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beauty tips
Want beautifully soft hands?
Too much dandruff and hair loss?
Bath Salts
Does your skin hurt after a bikini wax?
Are your elbows dark?
Absorb that oil!
How to Shampoo oily hair!
Don't brush!!
Towel Dry First!!
Smell Good- LONGER!
Have extra baking soda lying around the house?
Shave it!
Change it!
Wash those hands!
Dry elbows?
Brrr…its getting cold outside!
Not enough time for a shower? Oily hair? No problem!
Old Perfume?
Olive Oil
Clean it!
Want makeup that lasts throughout the day?
Tiny purses!
Dull tweezers?
Self-tanning dilemma!
Ouch! Tweezing!
Make-Up Hygiene
Shots shots!
Fading perfume?
Fruit Power!
Avoid Caffeine!!
Protect your wrists!!
Want to look thinner in pictures?
Go Green, green tea that is
Old toothbrush?
Want to prevent teeth discoloring?
Take your vitamins!
Throw it out!!
Yum, Chocolate!
Large Pores?
Sensitive skin?
Want soft skin?
Do you want bold rocker eyes?
Get Cheeky Cheeks
Perfect Lips in 3 steps
Glamour Eyes
Day to Night Eyes
Natural Radiance
Beautiful Boost
Blending Perfection
Lip and Eye Combo
Wake up eyes
Scared of color?
Oh No!!!
Scent Spots!!
OH NO!!!!
Had all this humidity left you with static hair?
Lighten Up!
Close-set eyes
Deep-set eyes
Wide-set eyes
Asian eyes
Almond eyes
Hooded eyelids?
Curled to the Max!
Removing Mascara
Add a bit of sparkle!
Not sure about metallics?
Thin Eyelashes?
Bye bye clumps!
Falsey removal!
Before powders…
No pumps!
Day-to-Night without Raccoon Eyes
Prevent Eyeshadow Breakdown
Make your Mascara Last All Day
Tired Eyes?
Intense Eyes
No Smudges
Eye Widener Pencil
From thick to thin!
Small Eyes
Large Eyes
Deep Set Eyes
Hooded Eyes
Get rid of those dark circles!!!
Keep getting clumps on your lashes??
Want younger looking eyes?
Thinning brows?
Use powder!
Shades of yellow!
Spare your lashes!
Light Lashes?
Bushy stray brows?
Raccoon eyes?
Painful tweeze?
Want lasting eye liner??
Puffy eyes?
Out of eyeliner?
Fading eye shadow?
Creasing eye shadow?
Want to minimize "crows feet"?
Day-to-night without raccoon eyes
Prevent eyeshadow breakdown
Make your mascara last all day!
Tired Eyes
Intense eyes
No Smudges
New Eyeliner
Sunscreen and your eyes
Clumpless Lashes Every Time
Fast Framed Eyes
Add Some Mystery To Your Eyes
Quit Blinking!
The Secret To White Eyeliner
Bye Bye Under Eye-Bags
Make The Whites Of Your Eyes Look Brighter
The Ways Of Bronzer
Do Curl Those Lashes!
Always Remember to Wiggle When Applying Mascara!
Lost Your Eyeliner? Problem Solved!
Light a Match For Instant Eye-Makeup
Be Edgier!
How to Look Less Tired
Make the Smoky Eye Look Easy to Do
Give Wild Colors a Spin
Looking Tired?
Long Night Ahead?
The Start and End
Emphasize Eyes!
Learn to Use Liquid Liner
It's Time To Re-define Your Eyes
Liner Perfection
Make Any Mascara Better
Double Duty Translucent Powder
Get The Look: Dramatic Eyes
Wake Up Those Tired Eyes!
Make Applying Mascara Clean and Easy!
Revive Tired Eyes Fast
Make Your Eyes Sparkle
Go Neon!
Erase eye makeup
Want color?
Supersize your eyes!
Tired of your basic black liner?
Lasting Eye Shadow!
Shimmering Cloud Effect
Fabulous Lashes!
Disappearing eyeliner!
Disguise dark circles
False Lashes
Hesitant about using powder shadows?
Curl Power!
Blue Eyes…Blue Eyeliner?
Looking for that perfect cat-eye?
Washing Off Stubborn Eye Makeup
New Mascara?
More Mascara Please!
Runny Mascara?
Eyeliner Too Harsh?
True Favorites
Keep Your Liner in Line!
Want to minimize "crows feet"?
Creasing eye shadow?
Fading eye shadow?
Eye Liner & Lip Pencil
Want color that stays?
Bushy stray brows?
Spare your lashes!
Light Lashes?
Want younger looking eyes?
Thinning brows?
Use powder!
Shades of yellow!
From thick to thin!
Small Eyes
Large Eyes
Deep Set Eyes
Hooded Eyes
Get rid of those dark circles!!!
Eye Widener Pencil
Create your own colors
Eyelashes culer
Be Edgier!
Foundation Perfection!
Concealer Tip
True Effects
Veins, Scars, and Blemishes… oh my!
Secret Concealer Find!
Find Your Cheekbones!
2-for-1 Blush
Hate Foundation?
Burning Scalp
Create your own colors
Broken Blood Vessels on Your Face?
Need to remove stains from your teeth?
Can't find your makeup remover?
Get great skin!
Seatbelts aren't the only thing you need!!
Blush Up!
Your pores are big and you want them to shrink!!
Want a quick way to remove blackheads?
Large pores??
Dry Skin
Oily Skin
Sensitive Skin
Elmer's glue
Want beautiful waves without the trouble?
Is your skin oil or blemish prone?
Yogurt, what can it be used for?
Mmm Honey!!
Not too much!!
Clay Masks!!
Hair thinning?
Is your skin looking washed out by the end of the day?
Keep it LOW!
Neosporin isn't only for cuts!
Can't find your blush?
Can't find your makeup remover?
Take it off!
Planning on traveling?
Create your own Moisturizing mask!
Running low on Blushes and Bronzers?
Too much blush?
Want color that stays?
Sunless Face Tanner, the streaks free way!
Minimized Pores!
Need a little extra coverage?
Unwind with a cucumber mask
Unwanted scars or blemishes?
Pimple Giving You a Headache?
Get the Red Out--of Your Pimple!
No Blush, No Problem
Oily with No Blotting Paper?
Lip Balm--Lips Only No Longer
Get the Most Out of Salicylic Acid Facewash
Waking Up with Pimples?
No Make-Up Remover?
Moisturizer, Primer, and Oil Blocker in One!
Homemade Face Mask
Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer
Wash Your Hands!
Sunscreen: Chemical and Physical Blocks
Make the Switch
Keep Your Skin Clear this Summer
The Finishing Touch
Don't Forget to Reapply
No Smudges
Get The Most From Your Facial Products
Bye Bye Under Eye-Bags
The Ways Of Bronzer
Look Sun Kissed!
Make the Smoky Eye Look Easy to Do
Highlight Your Cheekbones!
Double Duty Translucent Powder
It's Time To Re-define Your Eyes
Radiant Complexion
High Cheekbones
Soft Stained Lips, No Problem!
Revitalize Your Skin
Sweet Almond Oil
A Quick Retouching Tip
Center Is Key!
Revive Tired Eyes Fast
Wash those hands!
Fading eye shadow?
Mascara Mistake?
Use toothpaste on a zit
Out of shaving cream?
Noticeable Makeup Line?
Lose those Under-Bags
Make nose appear smaller
Full lips?
Thin lips?
Lip Color 1,2,3
Chapped lips?
The Perfect Red for You!
In Between the Lines
Need to remove stains from your teeth?
Brush that tongue!
Slippery lips!
Lipstick on the teeth?
Bad breath?
Lip lines?
Go a little overboard and out of "line" with applying lip gloss?
Eye Liner & Lip Pencil
Want Lip protection?
What causes the plump?
Want to burn som extra calories?
Teeth feeling yellow?
Lipstick on the collar?
Exfoliate your lips!
Want to create your own lip color?
Flaky Pout
Which lipcolor is best for you
Gloss or lipstick?
Lip liner as lipstick
Summertime Lips
Pouty, Sexy Lips
Make Your Mouth POP
Keep Up With the Red Lipstick Trend!
Prevent Your Lips From Drying Out
Remove Stubborn Lip Stains
Learn to Fake Full Lips
Want Smaller Lips?
Make Your Own Tinted Lip-gloss
Soft Stained Lips, No Problem!
The Big "O" Tip
Fuller Lips
Double Duty Translucent Powder
Get The Look: Dramatic Eyes
Whiten Your Teeth With Burnt Toast
High-end High-gloss
Want to create your own lip color?
Lipstick on the collar?
Teeth looking yellow?
What causes the plump?
Eye Liner & Lip Pencil
Go a little overboard and out of "line" with applying lip gloss?
Lip lines?
Bad breath?
Slippery lips!
Brighten Up Your Smile The Easy Way
At Home French Manicure!
Got nails that won't dry?
Avoid the corners!!
Base coat first!
Got nails that won't dry?
Don't cut your cuticles!
Need a little nail therapy?
Is your manicure always chipping on vacation?
Nail Polish
Dirty nails from gardening?
Whiten Your Nails
Painting Nails in a Hurry?
Fix Chipped Polish On The Quick
Make Your Favorite Nail Polish Last Longer
Messy Manicure?
Let Those Dull Nails Shine!
Terminate Those Nail Stains
Popsicle Stick File
The Right Nail File For You?
Prevent Yellowed Nails
Nail Polish Ruined Your Nails?
To Soak or not to Soak?
Nail Polish Bubbles?
You Are What You Eat.
Make Your Manicure Last
Thick and Goey Nail Polish?
Extend Your Polish's Shelf Life
On A Budget?
Polish Peels Off Easily?
Two Is Better Than One
Long Lasting Shine and Color
Nail Biting?
Strengthen Your Nails
Avoid Brittle Nails
Extra Dry Nails?
Use Your Shower As A Nail Polish Remover
A Massage Can Help Your Nails!
Fashionable and Funky?
Oh No, My Nail Broke!
Quick Fix?
Let Your Fingers Be!
Are Your Nails Bugging You?
Pump Up the Shine!
Switch it up!
Hair Tips!
Go Ionic!

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