadow a little darker I simply dampen my brush with a little saline solution before I run it through the compact and presto I have a deeper shade!
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UgandanAmericanBeauty wrote:
10) 5/17/2010 12:30:14 PM
To minimize pimples, just apply a dab of unrefined Castor Oil on the pimple at night. In the morning, wash your face and continue with your daily routine. The pimple will be smaller. Continue for another day or so until pimple is gone.(Castor oil is non-comedogenic- does not clog pores).By the way, I have naturally oily skin and it is GREAT for me. Just use very little...a little goes a long way!
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yahi wrote:
11) 5/17/2010 12:38:35 PM
If you want a summer glowing look, just add a few drops of the Elf's Shimmering Facial Whip to your foundation or your Elf's Tinted Moisturizer and apply it with a sponge or a brush. Then set it with the Complexion Perfection, add a little bit of bronzer from the Studio Line and for highlight add the new blush color Gotta Glow from the Studio Line is perfect, put some blush in the apples of your cheeks. For the eyes try a little bit of bronzer, just to contour the eye and the same blush to highlight under your eyebrows, this look pretty, try it. Put some gloss or lip balm and you are ready to go!
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dilemilys wrote:
12) 5/17/2010 12:42:12 PM
For long lasting lip-wear, apply elf's studio line lip stain and let dry. After, apply a coat or two of any chap stick and your lips will be soft and colorful for hours.
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lisa18 wrote:
13) 5/17/2010 12:56:06 PM
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kayteekans wrote:
14) 5/17/2010 1:09:54 PM
when my skin starts to look really bleck and is oily and pimple prone i sleep with a mint julep mask and in the morning my skin is soft, clear, and glowing =]
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Studio Products wrote:
15) 5/17/2010 1:21:30 PM
E.L.F.'s Studio products are great! They are comparable in quality to pricier professional product lines, but much more cost affordable.
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Melrose Place wrote:
16) 5/17/2010 1:23:20 PM
You know what I love more than anything? ELF Mineral Bronzer! When I ordered it I didn't know it was going to come in such a big container, but thank goodness it did! I love to use it on a night out or even days in a sundress. Its so light and covers so well you can dust it on the high points of your face, the sides of your arms and around the collar bone and you look like you've spent a day at the shore! Its also a really great tool for fixing existing tan lines if you're going to be wearing something strapless. Especially with summer around the corner, I can't live without ELF Mineral Bronzer!!!
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iAMminky3 wrote:
17) 5/17/2010 1:31:47 PM
Thank you E.L.F. for all your amazing products and your prices! I am so happy to be a proud owner of many of your products and I love how I am saving so much money for great quality cosmetics.
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iibarrawa wrote:
18) 5/17/2010 1:31:53 PM
My most favorite elf product is from the studio line...the brow powder and gel. I have paid nearly 40 dollars for an identical product. Crazy right. My best beauty trick is to have nice eyebrows your eyes are the windows to your soul.
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jamielee9003 wrote:
19) 5/17/2010 2:39:46 PM
My favorite beauty trick is finding multiple uses for products. I use the peachy color from the butter pecan Cream Eye Shadow Duo as a cream blush for a naturally radiant glow.
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corinnaxjb wrote:
20) 5/17/2010 3:17:48 PM
instead of using a makeup remover that has chemicals in it i use all natural extra virgin olive oil to take my makeup off. plus when waterproof mascara does not want to come off, it takes it off so much easier.
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Lissa L wrote:
21) 5/17/2010 3:26:57 PM
My best beauty tip has got to be mixing bronzing powder with lotion to make my tan lines a bit less noticeable. I hate going to work and having a random overly white strap mark, so I just mix a bit of bronzer into my lotion or sunscreen and blend it in. I know it doesn't completely cover the tan line, but it at least blends it a bit and makes it less harsh.
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Wildblaze wrote:
22) 5/17/2010 3:33:01 PM
My beauty tip on lips makeover is applying lipliner first before apply a lip gloss. It makes my mouth look very sexy.
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princesslovesmac wrote:
23) 5/17/2010 3:52:09 PM
my favorite beauty trick is using the eye brightning quads and blend lots of color to create a beautiful eye look...
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Matsmummy wrote:
24) 5/17/2010 2:21:10 PM
As my name indicates, I am a mum ;), a mum of an under-five at that, which means I sometimes only have about 2.5 minutes in the morning to put make-up on. I love the elf all-over color stick because I can dot it on my cheeks, swipe it over my lips and voila! i'm done! Well, at least I feel as though I look human enough to go out after maybe five hours sleep. Even when I use this product with my eyes half-closed, it never looks that way - the color is both vibrant and yet quite subtle. You just need a bit of blending and it really seems to shade into your natural color. Thank you elf!
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HRavenRose wrote:
25) 5/17/2010 3:11:19 PM
I lovez E.L.F. One thing I do is put Castor oil on my eyelashes at night to thicken my eyelashes and make them grow. Over weeks they are longer and fuller and even more lovely under E.L.F. minerals eyeshadow! It is incredible, and very cost effective compared to expensive FDA approved chemically based not natural products which are more expensive ($99-$150 per prescription, not including physician fees) and may have side-effects like eye irritation, redness, itching, or hyperpigmentation of the eyelid or eyes.
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sapphire75 wrote:
26) 5/17/2010 4:43:28 PM
I love to wear the eyeshadow without mascara. They make my eyes really come out. I also like how light the makeup is on my face and it does not clog my pores. Thanks e.l.f.!
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highlylowplaces wrote:
27) 5/17/2010 6:18:05 PM
In order to get that dewy (but not glittery!) look, use a light bronzer with a little bit of shimmer such as ELF's Golden Bronzer with a medium fluffy brush to apply onto the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, and on the chin. These are areas that light hits your face, so it will illuminate your face without looking like you're trying!
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HaileyZhao wrote:
28) 5/17/2010 6:28:21 PM
Well I actually got my best tips and tricks from youtube and especially at where there are some tips at the bottom, where I look at some products.
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charissaeff wrote:
29) 5/17/2010 6:37:26 PM
My favorite way to look a little more awake on my "Monday" days is using the mineral concealer under my eyes as well as right below the brow, giving my eyes a POP and creating a more energetic look.
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loverofgloss wrote:
30) 5/17/2010 7:55:26 PM
I've been using the elf $1.00 eyelid primer with the All Over Colour Stick in Persimmon as a base. I then apply a similar colour in a powder eyeshadow like (a different brand) Annabelle's eye colour in #121-a light lilac colour. I find this combination perfect for the daytime and for night I would intensify the colour using Annabelle's powder duo eyeshadow (the darkest shade) in Kir Royale and add that to the bottom of the eyelid. I find when I use elf's eyeprimer along with elf's cream eyeshadows then use a powder colour that's identical, the colours just pop. I also notice Annabelle's Duo Eyeshadows compliment Elf's cream eyeshadows very, very well. And to add again elf's cream eyeshadow in Mocha Swirl (lighter side) is very close in colour to the All Over Colour Stick in Persimmon. So, if you run out of the stick shade get the cream eyeshadow as a back up. They both do the same job and either is a great backup for the other!!
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makeup-lover wrote:
31) 5/17/2010 7:55:46 PM
My favorite product is the tinted moistuzer because its very naturally on my skin and makes it look healthy. Its one of the best products. Also this product is really good for the summer.
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Tinted Moisterizer and complection perfection wrote:
32) 5/17/2010 10:47:31 PM
my favorite product is the tinted moisturizer it doesn't clump or peel of and stays on all day and it matches my skin tone perfectly it is just like foundation! I also enjoy using completion perfection because it does a good job evening my skin tone, concealing under eye circles and setting foundation. my tips are to use the eyeshadow brush and the yellow in the completion perfection for under eye circles.
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PrettyPia wrote:
33) 5/17/2010 11:28:05 PM
I was pleasantly surprised by the great quality of elf products. I love love love the waterproof eyeliner, it is the easiest way to beautify my eyes! Its just like a sharpie. And it is truly waterproof, still comes off super easy with make up remover. I have 5 of these, 1 in each purse. Thank you elf for making such miracle products that I don't feel guilty buying!
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cassdel wrote:
34) 5/18/2010 12:53:09 AM
i use my complextion perfection as a setting powder after i put my help with redness and keeps my makeup on allday...
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medangit wrote:
35) 5/18/2010 1:17:49 AM
I have so many favorite ELF produucts, water proof eyeliner is a BIG fav of my 16 yr old daughter and now her friends, cream eyeshadow duo is wonderful, we've got 6-7 of them, I lost count. The color sticks are a great multitasker. Thank you so much for keeping them affordable and very usuable. We try as much as we can.
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Raichu wrote:
36) 5/18/2010 10:41:48 AM
I always put on cream after I wash my face to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day!
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india wrote:
37) 5/21/2010 4:51:58 PM
1 for 3 things... You can use your LIPSTICK as a blush and also as a cream eyeshadow to pop the color of your powder eyeshadow. Just put a little on the cheekbones and eyelids and blend with your fingers, then put the blush and eyeshadow of your choice to set it or just a setting powder. Then use it for your lips and your done...
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JaxLovesYou wrote:
38) 5/21/2010 8:03:41 PM
Love these products! My tip: before applying lipstick, I always apply some lip balm or lotion so the lipstick glides on smoothly. This also makes the color last longer, instead of fading and only sticking to chappy lips.
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Stephi19 wrote:
39) 5/21/2010 11:58:10 PM
If you have fashion "fake" jewelry that you love but you are to scared to wear it because the color will change.... use ELF clear nail polish on the fashion jewelry for a protective coating!
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ashmaster wrote:
40) 5/22/2010 10:04:22 AM
instead of eyeliner on the top portion of my eyelid; I use the elf mineral makeup on a wet brush, or if you don't have that a q-tip (elf's brushes are nice and cheap anyways and better for the environment)i usually use whatever color I'm using as my eyeshadow as it complements it well.
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Amour wrote:
41) 5/23/2010 1:41:41 PM
Lemon juice is great for a lot of things because it's a natural brightener. If you have yellowish stained nails from wearing colored nail polish brighten up your nails. Take a bowl of warm water and add some lemon juice to it. Soak for about 15 minutes. Now remember Rome wasn't built in a day so it's not going to whiten with only one soaking. You'll have to do this regularly for about a week to see results. Also, take some lemon juice and swipe it over your nails to help speed up the process. Take care of your nails by painting them with a non-yellowing base and top coat before and after polishing.
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deedeelogan wrote:
42) 5/24/2010 12:00:43 PM
I love studio contour and blush/bronzer combo. The bronzer melts into my skin for a flawless look. The blush is a perfect highlighter to make my cheekbones pop. BTW, this product is featured in the June 2010 issue of Allure magazine under the bronzer feature.
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Momarella wrote:
43) 5/27/2010 2:45:26 AM
I never thought I'd be a Soccer Mom but here I am 41 and 3 kids, 2 at home one in school. Some days I can barely find a moment to myself but I always carry my makeup bag and one of my Must have's is Elf's Studio Contouring Blush/Bronzing Powder and the Total Face Brush. Even if you dont have anything else on and you quickly brush this on while waiting in carpool line OMG! I feel fabulous and Pretty! Ready for anything!
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OhioME wrote:
44) 5/27/2010 3:53:56 PM
Hi I live your products
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jugnu wrote:
45) 5/27/2010 3:57:46 PM
I have found the powder of dried orange peels to be very effective face mask. it brings in a glow on my face and prevents acne breakouts
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Theresa T wrote:
46) 12/19/2010 1:32:06 AM
Lemon juice! use it as a toner, where it to bed and within one night you have beautiful radiant skin. For the first time use a little bit of water then less until your skin in tolerant to the lemon. Use it for a week straight, I promise you, dull skin will be a thing of the past!
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