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How to Use False Eyelashes

Friday, July 30, 2010

I love False Eyelashes, they just give you the extra dramatic effect for super sexy eyes!!  They are especially great for photos and on camera appearances.  So I always get the question how do you wear them.  So ladies here’s any easy step-by-step breakdown.  Pick your e.l.f. False Eyelash of choice starting at just $1.  Gently remove lash from tray. Place the lash on your lash line to review length and trim any excess of the False Eyelash.  The lash should start at about the iris of your eye and end right before the edge of your lashes so your eyes look drawn up and out and not droopy.  Pierce the top of the adhesive tube and apply a thin amount of glue along the entire length of the lash strip. Allow glue to sit until tacky, then place lashes as close to the baseline of your own lashes as possible, working from the center out. Use a Tweezer to help you apply the lash if necessary and to help you push and work the lash down into your lash line for a natural blended in look.  Hold the lash in place for a few seconds until the lash strip has a chance to hold. Line with eyeliner to blend the lashes together to look like one.  Apply mascara if desired.

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Chrissy86 wrote:
1) 7/30/2010 10:47:24 AM
Love these lashes!
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swtsummerrose17 wrote:
2) 7/30/2010 10:49:07 AM
the e.l.f. glue is a little weak and too little I there a bigger size tube? better glue? =)
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daniluvself wrote:
3) 7/30/2010 10:59:23 AM
i love cutting these in half so that they look even more natural
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proflover wrote:
4) 7/30/2010 11:22:08 AM
Elf's lashes look absolutely natural and beautiful, but the lash glue is so weak and liquidy that I might as well slap the lashes on with melted ice cream and call it a day
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girlygirl123 wrote:
5) 7/30/2010 11:24:36 AM
so cheap!!!
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kmonies* wrote:
6) 7/30/2010 12:01:54 PM
this is really helpful! ive always been scared to use false eyelashes, but i think ill get some now(:
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EJkarrots wrote:
7) 7/30/2010 12:02:35 PM
Thanks so much for the tips! I have been having a bit of trouble with mine and can't wait to try this!
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fashionaddiction04 wrote:
8) 7/30/2010 12:06:53 PM
omg i love these! they are great for going out at night
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ly wrote:
9) 7/30/2010 12:10:16 PM
I just got my first order with some elf lashes. I was unsure how to apply them! Can't wait to try out these tips! :)
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androzay wrote:
10) 7/30/2010 12:32:35 PM
Thank you for the info! I will definitely have to try these lashes, they look great and they're so cheap!
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Sofia2723 wrote:
11) 7/30/2010 1:29:40 PM
I've only tried one false eyelash before and boy, it was a train wreck...but for only a dollar, I'm sure to try it again. I'm picking "Natural" this time.
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Cool! wrote:
12) 7/30/2010 1:42:15 PM
Thanks for posting this! Even though I don't wear false lashes all the time I think I might start, it sounds easy.
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t-girl wrote:
13) 7/30/2010 2:47:05 PM
i think elf products are amazing and has a good quality for a cheap price and the lashes are ok in quality.
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Alice Dear wrote:
14) 7/30/2010 5:33:14 PM
Ooh these look really cute. I now regret that I placed my recent order without buying one of these XP Well, in any case, I'll be sure to get these next time. I still can't believe they're only $1! Everywhere else I look, they're at least 5!
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mrb-13 wrote:
15) 7/30/2010 5:33:25 PM
I've never worn fake lashes before and I might decide to get these when I place my order..and they are only $1!!!I'm excited to try these!
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mandygurl2561 wrote:
16) 7/30/2010 6:04:17 PM
i have never tried false eyelashes, but i think i just might try this brand...yesterday i signed up for this website and i am very excited with all of the things that i have ordered =] i might have to make another order just for this!!
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likeiwouldtellyou wrote:
17) 7/30/2010 6:11:36 PM
I've never tried fake eyelashes before, but I would definitely try it for a night out.
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October wrote:
18) 7/30/2010 6:24:15 PM
I LOVE fake eyelashes! :) I've never tried E.L.F.'s though. I need to get some ASAP!! :)
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KathN wrote:
19) 7/30/2010 6:36:24 PM
love these lashes for both events like halloween, or just a special night with my boyfriend. lol i think he just likes watching me feel it off, but makes my asian eyes look big and beautiful! the glue needs some work though
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Xxclusiive wrote:
20) 7/30/2010 6:54:19 PM
I love these lashes
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MeowMix wrote:
21) 7/30/2010 7:05:22 PM
I love the look of the ELF Natrual false lashes. They do not look noticeable like other lashes I've tried for day time wear. And the dramatic lash kit is perfect for smokey eye looks :) I just purchased the Hollywood lash kit yesterday and can't wait to try it! :) I am also really interested in the flirty lash kit I will order it in my next shopping list on ELF :) soo many items are great and cheap :) Thank you!!
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soccerchick1230 wrote:
22) 7/30/2010 7:39:18 PM
Those sound really cool!! But my mother always tells me how I already have long eyelashes! But I think they would be really fun to use on halloween!!
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Neners wrote:
23) 7/30/2010 8:43:13 PM
I love falsies and elf makes it easy and they look so natural I never use to wear them til the last few months since ordering the natural sets and I get so many compliments daily I love elf and thier cruelty free which is amazing and rare anymore and it's so important to me get these and apply with day or night looks I wear them daily and they don't look too dramatic but just enough umph that it opens ur eyes and lashes look banging love elf and all their products don't know what I did before apply thin amount of glue start from inside corner and outside corners and push slightly to sdjust and allow to dry b4 applying mascara if needed or curling which I rarely need with these
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megαn wrote:
24) 7/30/2010 9:16:31 PM
I have naturally long lashes so I don't wear false lashes very often..when I do it's a little difficult for me to get them on so these tips are very helpful. I'll definitely be using these next time I try to apply.
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chiinky3y3z wrote:
25) 7/30/2010 9:36:55 PM
l0v3 l0v3 l0v3 dha lash3z!
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JustinBieber wrote:
26) 7/31/2010 1:02:36 PM
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MyManhattanCloset wrote:
27) 8/1/2010 3:02:15 AM
I love these lashes, and I like the individual ones even more. The individual ones are easier and quicker to apply, and look really natural. I threw the glue that came with these in the trash. I was going to buy a replacement from CVS, but was lucky and found my regular brand at the Dollar Store (one tube lasts me about a year). To remove the eyelash glue I rub a Q-tip dipped in baby oil over my eyelid.
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JLo7 wrote:
28) 8/2/2010 11:54:09 AM
I tried e.l.f products recently for the first time and I found the eye shadow and nail polish to be of great quality. The eye shadow is long-lasting and the nail polish doesn't chip as other products do. I would highly recommend e.l.f prodcuts.
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jessicarhv wrote:
29) 8/2/2010 12:48:07 PM
This is such a great product, thanks so much for posting it. I've always wanted to try false eyelashes and now I think I might use this to help me.
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ceelou wrote:
30) 8/2/2010 1:14:06 PM
These dramatic lashes give me just the look I like. I could wear these everyday!
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Lilmissnew to makeup wrote:
31) 8/2/2010 1:48:08 PM
time for me to try some false eyelashes!
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WhitneyHLane wrote:
32) 8/3/2010 5:01:31 AM
One of my favorite tips for falsies is cutting the strip in half and using the front pieces on the ends for a very sultry bedroom look! so fun! elf makes it affordable to play around with your look!
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magda93 wrote:
33) 8/4/2010 1:09:41 PM
Falsies are great! And I love that I don't have to spend 10$ on one pair when I can get 10 pairs to the same price at ELF! YAY!
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nizia wrote:
34) 8/4/2010 10:47:24 PM
Thank you sooo much for those tips!! I've never worn fake eyelashes before because it seemed not only dangerous but extremely complicated! I'm gonna try it out now though! :)
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MissSkeletor wrote:
35) 8/5/2010 10:07:55 PM
Great lashes! I also cut them in half and use them on the outter corners... not only do they look natural and give a bit of oomph to the eye but you get double the wear. I love you, ELF!
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dreamgirl wrote:
36) 8/5/2010 11:11:16 PM
Thanks! I always have wanted to wear them to one of my school dances
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Piemoo wrote:
37) 6/9/2013 10:20:27 AM
Thanks so much for the tip. I am getting married soon and will be wearing false eyelashes. :)
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