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Fitness is Key!
Fitness is Key!

Peter Charles is an elite plus trainer and massage therapist at Equinox Fitness Club in Manhattan. He has provided us with some Fitness and Training Tips emphasizing the importance of getting up and doing activities.

If we become more active, we will not only get strong and fit but we will also be able to do our daily tasks with more ease. Our stress levels will decrease allowing us to sleep better, and we all know feeling rested is something that can be hard. Our self confidence will definitely increase because of the increase in energy and because of all the positives that come from exercising, such as weight loss and better posture.

Overall, there are many health benefits from taking the time to work out.

What do you like to do as a fitness routine? How does it make you feel?


Andrea is a current college student and marketing intern at e.l.f. cosmetics. She is an avid fashion lover and is always up to date on the most fabulous trends and stories. 





RECENT COMMENT "For the most part, I keep active by choosing to walk to a particular location rather than using anot..."


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The S Factor
The S Factor
THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008

You are probably asking yourself right now, what is the S Factor? Well, it is a fun sexy workout started by actress Sheila Kelley that works with the shape of your body to tone and sculpt while boosting your confidence as a sexy woman. It has been all the rage with celebrities like Terri Hatcher, Kate Hudson and Lindsay Lohan. I gave it a go when I was in LA, the 2 hour class consisted of dim lights, yoga mats, and dancing poles, yes poles. Grant it, you might feel a little out of your comfort zone at the beginning of your class and a little too sober to “do that”, but by the end you are dancing and having a blast while getting a great core workout and feeling beautiful and sexy at the same time. Sessions are 8 week based with 1 class a week for a total fee of $440, this may be a little on the pricy end but well worth it, think of it as a personal trainer that’s funky, flirty and fun! To learn more check out www.sfactor.com. How do you stay in shape, yoga, running, pilates? Do you think you could do the S Factor?


RECENT COMMENT "This company is a fake. They never have been sold at Nordstrom's. They are sold a Big Lots (essentia..."


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