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Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint

Friday, June 03, 2011

Check out the newest e.l.f. product, the Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint.  Nourish, pamper and treat lips with this super emollient, lip quenching color. Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E impart serious moisture while SPF 8 protects lips from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This just-bitten tint of color provides immediate soothing relief to irritated chapped lips while also diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lip area. Like all our mineral makeup this item is 100% mineral based with No Parabens, No Preservatives and No Chemical Dyes.  To use just twist up and gently glide across lips to hydrate, repair and protect lips while adding a sheer wash of color to lips. Use as a base prior to apply lip color for addition coverage or alone for a sheer hint of color.  Here’s what other are saying about this great $3 item!
Brandy from OH said: “I got this in blush, and now i want them all. I’m impressed with elf! this is a light balm, but it puts a slight stain on that does not dry out your lips! it feels like a light balm, and actually does what it says, tints your lips. ha. I thought it would be just something that sat on top of the lips, but it feels like moisture sinks in. Its got a slight, pleasant taste/scent to it. the color blush is really pretty for spring but i want them all because they all look pretty! these will replace my higher end lip products for a no fuss look this summer for sure!” 

Achelle is the Creative Director, Brand Ambassador and official Makeup Artist for e.l.f. cosmetics.To learn more, visit}



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Doe Eyed wrote:
1) 6/3/2011 5:37:59 PM
I've been looking for a tinted lip balm to replace my chapstick with. Looking forward to trying this one. My only question is, is it longer lasting (like a lipstick) or will it wear off quickly (like most lip balms)?
1 Reply | Reply to this | Open Thread
Spunky wrote:
2) 6/3/2011 6:03:29 PM
This is perfect for the summer when I want something lighter on the lips, but still want moisture and protection. Great idea!
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hawkrock wrote:
3) 6/3/2011 6:11:09 PM
Awesome!!! I can't wait to try it!!!! And for three bucks?? Sweet! :)
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Stefferrocks wrote:
4) 6/3/2011 6:14:22 PM
This is great for the summer! Great color and I bring it everywhere with me. Its an amazing product that every girl needs for summer!
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beba wrote:
5) 6/3/2011 6:48:09 PM
perfectly what I need!! I love the conditioning lip balm but having a mineral lip balm it the best...
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CloudNine44327 wrote:
6) 6/3/2011 6:57:03 PM
This looks like an awesome product. I can't wait to try it!
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Genurr wrote:
7) 6/3/2011 7:03:56 PM
this color is gorgeous!
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missruyacherie wrote:
8) 6/3/2011 7:04:18 PM
already bought my first tube and im almost done with it, its perfect for everyday and on the go :)
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missruyacherie wrote:
9) 6/3/2011 7:08:45 PM
already bought my first tube and im almost done with it, its perfect for everyday and on the go :)
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soccerchick1230 wrote:
10) 6/3/2011 7:17:57 PM
SO COOL!! And perfect for summer!! Can't wait to try it!!
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Ari.cklpjn wrote:
11) 6/3/2011 7:21:06 PM
Now that, I gotta try soon :) but I still love the lip gloss from elf I got fo free, ^^
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Dasia wrote:
12) 6/3/2011 7:58:28 PM
I've already added these to my wish list. I love the fact that it contains shea butter and coconut oil.
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Jizzy wrote:
13) 6/3/2011 8:07:03 PM
Love this! It's super soft and moisturizing. Plus, it has a hint of color without being sticky like a lip gloss or lipgloss. I would recommend this very highly. :)
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Beautyloveroftheworld! wrote:
14) 6/3/2011 8:21:53 PM
My friend has this! She let me try it. I love it! Get it. It really makes mylips soft and gives of a god a color. :)
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Coatknee wrote:
15) 6/3/2011 8:56:48 PM
This is perfect for the summer! We all want moisture and protection. Great idea!
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Glow wrote:
16) 6/3/2011 9:25:16 PM
I'll have to add this to my next order - it'll be a great summer replacement for my standard chapstick balm
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luthenia2233 wrote:
17) 6/3/2011 9:46:18 PM
This looks like a great product to try. Im not a big lipstick person but something that moisterizes and has a tint would work great for me. Im going to add this to my order and try it. I hope its a good as you describe it.
Reply to this
18) 6/3/2011 10:01:07 PM
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ohyouaremystar wrote:
19) 6/3/2011 10:05:28 PM
Sounds luxurious! Being that I'm typically more fond of chapstick than lipstick, I can't wait to give this a try <3
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Dancer101 wrote:
20) 6/3/2011 10:08:09 PM
This definitely looks awesome and refreshing! Natural, healthy lips are the way to go.
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Lisa1314 wrote:
21) 6/3/2011 10:36:13 PM
this is great for the summer! :)
Reply to this
sweety11 wrote:
22) 6/3/2011 10:51:55 PM
This sounds great to put on as a finishing touch to some light make up (such as the tinted moisturizer) and run some errands. I'm looking forward to this :)
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robinupton wrote:
23) 6/3/2011 10:53:57 PM
these look great, I want to try it out
Reply to this
wdf333 wrote:
24) 6/3/2011 11:03:05 PM
I will be purchasing the new lip tint. I have looked at the colors available and will be buying a couple for myself and one for my daughter. I love elf!!!
Reply to this
Silent wrote:
25) 6/4/2011 12:35:18 AM
I love e.l.f!
Reply to this
Jana Banana wrote:
26) 6/4/2011 1:07:21 AM
With vitamin E and SPF 8, a lip balm is a MUST for summers in Florida, where I live. So many people forget to protect their lips from damaging UVA/UVB rays. I haven't tried e.l.f's lip products yet, but I love everything I've tried so far! So I'm going to order a couple of these to keep handy for when I'm out in the sun and I just want a hint of color with lots of protection.
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Cece mom of 3 boys wrote:
27) 6/4/2011 2:55:58 AM
Can't wait to try this out especially for light summer lip color ....thanks E.L.F.!
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ginaxjeanah wrote:
28) 6/4/2011 8:04:19 AM
I was always a little iffy about trying this product because I've tried many other lip balm/tints and they never worked well for me, but after reading this I will definitely try it!
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Danielle1981 wrote:
29) 6/4/2011 11:09:12 AM
Love this stuff, very moisturizing, it's in my bag and I take it everywhere I go!
Reply to this
Thia Winter wrote:
30) 6/4/2011 11:36:53 AM
I love moisturizing balm products for my lips, I'm looking forward to trying this! If it's got a little color to it all the better!
Reply to this
vivalaaglamx wrote:
31) 6/4/2011 7:51:12 PM
This is SO amazing. So mousturizing but gives you a great pop of color(:
Reply to this
admilly101 wrote:
32) 6/5/2011 12:14:46 PM
Never tried it but I would like to!
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WONDERFUL!! wrote:
33) 6/5/2011 4:27:54 PM
I can't stress this enough, I recently began using e.l.f products and WOW such a great line and most of all the prices!! I'm definitely switching brands of cosmetics I use for e.l.f... its just WONDERFUL!!
Reply to this
amberlamber wrote:
34) 6/6/2011 12:16:45 AM
I can't wait to have them all!!!
Reply to this
joyous31710 wrote:
35) 6/6/2011 11:34:09 AM
I definitely want to try this! Pretty colors
Reply to this
midgetcl wrote:
36) 6/6/2011 11:34:51 AM
Ooh this sounds perfect for what I need!
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ChaChaSimone wrote:
37) 6/6/2011 11:46:12 AM
Really love this new item, it's definitely what I've been looking for.
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E.L.F makeup lover! wrote:
38) 6/7/2011 2:56:57 PM
I love all E.L.F. products I have tried so far and look forward to trying some more :)
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E.L.F makeup lover! wrote:
39) 6/7/2011 2:59:15 PM
How do I get my free $5 E.L.F. gift card? I'm interested in getting one :)
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jacara2011 wrote:
40) 6/11/2011 12:51:44 PM
This stuff is amazing! Sometimes when me and my friends go out during the day and you I don't feel like wearing lip gloss this is just what you need. It makes it look like you are wearing lipstick but it is not as heavy and very moisturizing!
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lawoman wrote:
41) 6/16/2011 6:28:30 PM
LOVE the E.L.F. products. Have spent thousands on other brands in the past NO MORE!!!! I'm looking forward to my next delivery including the lip tint
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