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Natalie Portman new face of Parfums Christian Dior

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Natalie Portman is the new face for Parfums Christian Dior to represent the fragrance and cosmetic brand.  She joins fellow celebrities like Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Jude Law and more as celebrity endorsers.  Dior felt Portman was an actress with strong appeal among both fashion and film.  Starring in over 25 films, Portman has definitely made a name for herself!  What celebrity would you choose for the face of e.l.f.?

{Achelle is the Creative Director, Brand Ambassador and official Makeup Artist for e.l.f. cosmetics}

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ruth32 wrote:
1) 6/16/2010 1:19:22 PM
For the face of e.l.f. I would pick AnnaLynn McCord, because she has a young fresh look that would go well with e.l.f. cosmetics.
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rawkii wrote:
2) 6/16/2010 1:21:13 PM
First thought: Melanie Fiona! I think she should would be a great person to represent e.l.f. Very talented, beautiful, and inspirational young lady. =]
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meg6131 wrote:
3) 6/16/2010 1:27:16 PM
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mossmr wrote:
4) 6/16/2010 2:16:27 PM
For E.L.F I think I would choose Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl because she is very naturally beautiful!
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uhohitstams wrote:
5) 6/16/2010 2:20:11 PM
I would choose Jessica Alba for the face of e.l.f. She's frugal (money consience) but not cheap, and totally hot and stylish. I read an article in which she said all of her living room furniture is from craigslist.
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EaterOfCrayons wrote:
6) 6/16/2010 3:00:35 PM
I would choose.... Emma Roberts. She's young, fresh, and pretty!!!!
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Kristina B. wrote:
7) 6/16/2010 3:16:12 PM
I'd love to see AnnaSophia Robb as the face of e.l.f. - her cute, fresh-faced look has stuck with me since I saw her in Because of Winn-Dixie years ago, and I've continued to appreciate it as she's grown!
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teeeeena05 wrote:
8) 6/16/2010 3:56:43 PM
For a youthful tone, Amanda Bynes, comes to mind as a fresh-faced all-American girl. I not sure if she already has a deal with any cosmetic brand, but if she doesn't, I think she fits in here with e.l.f. Her complexion would look great with e.l.f.'s bronzers for a sun-kissed look. Also, her bright green eyes would look great with e.l.f.'s Studio vibrant colored eyeshadows. Another suggestion, I'm not a fan of her fame but I can respect her as a mother, Kate Gosselin. She is constantly updating her appearance and a fan of makeovers, as well as a mother of eight. Because of so many children, she must cautious about her spending, that's why I think she would make a good face for e.l.f. because both e.l.f. and Kate can agree that beauty does not have to come with a high-price.
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bookworm97 wrote:
9) 6/16/2010 4:39:27 PM
I love natalie portman!!! She is sooo pretty! E.L.F should ask her what her fave products are!
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dmarie3543 wrote:
10) 6/16/2010 4:56:16 PM
I would actually like to see Natalie Portman or Jessica Biel. They both have very naturally pretty looks!
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Onetruelady wrote:
11) 6/16/2010 5:12:47 PM
I love e.l.f make up and I've been using it for the past two year now. I believe the next face for e.l.f should be a user. E.L.F should have a contest with all the ladies that wear e.l.f make up and find your new face like that. If not Natlie Portman would be wonderful.
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loverofgloss wrote:
12) 6/16/2010 6:04:01 PM
Natalie Portman has beautiful and unique facial features. She has a Parisan look which fits perfectly with Christian Dior. Good for her for honing her skills as an actress and model. She's young and has alot of spunk!
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kristina823 wrote:
13) 6/16/2010 7:01:38 PM
Natalie Portman is gorgeous i would choose her for the face of elf
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kristina823 wrote:
14) 6/16/2010 7:02:39 PM
I would choose Jessica Alba for the face of e.l.f but Natalie Portman is really pretty
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JazzRivera973 wrote:
15) 6/16/2010 8:08:36 PM
I would choose Sandra Bullock or Mila Jovovich. Both women are beautiful and have a great face for makeup!
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AmyVA wrote:
16) 6/16/2010 8:41:05 PM
I think that the face of e.l.f. should be a "celebrity" who is known for her accomplishments and contributions to our world. Choose a real woman who is working to help children in poverty or to find a cure for debilitating diseases or to rehabilitate wildlife coated in oil in the Gulf. Your cosmetics are amazing because of their excellent value and I think a non-starlet type of real-life celebrity most relates to this.
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pereza1 wrote:
17) 6/16/2010 8:44:11 PM
For the face of e.l.f. Jessica Alba is the first to come to mind. She's so pretty her complexion is just wonderful. She would definetly make a good face for e.l.f.
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happielovessparkle wrote:
18) 6/16/2010 10:03:48 PM
I would love to see an Asian celebrity be the face of e.l.f! I would choose Taiwan actress/singer/model Rainie Yang! She is amazingly beautiful naturally! Her beauty is fresh, modern, cute, and all of the above! Rainie Yang's facial features really attract attention and will no doubt make anyone fall in love. She can pull off almost any look -cute/innocent, natural, edgy, etc. She is a famous actress in many Asian dramas and movies. Rainie Yang not only has beauty but also has many other talents and skills. She is an award winning singer, and model for many products in Asia. Rainie Yang is widely known and loved by millions in the Eastern countries and in the Western countries as well. She definitely represents the Asian woman very well and I believe that if she were to become the face of e.l.f, it could be a big step in every way for e.l.f and the Asian countries.
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Amanda2990 wrote:
19) 6/16/2010 11:40:15 PM
I would love to see sandra bullock as the face for E.L.F. She still looks awesome and is such a lady in everything she does.
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Humboldt HoneyB wrote:
20) 6/16/2010 11:53:53 PM
I think that elf happens to be a brand for everyone from the celebs to everyday people. With the economy the way that it is I feel like there should be some kind of contest were a regular girl could become the face of elf. It shows that if elf is available to everyone.
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simplicityisbeauty wrote:
21) 6/17/2010 1:02:31 AM
Jennifer Aniston. She is beautiful inside and out.
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bunnymin wrote:
22) 6/17/2010 1:11:13 AM
Jennifer Aniston would be a great face for E.L.F, in the all-time-most successful TV shows "Friends", Rachel Greens (acted by Jennifer Aniston) is beautiful, funny, cute, smart, down-to-earth, which is just like E.L.F. Aniston did act some other shows and films, but Rachel is her most successful role.
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23) 6/17/2010 1:59:02 AM
if I were to choose a celebrity as the face of e.l.f. I would have to choose Tyra Banks,because not only is she fierce, she is smart, and has a wonderful and fun personality. I think that that is what elf is all about, being fun, fierce, and just all around individualistic :D
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AHarbulik wrote:
24) 6/17/2010 2:12:34 AM
I would choose someone young and modern with a casual city look, like Hayley Williams of Paramore or Rhianna. I think this type of representation would appeal to a large part of e.l.f. consumers.
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Hanah B wrote:
25) 6/17/2010 9:24:28 AM
I'd choose... Anne Hathaway? Maybe Emma Roberts. I'd liek to see good young role models :)
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50sdoll wrote:
26) 6/17/2010 5:03:18 PM
I believe for E.L.F it should be Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl, she is extremely pretty and talented!
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applecutie17@love wrote:
27) 6/18/2010 3:36:21 PM
I think any of the America's Next Top Model cast offs especially from cycle 13. That would be because their short and have a harder time getting jobs than taller models do. Laura and Sundae were my faves! :)
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e.l.f. angel wrote:
28) 6/21/2010 10:54:28 AM
I wouldn't pick a celeb at all! I would hold an amature modeling contest. Then pick the girl with the most unique yet beautiful look. It would show that e.l.f is diverse and cares about the people who buy their products. Not to mention the contest would give the company great endorsement and the city or state from which the model came, would all most likely be e.l.f fans like I am! If u don't like that option, then go with then girl who almost made americas next top model. That would work too!
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Jovanna wrote:
29) 6/21/2010 2:07:47 PM
I LOVE Megan Fox! She is great and so sexy! I think she would be perfect for the face of e.l.f. xoxo...
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kinleysmommy wrote:
30) 6/24/2010 3:07:55 AM
I would say Lady Gaga. She is beautiful, unique, and has flawless looking skin.
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huxuecan wrote:
31) 7/23/2010 5:12:13 AM
Natalie Portman is the new face for Parfums Christian Dior to true religion jeans represent the fragrance and cosmetic brand. She joins fellow celebrities like Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Jude Law and more as celebrity endorsers. Dior felt Portman was an louis vuitton purses actress with strong appeal among both fashion and film. Starring in over 25 films, tiffany jewelry Portman has definitely made a name for herself! What celebrity would you choose for the face of e.l.f.?
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