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Friday, July 15, 2011

There’s nothing less feminine than a pit drenched shirt.  Here’s some helpful tips on how to avoid the sweaty situation.

-Try to rotate your deodorant brands as to not get to immune to one type

-Upgrade to a clinical strength deodorant for extra protection during the summer months

-If you have to wear a long sleeve top try applying panty liners to the armpit of the top to absorb and not leak through

-Always scrub your underarms in the shower as to remove the previous layer of deodorant so you always have a fresh layer

-Reapply throughout the day if needed

{Achelle is the Creative Director, Brand Ambassador and official Makeup Artist for e.l.f. cosmetics. To learn more, check out}


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summerafter wrote:
1) 7/15/2011 10:40:07 AM
yeah.. that's my problem too. good tips!
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lusciousraen wrote:
2) 7/15/2011 11:18:08 AM
Yup, I rotated deodorant for the summer months-I found out that gels just make me seem more wet than ever!!!!
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karalynn wrote:
3) 7/15/2011 12:10:46 PM
I find applying at night really helps too.
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HarryPotter23 wrote:
4) 7/15/2011 1:08:39 PM
I sometimes get the WORST sweaty armpits; I find that using all-natural deodorants helps the most. Thanks for the tips, Achelle, I'm definitely going to try the rotating tip!
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HRose wrote:
5) 7/15/2011 1:16:23 PM
I'll have to give some of these a try! I'm outside a lot of the day in 90-100 degree weather, & i'm going to a place where it averages 95-102 degrees a day soon! Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate them. :)
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tlatrice wrote:
6) 7/15/2011 1:30:52 PM
I never would have thought to try the pantyliner idea! Great suggestion!
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aspenmae wrote:
7) 7/15/2011 1:31:24 PM
i dont really have a problem with perspiring during the summer (knock on wood) But the beginning weeks of august the heat just drives my fae crazy.... i get suer oily skin and can't even wear liquid foundation without making a mess out of it. something i learned that helps me is using a primer to mattify and dry my skin, and using a setting powder or hd powder. I also always carry around oil blotting sheets! ELF carries all these products and i ADORE them! Totally helpful in a sweaty situation!
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WooDoo wrote:
8) 7/15/2011 1:54:59 PM
I always use a little bit of baking soda and cocoa butter (premixed) in the morning. It has no fragrance, so it doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin, and it lasts all day!
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Viv wrote:
9) 7/15/2011 1:59:46 PM
I always have this problem in the summer... I never thought about rotating brands, I'll give it a try!
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Mosey wrote:
10) 7/15/2011 2:11:25 PM
Good advice! Especially in the summer in Texas! : )
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Caceyrae wrote:
11) 7/15/2011 2:24:09 PM
I have wondered about the clinical deodorants. Do they work?
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Kaylie wrote:
12) 7/15/2011 2:30:12 PM
These are really helpful tips! Thanks a lot (:
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PrettyDiva wrote:
13) 7/15/2011 2:59:55 PM
These tips really came at the right time! I live in the Deep South where it gets EXTRA HOT in the summertime. During this time of year when the temps and humidity are at their highest, I don't have to worry about letting sweat get in my way. I now know how to fight back against such and win!!!
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Miss Joygasmic wrote:
14) 7/15/2011 3:22:29 PM
Wow! Thanks for the helpful tips! Believe it or not, the panty liner one sounds like it would work amazingly. Thank you so much for this blog. <3
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CloudNine44327 wrote:
15) 7/15/2011 3:28:43 PM
Those sound like great tips. I sweat on my face during the summer when I'm at the barn for hours and my make up tends to run. I would love to figure out how to stop that!
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AsianCutie wrote:
16) 7/15/2011 3:54:14 PM
Yessss! It's embarassing >.< And I thought its just because I am chubby that's why I sweat on that area. :D Thanks for the tips.
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HannahBanana wrote:
17) 7/15/2011 4:29:02 PM
Thanks for the good advice!
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Makeup Lover1230 wrote:
18) 7/15/2011 5:19:01 PM
never thought of panty liners on your long sleeve tees, will try
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Chelle10 wrote:
19) 7/15/2011 5:52:35 PM
I've been pretty fortunate when it comes to the sweat factor. My sister has a bit of a problem with it so I'll be sure to pass these tips along!
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Sugarbear wrote:
20) 7/15/2011 7:05:49 PM
I don't think you need to rotate your deodorant as skin can't become "immune" to products just like that old myth about your hair becoming immune to one type of shampoo. The clinical strength stuff is amazing though. That's what I use.
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tina nina nina wrote:
21) 7/15/2011 7:29:54 PM
Ive tried the pantyliner thing.. kind of weird feeling, but its a good idea(:
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Adrianna Dee wrote:
22) 7/15/2011 7:57:50 PM
I am really looking forward to trying elf's HD powder...hopefully it will control the shine caused by the sweat!
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classy_chic9 wrote:
23) 7/15/2011 8:45:35 PM
I recently began using e.l.f cosmetics and I love them. They are very affordable.
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verova wrote:
24) 7/16/2011 4:40:19 PM
I totally agree with not leaving a first old layers because all the smell and the dirt is staying in it . I'm used to apply all these tips and I never have trouble with under arm sweating
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norm wrote:
25) 7/16/2011 6:08:44 PM
first of all thats so gross..the picture tells it all, but the best dvice in the article is to use superstrenght deordant and to put panty liners under longsleeves. Due to arizona hot hot weather girls learn to keep mist in our bags to cool off and to keep wipes allso..
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kerfuffle wrote:
26) 7/17/2011 1:06:50 AM
Those are some fab tips, thanks Achelle! I'm going to try the pantyliner and hope they don't come off or it would be very embarrassing. As for the deodorants, keep in mind that a lot of them use aluminum based compounds which more and more research is suggesting may be linked to breast cancer. Luckily more natural deodorants are starting to produce clinical strength deodorants as well.
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Elf is the success to Joy! wrote:
27) 7/17/2011 1:56:01 AM
wow! the panty liner idea is so neat! but wouldn't you be able to see like someone of a lump there? just wondering.
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mirabell862 wrote:
28) 7/17/2011 10:25:26 AM
I'm SO glad i work in air conditioning and don't have to worry about this on the job!!!
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MakeUpPirate wrote:
29) 7/18/2011 12:26:46 PM
I love the panty liner trick!!! It really works! I also find that if I use an exfoliating body wash, on a loofa, on them it seems to get more of the old deodorant and dead skin out. They are much smoother also!
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angiepants wrote:
30) 7/18/2011 12:47:25 PM
this is so helpful! thanksss
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Jrmhoops98 wrote:
31) 7/18/2011 1:04:17 PM
Thank you so so much for the wonderful tips!
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Queen Asia wrote:
32) 7/18/2011 1:17:01 PM
These tips are great. I tried the pantyliner under the arm and it really helped. Thanks ELF!
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ELFLover2011 wrote:
33) 7/18/2011 2:08:26 PM
Thanks for the helpful hint.
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Loveemeharddxx wrote:
34) 7/18/2011 2:24:36 PM
Thanks (: this helped alot
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allthingsmakeupxxx wrote:
35) 7/18/2011 4:31:18 PM
Thank you! That was very creative!
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goofy585 wrote:
36) 7/18/2011 4:53:33 PM
Thanks for the topics.
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tjs1137 wrote:
37) 7/18/2011 7:48:37 PM
Swab your armpits with rubbing alcohol a few times a day and try not to wear any antiperspirant. It kills the bacteria that makes you smell in the first place... then you don't need to wear much anyway.
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kaitttt wrote:
38) 7/18/2011 8:19:47 PM
i agree
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livyloov8888 wrote:
39) 7/19/2011 2:42:34 AM
Wow very very true!!!!
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merbear93 wrote:
40) 7/19/2011 1:00:47 PM
I absolutely hate when I think I am good to go for the day and as the day goes on, I realize..... not so much :/ Those are reallyy good tips! Thankss <33
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Jilly93 wrote:
41) 7/19/2011 10:38:25 PM
Never use Dove clinical strength d.o its wicked expensive and does not work at all! thats all a sweaty woman needs; an empty wallet and dripping under arms! I found most gel deoterants work wayyyy better than the powder..cuz no matter what anyone does the powder always gets on your aggravating! i also herd of, if people are really sick of under arm sweat, that you can get collagen injected into each under arm and it stops the production of sweat! pretty cool!
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Tinyedancer wrote:
42) 7/21/2011 2:24:38 AM
"I suggest using Alvera almond roll on deoderant." "It is all natural,smells wonderful,and keeps you dry under the arms." ;) I am amazed at how well it works!
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missduckii wrote:
43) 7/27/2011 10:47:15 PM
i actually prefer dove and secret. i know, it may not work for some people, but it works so well for me. i go for a run twice a day and i wear thin long sleeves, but i NEVER leak through! it smells sooo good, comes off quit easily in the shower, and is leak free!:)
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HunnieB wrote:
44) 10/19/2011 10:45:17 AM
I had this problem for years. I tried every brand of deodorant/ antiperspirant on the shelves. It was terrible. I had to change shirts two or three times a day. Nothing helped. Finally I went to a dermatologist who told me I have hyperhydrosis & gave me a prescription for Drysol & told me if it didnt help she'd give me a few Botox injections in each armpit to totally block sweat glands. Luckily for me the Drysol works!! I've been using it for about six months and haven't been let down yet
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